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Death The Kid could not help himself but feel a steadily increasing discomfort as he walked back to the table where his two friends, weapons and partners sat waiting patiently for him to return with their lunch. For one thing, the two plates of food on the tray were completely asymmetrical, which was enough to make the hair on the back of his neck prickle and his socks to become drenched in his own sweat. On the left side was a normal hamburger with lettuce, tomato, onions and a slice of melted cheddar cheese, gooey and dripping over the sides. It was accompanied with a relatively fair side of unseasoned french fries, along with a single packet of ketchup, which irked the young man somewhat, as he wasn't sure if the ketchup was meant to be used for the fries or the hamburger, as there certainly couldn't have been enough inside that tiny little packet for both. Still, it was all perfectly serviceable, a fine meal. Nothing too lacking in symmetry, although he did give the number of sesame seeds on the bun a quick glance over.

If anything, it was the other plate in the corner of his right eye that truly made him want to throw a fit.

It was humongous, a ridiculous meal, a tower of beef and cheese with a faint, thin shred of green placed on top that couldn't seriously be trying to fool anyone into believing that there was something remotely healthy here to eat. Two patties, three slices of cheese, egg bread buns with butter lathered into them, ketchup and mustard already applied between each patty, and, as if that wasn't enough, seasoned french fries and fried onion rings to go along with it. It was a monster dish, and Kid was almost afraid it would come to life and try to eat him in turn. In fact, it might have just growled at him, but at a tone too low to be heard over the din of the noise around him at this eatery. He couldn't exactly go and forgive this preposterous slice of meat-lover's heaven either, though. Nothing about it was symmetrical except for its shape. For this burger to sit next to that other burger and think everything was just peachy, it was damn cocky, that was for sure. Kid almost wanted to go back and demand that they split evenly so that each plate had the proper amount of food on it, but he held himself from doing so. He knew that Liz and Patty were waiting.

"Geez, Kid, what took you so long? Don't tell me you were counting each fry individually to make sure we got the right amount? You really need to go and see a doctor about that problem of yours."

"I did nothing of the sort. I was able to control myself and kept from speaking up when grabbing your drastically different meals for you. By the way, why did I have to go and collect your lunch for you in the first place?"

"Whoo-hoo! The double-burger is here! Oh, it looks as good as it does in the pictures, but even better because it's edible this time!"

Patty reached across the table to grab her plate. A few fries were dropping off onto the tray when she lifted it, which Kid was quick to snatch up and place back for Patty's sake as well as his own. Liz rolled her eyes and took her plate after offering a quick 'thank-you' to her master. Kid leaned back and sat there, one leg folded over the other, as he tried to remain still while watching them eat. He wanted to figure out some way to evenly spread the beef among the two girls, but he wasn't entirely sure how to do it. As if the burgers weren't enough, the two women themselves were making his little neurotic obsession sprout up again.

For one thing, it wasn't just their lunch sizes that were vastly contrasting, but their own body shapes too. Whereas Liz was still mostly as slim as she'd ever been, albeit a little puffier around the middle and her breasts noticeably larger (in spite of insisting it wasn't obvious at all), Patty was already fast on her way to becoming a real fatty. She ate her overloaded burger as happily as a young puppy, gobbling up mouthfuls and swallowing before she'd even taken the proper amount of time to chew. Grease and condiments spattered all over her chubby cheeks. Her soft, greedy belly made its room across her lap, which too was always expanding, as more and more fat accumulated on her thighs and rear too. Her entire shirt was taken up just trying to properly contain that impressively bloated rack, those tits that swung precariously from her chest. To Kid, it seemed that she actually enjoyed being so spherical.

Kid didn't mind that, even though it did make wielding her as a pistol a little more straining on his arm. If anything, it helped add more symmetry to her figure, particularly in the addition of all of those rolls and the roundness of her body parts. It was just like the hamburger situation plaguing his thoughts moments ago. To him, Patty was actually the smaller, normal-sized burger, at least something close to that. So many circles built on top of each other, it was practically the epitome of symmetry in his eyes.

Liz, however, was nothing like that. She was the unruly monster burger, even though she ate far less than that in a single day. She had a slim face, slim arms, birthing-worthy hips, a puffy middle that just barely qualified as a muffin-top, and breasts that were bigger than Kid's own head. None of it added up, it was like a jumble of various pieces and parts, all different sizes, and it drove Kid mad. He needed to make Liz become like Patty, so they would be symmetrical once again, or at least enough so that the young man wouldn't have to worry about popping a blood vessel from over-thinking it anymore.

It turned out that the answer was a pretty simple solution: he would have to 'help' her, as it were, using some very specific drugs that apparently existed in his world to help with weight gain. Sure, Liz would probably be mad at him at first, but she had always been less than amused by his antics before, and this wouldn't be too different in his opinion. He didn't know why his father would have such a medicine in his vast cabinet, but then again, Kid had also found vitamins meant to help with hair growth and bone density, even though he was quite sure his father did not have either hair or bones to speak of. Reading the instructions and the warning labels, it seemed that the medicine was meant to help instill a stronger desire to eat, mainly meant for someone with a eating disorder. Kid was pretty sure it would work on someone with a healthy appetite could use it too. As long as he was careful not to overdo it.

"Liz, are you in here?"

Kid made his way into the twins' room without really waiting for an answer, the door was unlocked. Liz was laid out on her bed, reading a magazine about some sort of new fashion craze, while Patty was, of course, eating. The fatter of the twins scarfed down handfuls of chips from a plastic bag, crumbs tumbling all over her wide gut, which was fully exposed from her too-small pajama top. Apparently she was too lazy to even change out of her pajamas yet, and it would almost be 12 in the afternoon already. She was already looking rounder than she did the previous day.

"What do you want, Kid? We're off from classes today, remember?"

"I know that," Kid reached behind and presented her with a milkshake. "I accidentally got two milkshakes so I had to give you one, otherwise I'll-"

"Yeah, you'll have an aneurysm or something, right? Just give it here."

Patty paused from eating for a moment and swallowed what partially-chewed chips were already in her mouth. "But Liz! I thought you were going on a diet?"

"One milkshake isn't going to hurt! Besides, I didn't even eat much for breakfast, so this can be an early lunch!" Liz snapped back.

Patty chuckled, wiped a crumb clinging desperately to her double-chin, and resumed eating at full speed. Liz accepted the milkshake and Kid bid them a quick farewell, with very little fanfare. He didn't want to hang around and watch the gain itself, or else he would be forced to try and make her even bigger, so that she would quickly reach the right size of perfectly symmetrical proportions, or in layman's terms, get super fat. Kid felt moderately bad for what he was doing, but then again, if Liz was really that upset, he could show her how there's actually a lot of guys more than happy to appreciate a larger woman too. It was his fail-safe.

Liz sipped on the milkshake, removing her lips to smack them a few times. "'s pretty good, but it tastes a little funny...I think it's vanilla, but I can't tell."

"Yeah? Can I give it a taste?" Patty asked.


Liz handed the milkshake over to Patty, who clutched it tight in her chubby little fingers as she took the deepest, longest suck on the straw that she could manage.

"H-Hey! Don't go drinking the whole thing in one gulp! Give it back!"

"Hehe, sorry! Mmm, it was really tasty, though! I think it's vanilla!"

"Hmm...just like I said..."

Patty looked over the bag of chips lying between her legs. She ate a few more chips, casting a glance every now and then to watch as Liz continued to drink her milkshake. Even though she had eaten far more than enough to wait until dinner, even though she'd nearly finished this family-sized bag of chips on her own, Patty was beginning to feel hungry again. Her poor tummy, as wide and thick as a spare tire, started to rumble. In fact, it felt like it was wrapping itself up into knots; the young woman was absolutely starving. She lifted the bag and turned it over her head so that she could catch every little piece of chip that had somehow managed to avoid her hunger until now. She lifted herself off of her bed, a daunting task to be sure, but she had somewhere she needed to go.

"I'm...I'm going to go and get something from the snack machine. Do you want anything?" she asked.

Liz pulled the milkshake away from her lips. "Uh, maybe a bag of pretzels? Nothing big. Go for the oven-baked potato chips actually; I heard they have less fat."

It was some time later that Death the Kid finally saw his two weapon partners again. He had been so busy getting dragged back and forth between Soul and BlackStar to help them with studying (apparently Maka and Tsubaki were too busy on their own to help, so they claimed, and the two boys in question thought that Kid would know more about the exams being the headmaster's son), that he hadn't seen Liz or Patty very much. When he finally did get to lay his eyes upon the two young women again, he was rather pleased with the results, to see that the fruit of his labors had succeeded. It was like looking directly at two perfectly round spheres, not a line or curve out of place. Absolutely perfect. However, and as expected, Liz was much less happy about it than he was.

"Kid, you damn little jerk! What the hell did you do to us?"

Liz and Patty were so large now that their individual heights did not even matter much in the grand scheme anymore. Liz's double-chinned, thick-necked, chubby-cheeked face was wracked with anger as she grabbed Kid by his lapels and shook him wildly. She slammed her enormous belly against his thin frame, hard enough to practically crack a rib, and Kid nearly toppled over onto the ground if Liz wasn't already holding him tightly just so she could yell more insults into his ear. Even though she was so large now, she still chose, out of her own volition, to wear the same clothes as before, her boob-sweater just barely managing to live up to its name when her massively soft mammaries were slapping against Kid's chest like a pair of down-feather pillows. Even Liz's upper-arms jostled from the impressive amount of fat that had accumulated there. It definitely gave Kid a strangely powerful desire to reach out and squeeze it right then and there, but he knew doing so would have been a death sentence. Ironic, considering he was a Shinigami, but that was beside the point.

Patty watched on, eating a chocolate-coated ice pop. She had gotten bigger too, her belly spilling forth over her waistband and her lower-most gut roll nearly touching her knees. Her breasts looked like like deflated beanbags lying atop her stomach than anything else, they spread out not only further, but wider too. Her shorts were barely visible, almost like she was wearing nothing at all down below. Kid couldn't see them from his position, but he was quite confident that the twins' rears were nothing to sneeze at, either.

Liz looked like she was prepared to slap him. "You did this to us because you and that sick symmetrical fetish of yours, didn't you?"

"It's not a fetish, and what are you talking about, what makes you think I did anything about this?" Kid asked.

Liz held up the bottle of drugs that Kid had certainly used to help him in his endeavors.


"The headmaster said that you had borrowed it."

"Damn it, dad!"

"Just how much of this did you use anyway?"

"Hmm...well, originally just three scoops, but that bothered me somewhat, so I ended up putting four, then five, and finally...I think it was about six. I wanted to make sure it was fair and even."

"You idiot!"

Patty giggled. "I dunno, I think it's kind of fun! I'm all fluffy and bouncy now!"

"Of course you would like it." Liz sighed, shaking her head, which caused her enormity to break out into jiggles.

"Don't worry, Liz, there's nothing wrong with being big. There's plenty of guys who-"

"That is beside the point!"

Eventually, though, Kid managed to soothe the raging beast, as it turned out that, while Liz and Patty were the ones who had to be fat, it wasn't without consequence for Kid either; now both of his pistols weighed a good few dozen pounds each, and that wasn't very helpful in battle, to say the least. He couldn't even manage enough strength to throw them far enough to strike someone in the head. They were practically useless now. He had to lie on the ground and pull the triggers repeatedly while hoping the enemy wouldn't have enough brains to simply step out of the bullets' aim.

'I should have just tried to make them symmetrical through thinness...' he thought.

Comm: Soul Eater: Perfectly Fat Symmetry
A short commission I recently did, for the series Soul Eater, that one was popular, wasn't it? I read it a while back, and hopefully I didn't mess up with the characters or anything too much. I also hope I made Kid's reasoning behind fattening up his two weapon partners actually have some kind of sense to them, for his character to do that I mean. It was a 15-dollar story, so it isn't as long as some of the others, although this one ended up a bit longer than I usually do for 15 bucks; the plot was also suggested by the commissioner too. Still, I hope you all like it!

Soul Eater @ Atsushi Okubo
3DS friend code:  3738-0536-7721 ; If you add me, let me know in a note with your own FC and I can add you too!

I do commissions for 15 to 20 dollars, just about anything you want, fetish or otherwise, send me a note if interested. However, I base the cost on the length of the story; if you want a longer story, you can pay more money than even the 'limit' I set here, and we can discuss it. It doesn't have to always be about women getting fat or anything either, but I suppose there are a few difficulties I have with trying to write extreme slob stories and such, but that isn't the biggest deal. Please send me a note if you would like to make a commission! 

This month was one of the biggest successes in terms of commissions I've done, and I am nothing but appreciative and extremely thankful to everyone who was willing to buy work from me. I am eternally grateful, thank you so much!
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"One...two...three...four...five! One...two...three...four...five!"

The morning had only officially begun about an hour and a half ago and the air still had a hint of chill lingering from last night, but the Wii Fit Trainer was already well awake. She had set up her yoga mat on the backyard deck of the Smash Mansion; it faced the direction of the rising sun, which only made her Sun Salutation all the more meaningful. She counted five seconds over and over as she stretched her arms back and forth across the length of her legs, bending her back over enough to nearly touch the mat with her nose. She dipped down, keeping her legs outstretched, until her backside was lying onto the mat. She kept her legs and arms outstretched, and then brought them back in like Bowser swiftly retreating into his shell. She rolled herself up into a ball-like fetal position and remained that way for a minute and a half. Eventually she unfurled, and as she did so, she kept one knee on the mat while moving her other leg back until her toes were pointed toward the door. She also kept one hand on the mat and her other hand stretched far in front of her and toward the sky, as if she were trying to grab the rising sun and pluck it right out of its perch.

"It's good to stretch your muscles, but don't overdo it unless you have the proper experience." she said aloud to no one in particular. "It is necessary to be able to keep one's balance while in this particular pose; work on achieving better balance first before attempting poses like these in tandem. Once you have been able to perform the poses involved, begin keeping watch of the pace of your breathing. Your goal is to remain perfectly calm and centered."

She began to perform the actions as she so said, preparing to switch limbs, but then she felt something wet and cold plop and dribble down onto the back of her neck. It did not make her jump up or cry out, for she was not exactly so human as to do that. It did surprise her though, mildly at least, and she held her pose for a few seconds longer than she had planned for. She searched her mind for an answer of what exactly had just hit her. The cold, wet substance had run down the back of her uniform, but it did not do much more than give her an uncomfortable chill. She left her yoga pose to reach behind her neck, bringing her hand away to see that it was covered in a sticky, pink substance.

The Wii Fit Trainer looked up at the balcony above her. Samus Aran was staring back at her with a strawberry milkshake in one hand and a cream doughnut in the other. The blonde bounty hunter (or former bounty hunter, considering she hadn't been seen working in years) took a bite from the doughnut and chewed it thoroughly. Wii Fit Trainer eyed her for a time.

"I'm sorry about that." Samus waved after eating the rest of the doughnut and licking off the stray cream from her lips, which took about two minutes on its own.

"Samus Aran?"

"The deck is directly underneath my room, so I happened to overhear you while I was eating breakfast." Samus explained. She took a sip from her strawberry shake.

Wii Fit Trainer continued to stare blankly at her. "You are eating a meal like that as breakfast? Doughnuts and milkshakes?"

"The milkshake was left over from last night. Doughnuts are one of my favorites, I had to grab it before Kirby or that fat bastard King Dedede hoarded them all."

"A doughnut, even only one, can not be considered a good breakfast, and a milkshake is just as harmful to the matters of your health. Such choices will not provide you with all of the necessary nutrients to properly begin your day. You need more nuts and grains among other things."

Samus arched a thin eyebrow, looking incredulous. "Excuse me? Why are we suddenly turning this into a discussion about my dietary habits? I just hung around long enough to apologize for startling you. I hope you're not trying to challenge me to a Smash Battle right now, because I'm not really in the mood this early in the morning. Just go back to your yoga or whatever, and we'll both just get on with our lives, okay?"

Wii Fit Trainer could see it clearly. In the morning light, even from this far below, looking up from the deck to the balcony, it was all quite obvious to her. Samus Aran had gotten rather fat lately. She'd been letting herself go to such a point that it was actually becoming rather shameful, in the usually impartial fitness trainer's opinion. She'd been involved in too many food battles, and now she could potentially out-eat Wario, a harrowing thought indeed. Some other factors may have played into her weight gain, but no one except Samus herself really knew for sure. What was clear to everyone, though, was that the young woman made no attempts to fix the damage done. Indulgences abounded, and she was only getting fatter and fatter as time progressed. Not even Doctor Mario's medical diagnosis (and he was a trained professional) was able to convince her to change her ways.

To think that one of that woman's greatest assets in battle had been her agility and her powerful legs; Wii Fit Trainer doubted that her contemporary would be able to even lift her legs up half the height they once could reach anymore.

Samus glared with a great big scowl on her chubby face; it was rounder-looking than ever, and the Wii Fit Trainer got a good look at Samus' full double-chin from her angle as well. Wearing a blue sweatshirt with her team logo and matching sweatpants, this lazy choice of attire didn't do much for the bounty hunter except 'help' in accentuating just how big she'd gotten. Then again, even the highly-advanced super-fiber Zero Suit looked like a collapsed parachute when draped over her bulky frame. Her fluffy barrel of a gut was pressing against the balcony rails, and her heavy breasts came flopping over her bingo wing arms as she crossed them indignantly. Samus took another sip from her strawberry milkshake as if just to spite the other woman. With a grumble and a raised eyebrow, she turned and waddled away, her big butt rocking back and forth on a pair of thighs that could snap a space pirate in half.

The Wii Fit Trainer rolled up her yoga mat after doing only a few more stretches and exercises. She knew what she was going to do today.

Samus left the dining hall with a full stomach and a sated hunger, although she knew that that it would last for only so long. She had herself an early lunch, mostly because she couldn't wait until the afternoon when her stomach was rumbling so loudly after breakfast. She found it curious that her belly could always hunger for so much food, and yet no matter how much it was filled, it barely took more than a few hours before it was sending signals up to Samus' brain and forcing her to become peckish again. Still, Samus made no attempt to fight it. She embraced her belly's demands and fulfilled each one of them like the dutiful slave that she may very well have been. She couldn't help it, food was just too good.

Glancing back and forth down the length of the hallway and seeing that she was all alone, Samus lifted her blue sweatshirt just high enough to reveal a peek of pale-white belly flesh. She gently caressed it, touching it with the tips of her fingers. She tried poking it, pushing it in to see if she would garner some kind of response from this burgeoning ball of blubber that extended so far from her abdomen. However, she could not; she was so stuffed, she couldn't make any sort of dent to her flab at all. Rubbing it a little more, Samus pulled her hand away and tugged her shirt back down just as she heard the sound of approaching footsteps. She thought of waddling away, but she knew she wasn't fast enough to do that anymore, so she simply waited there to confront whoever was coming near.

Suddenly, with a flip, a bounce and a mid-air kick, the Wii Fit Trainer landed, quite accurately in fact, right in front of the pudgy ex-bounty hunter. She placed her hands together and greeted Samus with a quiet 'namaste', bowing her head. Samus immediately tried to make her escape, not wanting to deal with a fighting fitness instructor who clearly had a few choice words to say about their earlier confrontation, but Wii Fit Trainer was obviously much faster.

"Samus Aran."

"What do you want? I'm not interested in buying a Wii Fit game or board, I told you that already." Samus was more than happy with her Nintendo 3DS, which reminded her, she needed to go back to her room and give her Labrador puppy a bath.

"I'm not here to sell you my merchandise. I'm here to help you get yourself back into shape." The Wii Fit Trainer reached out and jabbed Samus' pudge with a gentle poke. This was enough to rile up the bounty hunter, though. Her entire face turned red, making her look eerily similar to a blonde tomato.

"What are you doing!" she screeched.

Wii Fit Trainer gave the other woman a rather confident thumbs-up, as if that suddenly made everything better. "Do not worry, Samus. It will only take a few months of my special exercise curriculum, along with an improved dietary plan, and you will be able to melt all of this excess fat right off! I can help you return to your original size, for no extra cost. You will not even require a Wii Fit Balance Board for this lesson."

Samus stared at the pale-white, humanoid figure in front of her, angry and disbelieving, and she was truly beginning to question if WFT was actually a real human or some sort of creepy imitation. "You're saying you want to enforce your personal perception on what the human body should be like onto me? And without me ever having asked you for your help or not?"

"I'm offering to help you lose weight and asking for nothing in return but your compliance. At your current size, while you may be able to withstand more attacks, your greatest assets like your speed and your kicking strength have been greatly diminished to the point of becoming simply more disadvantages you suffer. It will also help you in your everyday life as well, especially when you are able to return to your original job as a bounty hunter. I can understand that it can be quite difficult to put in the effort to lose weight, but the rewards you will receive for doing so will be great, and it will aid both your social and your professional life exponentially. Now then, don't you think losing some weight would be something positive to do with your free time?"

Samus felt like the very ability to speak had just been ripped from her throat, as lost for words as she was.

The Wii Fit Trainer, in spite of being so blunt, hadn't been wrong in anything that she'd said. It did make sense, even though Samus had gone along convincing herself everything was fine for so long. Her sub-conscious was aware of everything, but now that it had all been thrown out in front of her, she was being forced to face it head on and accept it as the truth.

She grabbed a handful of blubber through her sweatshirt and jostled it. It shook for a while, even after she'd released it. For her to get this way, she had let herself go...badly.

She wasn't doing anything else with her time, not until the new tier lists come out, so maybe going on a diet and taking up more exercise would do her good, after all.

Samus collapsed onto her bed, feeling like she'd just run a marathon not around the length of the Smash Mansion, but across the entire terrain of Tallon IV, including the Magmoor Caverns and the Phendrana Drifts. She tore off the soaked sweatband on her head and tossed it aside, not caring where it landed. She wore her usual workout uniform, a favorite of hers outside of the Zero Suit, but it felt so uncomfortable, clinging to her backside as if it had become a second skin, the abundance of sweat and her own fat butt made everything stick and stretch. Samus wanted to remove her clothes and just relax and cool off in her underwear for a while, but she was too lacking in stamina to even do that much.

Samus rolled herself over onto her back, her bulging belly rising high into the air. 'Ugh...this...this might have been a really bad idea...'

The Wii Fit Trainer, in spite of her ludicrous name, was no joke, and Samus had already assumed that from watching her in-battle, but her exercise regimen was something else altogether. The ex-bounty hunter would have preferred fighting through a 100-Man Smash than spending even five more minutes with that 'woman', if she was even that, because a real human being wouldn't have been this unbearably cruel. The way she spoke in that calm, light voice the entire time somehow made it even worse, in a psychological sort of way. She meant well, after all...but no lack of malice can make up for killing someone with your workouts.

Samus rubbed her stomach and played with her soft blubber for a few moments. She wondered if she was really burning any calories. There was a lot of fluff to grasp here; could she really ever lose it all? Would she ever be able to see herself with washboard abs and the sort of legs that could actually let her double-jump again?

Palutena teleported into the room, wielding her scepter in one hand and a plate stacked with eclairs in the other.

"Hey there, Sammy."

Samus didn't have much of a reaction to Palutena's entrance. Ever since the Goddess of Light had joined them, invited by courtesy of that pitiful angel boy (he gushed over her so much that it was actually sort of sad), she had basically turned the entire Smash Mansion into her playground, and its inhabitants were her toys. She cared almost nothing for their privacy nor for the boundaries that doors and walls were supposed to create. She could go anywhere and do anything that she pleased. No one tried to stop her anymore, because previous attempts all ended in failure, and the angel boy would always argue in her defense. This was not the first time she had come to visit Samus, but Samus did not mind anymore, as long as it wasn't while she was in the middle of changing or fast asleep.

"Palutena, what do you want? I'm...I'm a little indisposed right now." Samus grumbled.

"You look tired. And you kind of smell sweaty! Why don't you take a shower? I'll watch your place for you." Palutena suggested with an oh-so-innocent smile.

Samus huffed, rolling her eyes as a blush crossed her puffed cheeks. "...mmgh..."

"What was that?" Palutena raised an eyebrow.

"...Can you help me up first?"

"Oh, of course!"

Palutena placed the eclairs aside and, taking one of Samus' chubby hands, helped lift the blonde back onto her feet. Samus thanked her in such a low mumble that it could barely be heard, but with her ears, Palutena could clearly catch it. She let Samus go and take her shower, reclining on the bounty hunter's bed and eating some of the eclairs for herself as she waited. She did not have to wait long for Samus to return in her sweatshirt and sweatpants. Palutena got up from the bed so that Samus could splay herself out on it, still no less worn out and aching from her workout today.

"What happened to you?" Palutena asked, her mouth full of eclair cream. "You don't look so well, and I rarely see you running around in shorts like those anymore. Want an eclair?"

Samus shook her head. "I can't eat that. I'm trying to lose weight...with the Wii Fit Trainer's help."

Palutena nearly spat out the next eclair she was pushing into her mouth. "What? The Wii Fit Trainer? You're really going to get help from HER? You and I both know she's a madwoman in disguise, even if she talks in that monotone voice and goes on and on about fitness and physical health all the time...wait a minute, that already sounds rather crazy, doesn't it?"

"I didn't go to her, she came to me, and she made me feel bad about myself. We've been at this for a while, but I still don't feel any thinner, and I'm still left feeling like I've been paralyzed from the neck down after every session...God, that woman is going to kill me without realizing it..."

Palutena climbed onto Samus' bed again, but this time, she did so by straddling the fat bounty hunter on her pillar-sized legs, having to spread her own legs far just to encompass them. Samus made little effort to shove the Goddess off, not because she wasn't flustered by this sudden, and rather intimate, action, but because she just didn't have the energy to do so. Palutena took one of the eclairs off of her plate and waved it teasingly in front of Samus' face.

"Why don't you forget about her, Sammy, and have yourself one of these delicious eclairs? Raising and feeding eight kids has really helped make Bowser a good cook, surprisingly. Not sure how he makes them with those big hands and claws, but my, they're just as delicious as the bakery ones!"

Samus stared longingly at the eclair dangling only inches from her lips. She wanted to eat it, so badly even. Her chubby toes curled and her chubby fingers clenched into fists. She wanted to take that eclair, sink her teeth deep into its fluffy chocolate exterior, and feel that warm, sweet cream trickle itself down the length of her throat, filling her hungry belly with its wondrous contents. She wanted to eat all of the eclairs on that plate and then some. Even though she had been regulating herself with her eating habits as of late, that didn't mean her appetite had lessened any. Samus wanted to forgo everything and just stuff her face with every single eclair in the vicinity. But she was trying to lose weight too. Shouldn't she be following Wii Fit Trainer's example for the sake of her own health and career? Shouldn't she be telling Palutena to get off of her and to put that dessert away, especially when it wasn't even dinner time yet? Shouldn't she be more focused on her next training session with WFT instead of-

"Screw this. Give me the eclair."

Palutena grinned. "I knew you would accept it."

She stuck the eclair into Samus' mouth, and she devoured it whole. It was certainly not going to be the last eclair Samus would eat tonight.

A few days later, and the Wii Fit Trainer stopped Samus before they began the first stretches of the day's training. Samus had arrive in her Zero Suit, but it was rather constricting around her sagging belly, despite having been specifically designed to provide comfort no matter the wearer's size. That, along with a tiny rip around her right thigh, was hinting to Samus that she may have been snacking on too many eclairs with Palutena lately. The Wii Fit Trainer eyed Samus' gut, that big ball of fluff and blubber that hung over her waistline, her tapered thighs, boulder-sized rear and ham-sized arms, and she decided to put her student to the test.

"Samus, I think it's time we do a weigh-in on the Balance Board, to help you see the fruits of your labors so far."

The blonde rolled her eyes. "Alright, if you insist." She didn't know why the Wii Fit Trainer loved to plug her own peripherals so much.

The Wii Fit Trainer placed the Balance Board, which was connected to a Fit Meter that she'd brought, onto the floor and let Samus step onto it. The poor Balance Board let out a creak as Samus got on, but she remained still as the Wii Fit Trainer tapped a few buttons on the Fit Meter and checked the stats that came up. Even though she had rarely shown many displays of actual emotion on her face in the past, the Wii Fit Trainer looked honestly repulsed by the numbers that appeared on the tiny screen.

"This says...350 pounds? 350 pounds! You have gained weight since we began your work-out!"

Samus grinned sheepishly. It honestly didn't seem all that surprising; the feeding sessions she'd been involved with Palutena lately had not only made her gain back the calories she lost with Wii Fit Trainer, but piled on a few hundred more along with it. Wii Fit Trainer thrust her hand out and sank her fingers deep into Samus' adipose. Her fingers delved far into the crevices between the rolls of Samus' stomach, which the fitness nut now realized were far softer and much more pudgier than she last recalled them being. She pinched Samus' massive rear, the two cheeks individually the size of Kirby and Pikachu combined. She ran her hands up and down the length of thighs that had long since given up the dream of having a gap between them anymore. Wii Fit Trainer simply looked at Samus' breasts, which were so large that they would have popped out of any top long ago, if the ex-bounty hunter hadn't been wearing a full-body suit. Everything about Samus had been huge before, but now she was simply massive in nearly every conceivable way, and the fat had piled on in droves over the past week alone.

"What have you been doing to yourself, Samus?" Wii Fit Trainer cried, her voice rising only a single unit of volume higher than usual.

"I...well..." Samus didn't know how to explain it.

Suddenly, as if knowing it was somehow her cue, a chubby Palutena appeared onto the scene with some fried chicken strips. "Hey, Samus, you need to try these! They're angel wings! Ha ha...just kidding! It sure made Pit freak out when I told him that one, though!"

Wii Fit Trainer recoiled. "W-What...?"

"Huh? What's wrong?" Palutena asked, taking a bite from her meal. She had gained weight just like Samus too, being the glutton that made this entire scenario possible. She wasn't nearly at the same size as the bounty hunter, but with her double-chin, plump arms, sagging breasts, a plush gut that bulged like a baby bump through her pristine white robes, and hips that could do a POW block's work, the 240-pound Goddess of Light wasn't a stick-thin girl any longer either. However, like Samus, no one dared to point it out to her, considering she was a Goddess and all. Not even Pit, her closest companion, would say a word, but then again he seemed the most likely to keep mum about these things in the first place.

She ate another chicken strip while Samus and WFT simply stared at her, both stunned but for different reasons.

"Why are you staring at me like that?"

"Samus, have you been eating with this woman the entire time in between our exercises?" WFT asked.

Samus winced. "...Yes..."

"And you never considered to stop and protect yourself from becoming progressively fatter?"

"It did cross my mind...a few times."

Wii Fit Trainer threw her hands into the air. She had had her reservations about Samus over the past few days, but now she was beginning to understand that she truly had little desire to lose the weight she was packing on. "Alright, I understand. I need some time to rethink and readjust our training schedule, so for now, I think it would be best if we postpone any future exercises until further noted." she told the other women.

"Um...alright?" Honestly, Samus was relieved to hear that.

"I'll be taking my Wii Fit Balance Board back. You clearly do not need it right now."

Wii Fit Trainer snatched up her peripherals and stormed off.

"Wow, she's not all that nice after all, is she?" Palutena dryly remarked.

Samus heaved a sigh. "I guess I'm stuck as a fatty then?"

Palutena slapped a hand on Samus' shoulder and shook it, making the blonde's breasts and arm-fat bounce. "Oh, it's not all that bad, as long as you have ways to keep yourself moderately healthy, like me being immortal and all."

"Lucky you."

Palutena gave Samus some chicken and then took her by the hand. "Forget her for now! You didn't want to be stuck doing those awful exercises anyway, right? Come on! I tricked Lucina into eating an entire pie! Let's go watch!"

"Ugh...alright..." Samus wondered if she might get some pie for herself while they were there. She hadn't eaten any in the past few days.

Comm: Smash Bros: Samus And Her Unfit Experience
It was bound to happen at some point, and while I was certainly too busy playing the game to write a story for it on my own ha ha I was given this rather enjoyable commission to put together, involving Samus Aran, Wii Fit Trainer and Palutena from the game. Despite the title, there isn't anything about Wii Fit Trainer getting fat at all. Mainly just Samus getting even fatter, and Palutena ended up joining her. A little mention of Lucina at the end since she's my main girl in Smash lately, so of course. I hope you all like it!

Smash Bros @ Nintendo

Colette and Sheena arrived at the hot springs resort a little past 8, the sun already set and the dark sky littered with a scattering of twinkling stars overhead. The younger girl let out a little cry as they stepped underneath the long awning and approached the double-wide glass doors leading inside. A series of lamps on either side provided the light, tiny little moths fluttering nearby as they were drawn to the flames. Everything was made out of either metal or wood. It looked like the exterior of the building had come straight out of the history books, so determined was it to keep its original structuring after all this time. Even the air seemed to have a different smell about it.

"Wow, this place is so fancy!" Colette exclaimed.

"Heh...we're not even inside yet, you know," Sheena replied.

"It's too bad that Raine couldn't come with us..." Colette shook her head, recalling that the teacher had turned down their hot springs offer, when she was apparently quite determined to teach (or maybe even beat) some knowledge of magic and battle strategies into Lloyd and Genis. Colette hoped that those two would still be in one piece when she saw them next. She knew that Raine could be rather unforgiving as a teacher.

Sheena shrugged. "Eh, I wouldn't want her ruining our fun anyway, she's such a wet blanket! Come on, let's get inside and check in. They know me here, so I'm sure we can get a discount on the buffet or something."

"You've been here before?"

The ninja nodded her head. "A whole lot of times! I thought I told you that on the way over here?"

"Oh, yes...sorry...I might have missed that..." Colette put on a sheepish grin and laughed, rubbing the back of her head for good measure.

Sheena was honestly not surprised in the slightest that Colette had missed out on some of her explanations regarding the hot springs. After all, if she recalled, the peckish young blonde had been so busy snacking the entire ride, it seemed impossible to believe she could have been focusing on anything else going on around her. Sheena took a quick glance at Colette's middle; it rounded out into a noticeable curve, pushing against her dress like a bulge. Sheena wondered how big Colette had gotten recently. Where her sudden increase in appetite had come from was a mystery to her. The ninja touched her own stomach and felt the softness sink under her fingertips. She wasn't much better these days, as 'chubby' and 'ninja' were not two things that should ever go hand in hand.

"What do you want to do first?" Sheena asked as they walked up to the front desk.

"I'm not sure; what is there to do here?" Colette had never been to any sort of hot spring before. At the best, she could have soaked in a hot bath to emulate the feel of a hot spring, but it was not something that she'd considered before until now.

"Anything that your little heart desires." Sheena told her. "We're getting a room here, so we can stay overnight. There's the hot springs themselves, ping-pong and board games and stuff, a yoga room, I think a few places just to hang out and read or's really pretty relaxing. Not my style for most of that stuff, but the hot springs are what's worth coming here for."

Colette's little heart thumped at the opportunity for an experience like this. "Oh, it all sounds so amazing! Almost everything you'd come to expect when you think about a hot spring resort, like something straight out of a storybook!"

"That IS the sort of image they want to convey." Sheena chuckled at the other girl's abundant enthusiasm. Colette's prominent belly bulge notably shook as she hurried to the desk to sign herself in. Sheena wondered when the girl would insist they go to the buffet. That was bound to be an interesting part of the night. Sheena rubbed her own stomach again, just running the flat of her palm across it in the most casual way possible. It would likely be a night of gorging for herself as well, she thought amusingly.

After checking in, Sheena and Colette made way to their room, a small, lovely little apartment with a minimalist design and a pair of beds so they didn't have to share. The lights were perpetually dimmed to give an 'evening'-like atmosphere, and on top of a table was a set of exclusive oils, shampoos and cleansing wipes that they apparently expected you to use. Sheena instructed Colette to leave them alone; if the owners knew that they used this stuff, they would charge them extra for it. Instead she led the younger girl to their beds, where bathrobes and towels were laid out for them.

"This is what we're supposed to wear when we're walking around here," Sheena said, lifting up her bathrobe. She turned it around in her hands, glanced at her belly, and wondered if it would even fit her. They were apparently made to fit a general size for all, but she wasn't entirely sure if her pride could manage to survive having to call up customer service and requesting larger robes to wear. Colette seemed less perturbed by potential difficulties in dressing, whether she even considered them in the first place or not, as she hurried into the bathroom to change into her new attire. Sheena decided to change in the bedroom.

When Colette emerged, she was tugging at the band that held her bathrobes together. "It''s a little tighter than I expected."

Sheena straightened out her robes, huffing. "I think I can get used to wearing this...just gotta be careful not to move too quickly and all that..."

Colette's belly was more prominently revealed than ever in her ill-fitting bathrobe; it jutted out far in front of her, looking as round and tight as a predictor's orb, and a little gap in between the robe's folds revealed a peek of her belly-button to boot. Colette gingerly rubbed her gut in a thoughtful manner. It seemed she was well aware of her gain, but had no feelings toward it one way or another. Impressive, for one so young, to not worry for her appearance, but then again, she thought she was going to have to be a sacrifice to the Gods for most of her life. Her cherubic cheeks, plump backside and loaf-sized breasts definitely gave her a more 'curvy' appearance compared to the twig of a girl Sheena had initially met. She actually looked like she'd be quite a joy to hug, the ninja mused.

"Do I look okay, Sheena?"

Sheena's own robes were on a more dangerous venture, trying to contain breasts each nearly bigger as a baby's head. Her belly had more sag to it than Colette's, and it was starting to force her robe open just at the tip of her gut. "Yeah, you look fine. So do you want to go and take a dip in the springs?"

Colette thought about it. She wouldn't mind checking out the springs, but she didn't know if they should jump to the main event right away. She thought it over a little longer, and then, as if it had finally run out of patience, her stomach decided to provide an answer for her by unleashing a hungry roar. Sheena giggled while Colette was left standing there and looking bashful about it.

"So you want to get something to eat first, huh?"

"Um...well...if it's alright with you..."

"Sure, let's go! I could use a bite to eat too."

Sheena and Colette walked together to the buffet room. They passed by some of the other customers and a few employees, all of them rather polite and welcoming to the two girls. Colette was quick to introduce herself, friendly as ever, whereas Sheena held back and allowed the blonde to do most of the talking. Sheena tried to cross her arms over her chest, but found it exceedingly impossible to achieve when her bust kept pushing her arms away with their sheer size. Colette walked with a waddle in her step, one hand always on her robes to keep them from accidentally slipping open on her.

Inside the buffet room, the two women found even more guests having dinner and a massive array of food displayed for the taking. Everything from smoked ribs to caesar salad had to have been there, all of it placed into individual aluminium trays. Steam bloomed from the hot and fresh meals, illuminated under the high-intensity lights. An open window into the kitchen was on the wall next to it, for anyone who wished to order something particularly special. Colette's stomach gurgled again, and Sheena's was quick to join in.

"You hungry for anything in particular?" Sheena asked.

"I don't know," Colette licked her lips, "Everything looks pretty good...hmm...what would you suggest, Sheena?"

"Eat whatever you want, we've already put out the payment to get a few free meals. I'm going to grab some of the salad."

However, by the time she actually reached the salad with a plate and fork in hand, Sheena's temptations had already been swayed by the overwhelming and far more delicious aroma of the ribs, and she was already shuffling her way over to them, not giving the salad much more than a single glance. Colette soon joined her, digging out at the potatoes first. Much of the food was that which Colette had never eaten or even seen before, being a young and pious girl born in a small village in the mountains. She kept an eye on Sheena, following her lead on choosing what was best to pile onto her plate. Sheena's rear bounced with her steps as she moved back and forth between the trays; Colette noticed that as well. She wasn't going to speak up about their gain, even when it was so agonizingly obvious, because, in all honesty, she didn't want to ruin Sheena's or her own enjoyment of the meal. It was a time where she was just too nice for her own good.

"Damn, this food looks better than last time; they must have gotten a new chef or something." Sheena remarked.

"Is there a limit to how much we're allowed to eat?" Colette asked.

"Nah, just eat till you're least that's how I like to see it." Sheena chuckled and placed a fried wing of what likely once belonged to a bird-shaped monster onto her plate.

Colette's belly pressed against the table as she leaned over to scoop up some pasta. "We should try to eat a variety, not just meat."

"Is there really something wrong with liking meat over everything else?" Sheena asked. Her body definitely liked meat too, with how much it'd been packing on lately, she thought with a wry grin to herself, but it wasn't exactly a joke she thought would pass over well with the younger woman.

Colette held out her hand. "Here, give me your plate, I can do it for you if you want."

Sheena was taken aback. "N-No! I'm a grown woman, I can do it myself, thank you very much...!" she cried, hurriedly piling even more food, including some of the salad she'd ignored, onto her plate till it looked like a edible mountain all its own. "See? I got it all on my own!"

Colette beamed. She had a feeling that that would work on her. With every inch of space on their plates filled to capacity, the two chubby girls took their seats and began to gorge themselves like little pigs. Sheena started eating at full speed from the get-go, but Colette went in a little slowly at first, yet she soon adapted herself, swooned by these tastes she'd never imagined before, and she was already catching up to Sheena over the next few minutes. Colette had never been so 'hoggish' when it came to eating before, but there was something strangely calming and enjoyable about it. It was like she was truly letting herself go and relaxing like she was supposed to...



"How come -urp- oh, excuse me! Sorry, um, how come you haven't summoned Corrine or any of your other Summon Spirits yet?"

"There's no need to. And I'm not allowed to bring Summon Spirits in here. I did it once before, and Corrine...well, I almost got banned because of them."

"Oh dear."

"Yeah; I know he'd love it, but Corrine needs to stay where he can keep out of trouble. I'd hate it if I had to lose my privileges here too."

Sheena pushed aside the screen door leading outside. The two stuffed girls started trembling as they stepped out into the cold night air, giving them a good incentive to hurry to jump into the springs as soon as possible. However, moving fast was not exactly an option for them with their poor tummies so stuffed and bloated, so a slow and more methodical approach needed to be taken, lest they suffer sharp and agonizing stomach pains. Colette held her stomach, as large as a medicine ball, in her hands as she waddled for the steaming bath. Sheena stifled an oncoming belch, her stomach so full and fat that it was beginning to hang over her crotch. Her restricting robes were beginning to force themselves off of her before she'd even gotten one toe into the water.

As Colette stripped herself of her robes, she got a better look at how truly engorged she was. Her stomach was perfectly round from all sides, symmetrical from every point visible, and her belly-button popped out with the skin around it a faint tint of red. The blonde grimaced. She had made an absolute pig of herself; when it all digested, she was probably going to be leaving this place a good few pounds heavier, if not far more. She rubbed her stomach again and again, but it did little work when so much was tightly packed into such limited space. She figured that the hot springs would do her well. She stepped into the largest spring available and immediately sank all the way up to her neck in the hot, refreshing water. She could feel the water ebb and flow against, and between, her folds, especially on her back and her love-handles. It tickled her like greedy fingers grasping at her flesh. She sighed, closing her eyes. Already she could feel the soothing effects the spring had on her stuffed tummy; those 'fingers' had moved on from her rolls and onto her gut, massaging it at a leisurely pace.

Sheena plopped herself into the spring so fast that she actually splashed Colette in the face. The blonde yelped. Offering a meager apology, the obese ninja shifted through the water to reach the sweetest spot, she wanted to claim the center of the spring for herself. Sheena's breasts bobbed up and down like rafts in the water as she waded, her cleavage deep and dark. Her belly still felt like it was fit to popping; she was quite sure she'd never eaten that much before in a single sitting, even in her previous visits here. A sudden sting of pain as her belly's contents shifted in digestion. Sheena grunted, belching a little. She looked at one her arms, so plump and smooth, shining wet, and she squeezed the bulge of fat on the upper half of her limb There was definitely a lot there to hold. She released it. Everything about her was bigger. She touched her rear while her hands were obscured by the water. She couldn't even begin to imagine just how big and fat her butt must have looked right about now; the thought was alien to her, and she was admittedly afraid to think any further about it.

Colette leaned against the large, black stones lining the spring, and her belly rose from the water, looking like the back of a white whale preparing to breech. "Ahh," she sighed, "This feels so nice, Sheena...I can't believe it..."

"I told you, didn't I?"

"Oh, I'm so glad that I came here with you..." Colette submerged herself deep enough for only her face to be left visible.

Sheena rubbed the back of her neck, splashing it with water. She turned her gaze skyward to the stars above. She could only see so many, the building lights obscuring most of them, but the moon was certainly there, as big and round and beautiful as always. If she could have somehow put it side by side with her belly, she bet they wouldn't look too different barring actual size, and even then, with the way she'd been eating lately, Sheena could almost believe she'd end up being as big as the moon one day. She didn't think she'd be able to fit another scrap of food into her belly for the rest of the night though, even if the idea of an after-springs sundae was a tempting one.

When they finally climbed out, Colette and Sheena were stunned to find that they were probably even fatter now than before. Their bellies were still incredibly enlarged, as bloated as they'd looked before entering the water, yet after all this time they'd spent relaxing they had surely digested most of their meals by now. Their stomachs were so big, it made it a complicated procedure just for the girls to grab their towels from off the floor. Sheena's gut even pressed against her knees whenever she had to bend over. They wiped themselves down in the changing room, making sure to get between the folds, before putting back on their incredibly snug robes.

Sheena had to hold her robes together with her hands just to keep herself halfway modest in public eye. Her breasts were dangerously close to revealing themselves as well.

"I think we might have gained some weight from that dinner," Colette proclaimed.

"You think so? Maybe it's just water weight?" Sheena smirked.

"Ah...Sheena..." Colette shook her head.


"I'm sorry, but...that joke was terrible."

"Hey, sorry I'm not as funny as your dear friend Lloyd!"

Jiggling and wobbling all the way back to their shared room, Colette and Sheena immediately collapsed onto their beds once there, the mattresses creaking ominously underneath them. Sheena could have sworn she heard something pop too; she was a little afraid of what might happen to her bed while she slept through the night. She carefully shifted herself onto her side, so that her stomach could splay itself across the blankets. Everything about her felt so heavy all of the sudden, including her eyelids.

Colette yawned. "Did you...did you want to do anything else before we go to bed, Sheena?"

"Eh, I dunno, I guess we can play ping-pong if you want; it's a lot more fun with a human opponent as compared to a Summon Spirit. Actually, funny story about what I mentioned earlier, it's when I tried it the one time with Corrine here that-"

Sheena stopped when she heard Colette's gentle snoring, and she shook her head, telling herself she should have expected this. She chuckled. Colette truly looked like a stuffed girl as she laid on her bed, covers off and belly rising like a mountain into the air. She was such a little butterball. Sheena wondered, if she slapped Colette's belly, would it jiggle at all? Of course she wasn't about to do it, but she considered it because it was quite rude to fall asleep while someone was talking to them.

The ninja let out her own yawn, and she conceded and fell asleep as well. There would be much time for talking when they went back to have a breakfast buffet tomorrow morning.

Commission: Sheena and Colette's Hot Spring (WG)
Currently accepting new commissions!

Another recently-finished commission, a Tales of Symphonia story involving a chubby Sheena and Colette from the game. A short commission, the commissioner didn't ask for too much in terms of plot aside from a hot spring involved, so I just used one of those typical anime hot spring hotels since it would be easier to explain, and probably would show up somewhere in a world that's from a JRPG. I hope it came out good, please let me know what you think!

Tales of Symphonia @ Namco

Athena Cykes sat alone in her cramped, stuffy little office. The lights were on, her computer was on, but Athena was solely focused on the sheet of documents she had been reading and re-reading like a paranoid maniac for the past thirty minutes. A small clock alarm on her desk flashed the numbers '12:00' over and over, but the young lawyer ignored it. A cup of coffee sat on her desk, but she ignored it too after only a few sips, the drink having long since gone cold. Beside the neglected cup was a pile of empty ramen cups and chocolate bar wrappers; the young woman's diet had taken a sharp nosedive as her pile of work increased higher and higher.

Athena clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth, flipping through page after page. Her mind felt like it was going at a hundred miles per hour, maybe even faster, as she desperately searched for an answer within the thousands of lines of text. An answer to discover and decipher the one connection between events, the connection that she was obviously missing, to solve this case. Her entire career as a budding young defense attorney could depend on it.

The victim was a 42-year-old office worker, struck by a speeding car while he was crossing the street; apparently he had been out on a nightly jog. The suspect, Athena's defendant, was a 20-year-old who had accidentally hit the victim on the way home from his low-paying retail job. The suspect had claimed that he had not meant to speed or even hit the man. In fact, he claimed that it was his vengeful ex-girlfriend who had made him doing, having been hiding in the back of the car and threatening him with a gun. He had been turned in to the police while claiming this was true, but when the officers had inspected the car, they did not find anyone else hiding inside it. The young man had told Athena that his ex had used a spare key he'd forgotten to get from her, and she had been wanting to get back at him for a long time, even though he broke up with her in the first place because of her obsessive personality. A knife had been found underneath the car seat, but no gun, and the police found the suspect's girlfriend at a nearby bar about an hour later. She claimed to have been there the entire night. The suspect didn't seem particularly intelligent, but it seemed hard to believe he would make up something so outrageous and expect it to work if it wasn't actually true.

Athena had been chosen to give the job by her superiors, but she had grand doubts that she could prove anything worthwhile. The whole thing seemed like a shut and close sort of case. There was enough evidence to incriminate him and throw the suspect straight into jail. His story was ridiculous, but he was standing by it, and Athena had to think that meant something. She wanted to find out the missing link in the case. Whatever it was the local authorities could have missed, she needed to figure it out and explain it in court so that she could prove her client innocent, or at the very least extend the trial and get herself more time to gather evidence.

Trust was one of the most important aspects in a relationship between a lawyer and their client. She wanted to believe in him and his claims, she truly did.

Athena sighed. Had her head been bashed in with a hammer repeatedly or she'd been staring at the sun for over an hour without blinking, then neither would have been a far cry from how she felt right about now. She had been awake since 5 a.m. and already working on the case, but now that it was early into the morning of the next day, she was making a rather disconcerting discovery about herself: her so-assumed limitless thirst for justice wasn't actually so limitless after all. She wiped her eyes with the back of her head, stifling a yawn. She wasn't getting any further in achieving the result she desired.

'Is it...really hopeless?' she thought.

Suddenly, it occurred to her. The defendant had not actually seen the gun; he wasn't allowed to turn his head or his apparent ex-girlfriend in the car threatened to shoot him. There was a knife hidden in the car, so it may have actually been a knife instead of a gun. Gun control laws in their city weren't the best, but it would have been extremely difficult for someone around the defendant's age to get hold of a firearm on their own. The defendant's car had its doors unlocked after he'd been turned into the police; it was possible the girlfriend had managed to escape from the crime scene before being spotted. Whether it was sheer luck or incompetence by the police force, something had to have happened. Athena slammed the sheet of documents onto the desktop, causing a few empty ramen cups to topple over. She knew what she had to do. It was a stretch, a definite stretch, but she could possibly make a case for it if she figured out how to word it all correctly. She removed an empty piece of paper and started frantically scribbling down her thoughts onto it. She needed to open up the case on the ex-girlfriend again, and try to prove that she was involved with this entire crime. It was the only way that Athena could think of proving her defendant rightfully innocent.

'Yes, I can do this! I know how to get him a 'not guilty' verdict! I can definitely do this even without your help, Apollo!' Athena thought to herself. She loved that man as much as a woman could love a man without romantic implications involved, but she had a great, innate desire to prove her worth in court on her own merits.

'I can do this!'

Athena sobbed loud and hard into the comfort of her arms. She made no effort to keep herself from sobbing uncontrollably in the little diner that afternoon. Apollo and Phoenix looked over her, feeling a great amount of pity for the poor girl. They were also a little concerned for all of the odd looks they were getting from other customers and diner employees.

"Hey, it's alright," Apollo pat her back, "You did the best you could. You can't prove every defendant innocent. Not to mention sometimes the defendant really is the true culprit."

"Y-Yeah! That's right! Even the pros can't win every court battle! That's happened to least once before..." Phoenix didn't really like having to remember that particular case very much, but it also helped him realize just how lucky he truly was, to defend so many people who were actually innocent.

"I thought I could do it! I was so close! I was so damn close...but not even Widget could find any fluctuating emotions in the ex's testimony...she wasn't lying at all...!"

"He didn't have a very strong case anyway; it was going to be a pretty thin stretch to prove that his ex-girlfriend was involved, especially when he was still the one responsible for striking and murdering a civilian with his car. You're not the one at fault here, Athena."

Athena straightened her posture and wiped her eyes with a napkin. She knew that the two men were trying their hardest to comfort her, and she appreciated their efforts more than anything, but at the same time, she couldn't accept their condolences. It didn't feel right to do so. She had spent hours upon hours searching and planning and struggling for the sake of her client, nearly putting herself on the verge of collapsing from exhaustion, and she still couldn't save him from the judge's gavel. Athena wasn't about to let this black mark on her record slide, at least because she herself needed to remember it, and that it would always be lingering in the back of her mind as she worked hard to prove her next client innocent. She wasn't usually so hard on herself, not since Phoenix finally closed the book on the years of guilt Athena had suffered over losing her mother, but when she'd been so sure what she'd been doing was the right really sucked to see it all go to waste.

"Can we just order our food now...?" she requested.

"Ah? Uh, sure! Yeah, we should probably get to that, huh?" Apollo awkwardly lifted his menu into his hands. Phoenix did the same, occasionally casting a worried glance in Athena's direction.

A waitress soon approached them.

"Are you ready to order?"

Athena lowered her menu, nodding, "Yes, I'm ready. I'd like a deluxe cheeseburger, cheddar, well-done, with a side of fries and onion rings on the side. Coleslaw too, please."

Apollo and Phoenix stared at her. Athena shrugged.

"I'm a growing girl, and I feel like eating big today. You know me, right, Polly? I got a hollow leg!" Athena winked and chuckled, nudging Apollo in the arm.

Apollo was aghast, but not by Athena's 'hollow leg' joke. "P-Polly...?"

"Yeah, Trucy told me that was her nickname for you." Athena replied.

"Guh...that girl...even if she isn't around that often anymore, she still does these things..." Apollo shook his head.

Phoenix had this massive, unruly grin on his face, like he was on the verge of laughter, but Apollo was giving him a desperate glare, silently pleading him not to.

"What about you two?" the waitress asked. Phoenix and Apollo had almost forgotten she was here.

Athena excused herself to use the bathroom. She was still terribly bummed from her failure in court this morning, but she felt a little better thanks to her friends, whether or not she should have taken their compliments. The young woman entered the bathroom and made for one of the stalls, but stopped when she happened to glance over at the sinks, and the mirror hanging above them. Athena remained perfectly still for a few moments as her brain processed the reflection she saw staring back at her. It was like she was looking at a stranger. She'd acknowledged that she hadn't taken much time to inspect her appearance over the past couple of days due to her work, but she hadn't known it had gotten to this level.

Widget cried out to save Athena the time, "I look like a bloated hog!"

Athena had to admit that her little computer made a strong and valid point, especially when it was blurting out its wearer's own thoughts. All of those late night work sessions, staying up so late that you lose track of which day it was, at the same while eating a combination of the cheapest but unhealthiest variety of foods imaginable, and none of it had done her figure an ounce of good. Ironically, it had put a couple hundred extra ounces onto her frame since then. Athena hadn't noticed the tightness of her uniform, but it did seem somewhat snug, when she actually thought about it. She looked all-around plusher in figure; her face was slightly rounded, a tiny double-chin appearing when she dipped her head, and her arms were a bit thicker too. Her breasts were bigger, her white under-shirt and beloved yellow jacket were straining to keep in her hefty lady-gut, while her rear didn't seem to be giving them any less trouble either. Athena could hardly believe the stark transformation in body size that a few weeks of relentless work could do.

In fact, when she thought about it, the number of impossibilities started stacking up into quite a pile. She HAD to have noticed her gain to some extant over the past couple of weeks. There was no way she could have missed the progress her rolls were making on reaching past her waist-line. If anything, her work had kept her so busy that everything else around her and about her had to be pushed aside. Yet that still wasn't the oddest thing of all.

'Why haven't Polly or Mr. Wright said anything yet, though...?' she wondered.

Of course, they had to have noticed themselves, but they held back from mentioning it to spare Athena of her feelings. Maybe they had even intended on telling her today, but when they saw how badly she lost in court, they lost their nerve and decided to focus on simply cheering her up again. Athena appreciated the gesture, if that was what had actually happened between the two men, but it served to help heighten the fear that her paranoia conjured up, imagining what sort of thoughts ran through their heads when they saw her. Walking around in these too-tight clothes, letting her chunky curves show themselves off like it was the latest fashion, stuffing her face with ramen and burgers without a care in the world. To have appeared like a slob would have been one of the more generous descriptions of her past actions these few weeks alone. Oh, how thankful she was that Simon Blackquill was out of the country on business; she would have been mortified if he'd seen her looking so fat.

Athena huffed. She pulled on her jacket, made sure all of the buttons were perfectly safe from popping, and left the bathroom.

"I'm back."

Apollo and Phoenix seemed to be in the middle of whispering among hushed tones, and they immediately stopped talking as Athena returned to her seat.

"What were you two talking about?" she asked.

"Nothing at all," Apollo shook his head.

"We were discussing about what to do for another case that Apollo has been working on lately." Phoenix replied almost before Apollo had finished speaking, prompting a glare from the younger man.

Athena frowned. That's right; her fellow lawyers still had their own cases to deal with, their own prosecutors to face down in court, and their own defendants to prove innocent. She'd already messed up her chance. She sighed and rubbed her stomach. Whether it was failing at her job or putting on an unbelievable amount of extra weight, things really couldn't be too much worse right now. She wondered if she should have ordered that burger, it wasn't going to help her keep off any calories that was for sure. Yet she was so hungry and sad; food tended to help in times like these. Especially chocolate. Athena licked her lips. She wondered briefly what chocolate might taste like on a hamburger, but she shook such ridiculous thoughts out of her head. She was letting her mind wander too much.

"So you guys already ordered, huh?"


"Eh, shouldn't be too long now, I guess."

"Athena..." Phoenix started to say.

"What is it?" Athena might have replied a little too strongly, but if her boss was about to mention something regarding her weight, she was all ears to hear it. In fact, she wanted to hear it. It was like that sort of intense desire to know the truth, despite knowing it can only be something terrible and nothing else. She leaned in a little closer.

"I, uh, I...I was wondering how you're still feeling about what happened in court today," Phoenix was quick to change the original topic he was about to bring up, "How are you holding up? You seem a bit better, but the whole thing happened less than two hours ago. Do you think you might want to take a break from work for a while? To get your spirits back up?"

Athena was disappointed, but she was also a little offended. "No way! I'm a little discouraged I guess...but that doesn't mean I can just give up! What kind of defense lawyer would I be if I didn't want to defend anyone? A schlub, that's what I'd be! I just need a better case next time!"

"Make sure to pick one where it's more obvious that the client is actually innocent!" Apollo chuckled.

Athena slammed her hands on the table. "We aren't the ones who get to pick our clients; it's up to our clients to pick us!"

"We can try all we like to get their permission, but it's up to the client in the end to decide if they want one of us to defend them." Phoenix added in.

"I...I know that...I was just kidding, you guys...sorry..." Apollo's 'horns' drooped; his joke had fallen flat on its face and pretty much died face-first in the dirt. Even Mr. Wright seemed unfazed by his quip, and yet Phoenix tended to make more terrible puns and awkward one-liners than anyone else of the trio.

The food arrived soon after. Athena eyed her plate with some consideration; a thick and juicy hamburger, topped by slices of melted cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and a pair of crunchy onion rings, with a dish of hot french fries sitting beside it and a smaller, plastic cup of coleslaw flanking the other side. It looked absolutely delicious. Athena's chunky belly started to grumble and growl; she'd been so focused on so many things today, this was the first time she'd let her hunger actually show itself. She grabbed hold of the burger with both hands and lifted it up to her mouth.

She stopped. She could see that Phoenix and Apollo were both watching her. They were doubting her choice of ordering a hamburger, yet they never spoke a word against it, not even now that the food was sitting right in front of her. Athena wondered if they would ever muster up the guts to say anything. She opened her mouth wide. It was too late to try and stop things now; this burger was going straight into her fluffy, fat belly. She'd start working on exercise afterward.

Athena enclosed her lips around the hamburger and tore off a large chunk of it. As expected, it tasted wonderful.

A week without work came and went. Athena was desperate to get another chance to prove herself, but it seemed that whenever she went down to pay a visit to the detention center, all of the suspects prepared for court had already gotten themselves another defense attorney. If she was someone who was paranoid enough to believe in conspiracies, and she certainly didn't think she was by a long-shot, then it would have almost seemed to her like her recent failure had become a rumor spread among the detention center's occupants, and now no one wished to put their innocence in her hands. It was rather annoying how coincidental it all was. With little to keep herself preoccupied around the office besides paperwork, Athena was influenced to eat even more.

"Athena, what are you doing?" Apollo asked.

Athena removed her gloved hand from her bag of potato chips and stuffed them into her mouth. They crunched loudly in her maw and she swallowed them up. "Just hanging around and snacking. What's going on with you, Apollo?" Her hand was already moving for the bag again.

"I'm wondering WHY you're snacking. Didn't you just have lunch out a few hours ago?" he replied.

Athena glared at him, and Widget snapped, "Mind your own business!"

"I'm just still a bit hungry; it was a small meal," Athena shrugged it off, quick to jump in to cover up for Widget's ill-mannered remarks, even if the little robot was still speaking Athena's thoughts.

Apollo rolled his eyes. "I'm not trying to be the bad guy here, Athena. I'm just looking out for you!"

"I know." Athena slipped a single chip into her mouth, and chomped down, snapping it in half. "I'm not that mad. Just bored. And hungry. Don't worry about it!"

"...I'm going to be in my office, making some calls. I'll be busy for a while." Apollo sighed and walked away. He wasn't someone who liked to deal with in-fighting among fellow employees, especially when they worked at the same office, but he was still concerned for Athena's weight all the same. Athena's appetite had only been increasing since that day she lost in court; while her clothes still fit now, it was only going to be a matter of time, if she ate nearly five meals a day like she'd been doing, before they started popping off of her, button by button. Even worse, it seemed like he was the only one who even cared at all. Phoenix Wright was content in keeping his mouth shut, Trucy wasn't around often enough to make comment, and Athena herself was making no changes. He worried how long this would go on for.

Athena kept eating. She knew she needed to lose weight, or rather, that she should lose weight. So far, aside from snug outfits and odd looks, she hadn't faced too much trouble from her new weight, but the pressures of societal expectations weighed heavily on her mind at all times. She reached down and stroked the bottom-most roll of her belly; when she was in a sitting position, her belly was fat enough to split into into a pair of rolls, the lower one being much thicker as it pushed over onto her lap. She gentle pressed her finger deep inside, like she was trying to bury it and dig a hole, the skin as soft as a peach's, and then pulled back to see how far the indent went. Athena wondered how it was that blubber could grow on a person's body so easily, yet it refused to ever take leave without hours and hours of intense exercise and healthy dieting. It reminded her of history, like how ancient conquerors claimed other lands for themselves.

Athena kept eating her chips, but a little slower than before. She didn't know what she was going to do. Without any of the field work that she so enjoyed, she had very little to do, and lately, whenever she was bored, she started to eat, and she could eat a lot these days with so much extra space to fill.

"Hey! Daddy! Polly! I'm here!"

Athena looked up. Trucy was waltzing her way into the office unannounced beforehand, just as she'd done time and again, almost as if she'd owned the place. Then again, she was Wright's adopted daughter, and he always treated her like he would a real daughter, so she may as well be the second host being so gracious to let Apollo and Athena stay there when they wanted. Athena and Trucy had never been able to interact much before, certain cases pulling them this way and that, but there was no doubt in the attorney's mind that they could be great friends.

"Ah! Athena! Hey! Have you seen Daddy or Polly anywhere?" Trucy asked, approaching the snacking lawyer.

Athena shook her head. "Your dad's out. Apollo...well, he's kind of busy right now, I don't think he was expecting you dropping by either."

"Geez, that guy! He's known me for a few years and he still doesn't come to expect this is the usual with me? Polly can be so uptight sometimes!" Trucy puffed out her cheeks and put on a rather adorable pout, crossing her arms to top it off. It was like she'd briefly transformed herself into some kind of animated character with that over the top expression, and it made Athena chuckle.

"Do you want me to go and get him?"

Trucy shook her head. "No...if he's busy, then he's busy. I know how he doesn't like to get interrupted, that guy. What are you doing, Athena?"

"I'm..." Athena glanced down at the bag of chips in her hand, and tossed it aside, "I'm just hanging around!"

Trucy knelt down in front of her, eyes now glued onto Athena's protruding, round gut. "Oh..." she seemed mesmerized by its presence.

"W-What is it?" Athena asked.

"Hmm, you look quite well-fed!" Trucy started to giggle; she poked Athena's lower belly-roll and watched it shake.


"Hey, be careful with the merchandise!" Widget snapped.

"Oh, and Widget too, how could I ever forget about him?" Trucy laughed even more. The young magician stood up. "I was going to ask Polly to go out to lunch, since it's been a long time that I've gotten to see him, but I think you'd be much more fun! Do you wanna go?"

Athena licked the salt off of her lips. She was actually considering it. She'd already eaten lunch, just eaten a snack, and was presumably going to have a big dinner afterward. Going out to eat right now would do nothing but wonders for her figure, and that was a completely sarcastic statement. Athena was curious to know what kind of food it was that Trucy liked to eat, though. She still managed to keep a slim figure even in a world full of saturated fats and empty calories, so maybe it was actually a healthy brand of food Athena hadn't been aware of. If they went out to eat and she ordered herself a salad, it wouldn't be nearly as bad for her conscience or her waistline.

"Sure! I'm not doing anything else here anyway!"


And so, thanks to a number of bad decisions, poor food choices and general laziness on her part, Athena swelled up to being over 300 pounds, not a single ounce of it anything but tender, supple adipose.

"Ah, man..." she spoke in a subdued voice, but she was about ready to start yelling at any moment.

Athena was glad she wasn't wearing Widget right now as she leaned over to read the numbers on her scale, or else the little robot would be speaking some very choice words right about now. She held her belly fat in her pudgy hands; she couldn't even grip it all, it squeezed through the gaps of her fingers and it was so smooth and soft that it was difficult to keep a prolonged grip. Athena released her gut and let it smack against her crotch. She stood in the bathroom in only her bra and panties, but even they seemed too small to be considered modest anymore. She need to crane her neck far just to read the numbers, and even then, she had to hold her stomach back to see it too.

However, while her belly had indeed gotten fatter, it seemed more of her chub was migrating to her thighs and rear than before. Her butt was massive; riddled with dimples, it seemed to suck in her panties like a hungry beast all its own, and Athena had purposely neglected to inform her employer yet that she'd already broken her office chair thanks to her backside's incredible girth. When she moved, it shook like mad, and even the slightest shift in her sitting position would make her underwear ride up higher and higher. Athena hadn't imagined she would develop into a pear-shape sort of girl, but it seemed that was the plan that fate had in mind for her. Her thighs weren't any better off, having to produce such a giant and mighty ass in the first place. At her current eating pace, it was only a matter of days before they started to rub against the doorways when she passed through. Her butt wasn't able to handle a single stool anymore either. She'd never realized seating could such a huge problem for someone with such a huge booty, until lately that is.

Athena rubbed her right thigh; so soft, so meaty, she pinched it and took on more than a couple of inches of thick fat in her fingers. She was absolutely huge on all sides, and in almost every way.

"I let myself go pretty quickly," she sighed, shaking her head at the understatement. She almost started to wonder if the lawyer life was really suited for her, if she was going to be so slovenly whenever she didn't have work. In fact, it was because she was so stressed over a particular case that she ended up eating far more than she should have. The job might have had a bad influence on her after all.

Athena hurried to put on her uniform for the day; she'd bought larger sizes of most of her favorite outfits, but she'd yet to throw out her old clothes. She didn't have the heart to do it just yet.

She stepped out of her apartment and gathered her things. She needed to hurry to work today. There was a pile of paperwork with her name on it, literally. She was already figuring she would start snacking in the middle of the writing, and she wouldn't stop until she was all done. It was almost bound to happen; the hunger she experienced during work these days was simply too strong to ignore.

"Hey, Athena! Just in time!"

Athena opened the door to the Wright Offices and found herself immediately confronted by Apollo and Phoenix Wright himself.

"What's going on?" she asked.

They led her over to meet an old woman, a potential customer, who was sitting anxiously on the visitor's couch, nervously nibbling at her fingernails.

"Is she a client?" Athena looked at her.

Phoenix shook his head. "Not exactly."

"I'm here for my son's sake! He's being accused of killing his best friend, but he insists he didn't do it! I believe him with all my heart!" the old woman instantly leaped into a tirade, "He and Weaton were best friends! They even grew up in the same neighborhood together! He never would have killed him, he wouldn't!"

"Please calm down, ma'am; we plan on taking on your son's case, don't worry." Apollo reassured her.

The old woman was trembling. "I came here because I heard many good things about the people who work in this office! You can really save my little boy for me?"

"I'm actually busy with another case right now, and Apollo is too." Phoenix explained. "However, we do have a THIRD member of our crew here who would be more than happy to help you! Right, Athena?"

Athena looked back and forth between the two lawyers and the poor woman sitting in front of her. It was her chance. She was finally going to be able to go back into court again and defend someone. At first she felt a disinclination to do it; the failure of her last court appearance had left a deep scar on her psyche, one that still had not fully healed after all of this time. She was also afraid of what effects the work-related stress would have on her appetite. She would likely put on a few extra pounds by the end of it all, considering how badly the old woman wanted her son to be proven innocent. Athena gulped. She gently rubbed her belly.

However, if she was going to say 'no' here, she wouldn't just be abandoning her career, but she would be abandoning her entire sense of justice. She was a defense attorney because she believed in people and the concept of justice to begin with. No one, not Phoenix, not Apollo, not Trucy, not even this old woman seemed the least bit bothered by her size. She'd never lost her brain or her wits, which was most important in her line of work. It wouldn't hurt to try once more, her weight as a fair sacrifice for defending those who couldn't defend themselves.

"I'll take on your case! You can count on me to prove him innocent, and I'll even find out the true culprit!"

Commission: Ace Attorney: Athena's Chubby Days
Currently taking new commissions!

A commission I did recently, featuring Athena Cykes from Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 5. I have played the game before to completion, but a while back, so I apologize if some character traits or the like might seem a bit off, even when I did look up about them before. There isn't much of a plot here except Athena 'accidentally' letting herself go because of the stresses of work, but eventually coming to the conclusion that it doesn't really matter when in the face of justice...and that her job as a attorney doesn't require a lot of physical work anyway. I hope it looks okay for the most part, even if it's not the deepest or most original plot.

Ace Attorney @ Capcom
3DS friend code:  3738-0536-7721 ; If you add me, let me know in a note with your own FC and I can add you too!

I do commissions for 15 to 20 dollars, just about anything you want, fetish or otherwise, send me a note if interested. However, I base the cost on the length of the story; if you want a longer story, you can pay more money than even the 'limit' I set here, and we can discuss it. It doesn't have to always be about women getting fat or anything either, but I suppose there are a few difficulties I have with trying to write extreme slob stories and such, but that isn't the biggest deal. Please send me a note if you would like to make a commission! 

This month was one of the biggest successes in terms of commissions I've done, and I am nothing but appreciative and extremely thankful to everyone who was willing to buy work from me. I am eternally grateful, thank you so much!
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