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April 8, 2012
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Even though she was prone to griping about everything and everyone, Larxene couldn't deny that she was relieved to finally be back in the Organization XIII's common room. It had been a long day. Traveling across worlds, battling Heartless, fighting back the urge to tear apart Demyx's stupid face with her knives...Larxene had hardly felt so stressed in her time as a Nobody. And yet, she knew it was all just a big lie, a hoax made up in her head. She had no emotions to be angry or weary with, anyway. It was a pointless gesture, but everyone in the Organization still acted this way, and she was no different from them. They were those who missed the feelings that a heart gave its owners. Sighing, Larxene rubbed her fingers against her temple to soothe her migraine. She needed something to relax.

"Hey! Hard day today, huh?"

The Savage Nymph glanced to her left, and saw that she was not alone. Lazing about on the other couch was the other female in the organization's ranks, Xion. Larxene scowled at her. The fact that they were the only girls there did little to bring them closer together. Larxene had never liked Xion much; she wasn't nearly as obnoxious as Demyx or Axel, but her newbie attitude and keyblade-wielding ability irked her. One of the things Larxene disliked most about the girl was her appetite. Xion was almost always eating something. It had started soon after she became friends with Roxas and her gluttony just increased from there. The fact that Nobodies had no need to eat at all seemed to have passed over her head completely.

And today was no different. Larxene observed with scorn as Xion shoved spoonfuls of some kind of light-blue concoction into her mouth, the extra-large bowl situated firmly on top of her stomach. From the way her eyes seemed to light up after every bite, she was clearly enjoying this unnecessary treat of hers. Larxene knew Xion ate this food alot but she didn't know what it was called. Of course, she had told herself previous times that she didn't even care. For some reason now, though, she found herself slightly interested.

What also caught the blonde's eye was how large Xion had become. The raven-haired girl was a total butterball now; she actually had her clothes modified to fit her growing body better. Her face was adorably round with cheeks as red as cherries and a double-chin that wobbled constantly. Plump, gloved fingers gripped the handle of her spoon tightly. Her breasts, which were very large now (much to Larxene's envy), and her equally-impressive gut were luckily visible underneath the strained black fabric of the uniform. Xion's belly was a soft, plush testament to her eating habits. It was like a heavy ball, always sticking out far in front of her, regardless of whether she was standing or sitting. Every now and then Xion would pause in her gorging to give the orb an affectionate rub. Her legs could not be viewed due to the long robes, but there was no doubt that they were just thick with adipose as well. It was a wonder she could still fight while being so overweight.

"...Didn't you go on your mission today too?" Larxene finally spoke up. She spoke quietly and harshly, as if she could snap out at her at any second. She wanted to make it seem like she was accusing the fat girl of being the lazy bitch that she probably was. Xion, however, remained unfazed by this.

"Of course I did! It wasn't too difficult though! I stopped at Twilight Town on the way back to buy some sea-salt ice cream to reward myself too!"

Larxene raised an eyebrow. "A little snack? Sea-salt ice cream? ...What the hell is that?"

"You've never tried it before?" Xion asked. She actually looked surprised to hear this. Larxene rolled her eyes.

"Why would I even eat something like that in the first place? Hmph, it's totally pointless! We're not humans, we're Nobodies!"

"I wouldn't think that it's pointless...I like eating..." Xion frowned.

"Well, THAT is the understatement of the year, for sure,"

"Roxas and Axel like to eat it too, and they're Nobodies just like you and me...although I can't deny I usually have three or four helpings while they just have one," Xion replied, "Look, what I'm trying to say is, it wouldn't hurt to simply give it a try and see what you think. There's nothing wrong with that, right? I have more than enough to share."

"Since when were you so bossy?"

"I'm not being bossy, I'm just trying to take some steps in a 'better direction', as Roxas called it," The chubby girl was clearly trying her hardest. She was terribly shy; she didn't talk to many of the other organization members aside from Roxas and Axel. This was all pretty new to her. She couldn't keep walking in the lonely darkness anymore.

Larxene grunted, and said, "Geez...fine, if it'll shut you up, I'll try some of this sea-salt ice cream least you don't go blubbering about it like certain people I know..."


The Savage Nymph was tired and in a strange mood, so she figured simply complying with the kid's wishes and hurrying along would be her best option. She looked down into the bowl of bright-blue goop, and wondered if it was really safe to eat it at all. She had seen the kids that lived in Twilight Town; none of them were very bright. It may be because they kept eating this sea-salt ice cream stuff. Larxene knitted her brows as she thought carefully about what to do. She wasn't so willing to eat it anymore. She had grown up in a world without ice cream when she was young; she didn't even know what the stuff was. Xion was starting to worry that her yummy dessert would melt before Larxene made her final decision.

'Well, here goes nothing...'

Larxene, using a spare spoon Xion gave her, took a swift bite of the ice cream. As she swallowed it, her eyes seemed to bulge wide, and her body trembled. Xion's stomach couldn't take any further waiting, and after making sure Larxene had eaten, she pulled the bowl back and continued to stuff herself again. Larxene had become like a statue, rooted firmly in her spot.

"Do you like it?"

Xion's words dragged the female Nobody out of her frozen state, and she put on the most over-the-top look of disgust that she could muster. "This ice cream of tastes like shit! Frozen shit!"

"W-What?" Xion gasped.

"It's disgusting! I can't believe you can even swallow that stuff! You're wasting your time eating when you could be out collecting more hearts for the Organization!"


"I can't believe you even convinced me to try that! Now I need to wash out my mouth with acid, or maybe I should have Namine rewrite my memories to forget I tasted it!"

Xion seemed to bury her head into her ice cream bowl out of shame, although it was really so she could eat more of it at once. Larxene, realizing that she was being ignored, let out a huff. She wasn't going to waste any more time with this girl, she told herself. The sound of the fabric in Xion's uniform gradually tearing apart resonated throughout the wide, empty room. Summoning a corridor of darkness, Larxene stepped inside, and instantly popped out into her bedroom from the other side. The blonde fell forward onto her comfy bed. She wrapped her slim fingers around her skull, tight enough that she could almost draw blood if she wanted. She, one who supposedly lacked any real emotion, was experiencing an internal crisis.

She wanted to scream, or better yet hit something very hard. The insults she had thrown were poor and hastily thought-up; she was too proud to admit aloud that sea-salt ice cream was actually the most delicious thing she had ever eaten.



A few hours later, and Larxene was still unable to get that ice cream out of her mind.

'I want it...'

Since the time she returned to the room, Larxene had remained sitting upright in bed, legs drawn to her chest, eyes focused intensely on the blank wall across from her. Within the depths of her mind floated various images of the sky-blue-colored concoction. Her stomach rumbled, something that went against all her beliefs as a Nobody. Saliva accumulated inside of her mouth, and her lips trembled. Her hands wouldn't stop shaking. Larxene wanted that ice cream so badly. She could almost taste it if she thought hard enough. Unfortunately, it just wasn't the same as the real thing.

'Dammit, what can I do...I need it so badly...' she thought to herself.

Eventually, Larxene's own pride gave out, along with any other semblance of willpower she still had. She would get her hands on more of the delicious dessert no matter what stood in her path. Even if it meant having to apologize to the same fat girl she had insulted earlier that day. Larxene stood up. She wondered if there was really any danger at all. She was the Savage Nymph, whereas Xion was a wimpy little newcomer. It wouldn't be too difficult to force her to give up some of the barrels of ice cream she undoubtedly had. Larxene chuckled to herself; she would be able to indulge in that wonderful flavor soon enough.

However, when she did finally arrive at Xion's room, the older woman was greeted in an unexpected way.

"Oh, so you finally decided to show up again, huh? I knew this would happen." Xion beamed with glee upon opening the door, her fat cheeks emphasizing the smile even more.

Larxene took a step back. "W-What? were expecting me, tubby?"

"Of course! The way you acted after taking that first was easy to tell that you had fallen head over heels for the flavor, just like I did."

"Oh," Going against everything she had made herself out to be in the past few years, Larxene actually blushed with embarrassment, "It was that obvious?" She quickly glanced around to make sure no one else saw her do so.

Xion nodded.

"So...I can come in, then?"

"Sure, why not?"

Xion's room, in comparison to the overly-furnished quarters of the other Organization members, was almost completely bare aside from a bed and an exceptionally large refrigerator.

"Pretty empty place you got here."

"Well, there isn't anything I really need aside from the fridge...and I can just summon up utensils through the darkness."

"Yeah, yeah..."

Larxene's stomach growled again. Xion understood well that it would be unwise to waste her superior's time any further; she opened up the freezer, and presented her guest with one of many canisters of sea-salt ice cream she owned. There must have been about twenty canisters in all inside the freezer. Larxene violently tore off the can's lid, carelessly tossing it over her shoulder. She began to devour the food by plunging her face within it; she was too impatient to wait for Xion to give her a spoon. Xion watched this display of poor manners and gluttonous behavior, eerily grinning to herself.

Larxene's body gradually started to change as she ate. Her flat stomach inflated until it resembled something like a basketball in both size and width. A tiny mewl of joy escaped Larxene's lips in between bites. She could feel herself getting fuller and fuller every time she swallowed, but she couldn't stop. The sea-salt ice cream was just too amazing, like a gift from Kingdom Hearts itself. Her breasts became slightly rounder in form, and her hips were on the verge of flaring out. Larxene finally finished the entire thing in a matter of minutes. She dropped the now-empty can onto the floor, and placed a gloved hand over her taut belly. It was as hard as rock. She was momentarily taken aback by how bloated she felt, a new sensation to her. For some reason, though, it felt kind of good too.

"Ha ha, oh wow, you must be even more hooked on the stuff than I was when I started out!" Xion giggled. Her fat belly bounced up and down as she laughed.

Larxene tried to speak, but was interrupted by her own belch. She coughed. "Just shut up...and give me another, will you? I'm still hungry."

"...Huh? But...uh..."

The glare that the Savage Nymph gave the young woman was practically soul-piercing.

"Okay, okay! I'll get you some more ice cream right away!"

The two women of Organization XIII, as different in personality as they were, began to strike up an odd friendship of sorts, although it was one almost entirely based upon their shared addiction to sea-salt ice cream. Xion was overjoyed to make new friends, whereas Larxene hung around with her so she could get what she wanted. Nonetheless, both girls grew larger as time went on...
A three-part WG fic featuring Larxene and Xion from Kingdom Hearts! I had been meaning to do some kind of WG with Xion for a while, but I was never able to get around to it, and I decided to add Larxene to the mix since why not? I hope it came out well; I kinda had to tweak things around a bit, and this chapter is pretty much a set-up for what happens in the next part. Please comment and/or fave!

KH @ S-E
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