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Fairy Tail WG drabble:

Aries was a poor, naive sheep-girl, completely lost in the dark forest. She had come here to gather some flowers for her sick mother Lucy, but she had spent too much time blissfully enjoying the beauty of nature, which resulted in her current predicament: it was nighttime, she didn't know which way she came, and she was all alone. She had spent the last hour running aimlessly about, but she found no success in doing this.

Aries' knees trembled for a moment before finally giving way. Falling to the ground, she pressed her back against the nearest tree and shut her eyes tight. She was officially an adult, but she still had a very sensitive temperament. She wasn't capable of summoning up the necessary courage to find her way home. In the sunlight, she might have known the path, but with shadows engulfing everything, it was impossible. Who knew what kind of ferocious, man-eating creatures lurked in the darkness?

Suddenly, Aries heard a crunching sound; it was leaves being crushed underneath a moving foot. She stiffened. The sheep-girl didn't dare make a noise, lest she be found out immediately. The crunching grew closer and closer to her location. It was coming from around the other side of the tree, where Aries couldn't see it. She opened her eyes. For some reason, even though the sun had fallen already, she was seeing light. Beautiful, protective light. It was a beacon to hope; it must have been. Maybe her mother had sent someone to look for her. Aries jumped to her feet and ran around the tree, expecting to see her savior.

Instead, she saw an old woman carrying a lantern.

"I saw you in the woods today, and I became worried when I didn't see you pass my home again on the way back. Please, come stay with me for the night. It's much better than sleeping out here."

Aries didn't have much of a choice, so she followed the old woman. The woman seemed kind, although extremely old to be living on her own; her face was covered with wrinkles and deep lines, and she had long, grayish-blue hair that hung down her back. She said that she lived in a hut by the forest entrance, but Aries didn't recall passing any houses during her expedition. The old woman said her name was Aquarius. She hadn't had any company since her boyfriend Scorpio left her after she had become 'too ugly'. Aries didn't know how to respond to that. She decided to just ignore it. She would happily provide this poor soul the social interaction she desired.

Aquarius' house was mostly hidden underneath a thick sheet of moss, which explained why Aries had passed over it; she had initially mistaken the shack for some kind of gigantic boulder. Aquarius led Aries inside, and immediately she began preparing a meal for the sheep-girl.

"What would you like, dear? A few sandwiches or something? I'm not exactly sure what other people would like. It's been so long, and-"

"Anything with vegetation would be alright, ma'am."

"Ah, yes...I'm sure I have something like that..."

Aries was quickly handed the food. She didn't question anything about it; it was clearly a salad sandwich. She was a vegetarian, so she was glad that the old woman had some healthy, non-meat options available. Aries ate the sandwich hastily because of the hunger she had developed during her time outside. The old woman smiled at her.

"Would you like another?"

Aries thought about it for a moment, but decided she might as well. There was no way it would cause any harm to her waistline or anything. So she thought.

"Yes please!"

Little did she realize that her stomach was slightly rounder than before. Aries at the rest of her sandwich. The old woman smiled again, but there was a glint of something in her eyes, something devious. She bent down in front of the counter and opened the drawers. She took out a large supply of rope, strong enough to hold an ox.

Meanwhile, at the same time, a curious duo had come together to inspect recent disappearances within the forest. A hunter and a wolf, to be exact.

"People have been disappearing around here...and you think it's because of kidnappers?" asked Loke, the wolf-eared, wolf-tailed man. He had the tendency of turning into a complete wolf when the moon was full; fortunately, it was only half-full tonight.

"Of course! What else could it be?" replied Taurus, a cow-man and an expert hunter.

"I dunno. It sounds kind of, what's the word...stupid!"

"Hey! Watch your tongue, boy! I don't like working with you, but since you got the nose to sniff out stuff, I had to bring you along! That doesn't mean you get to mouth off at me!"

"Whatever, beef-head..."

Taurus and Loke hurried along until they came upon Aquarius' odd little hut.

"Hey, have you ever noticed this house before?"

"Not really. It's pretty inconspicuous...oh my god, this is it!" Taurus cried.


"This must be where the people have disappeared to! The kidnapper's lair!"

"You've got to be kidding me!"

"Let's check it out anyway, just to be safe!"

Taurus wandered around the side of the hut; he found a window, brushing away the moss that seemed to have grown specifically to block it. Peering inside, he saw a shocking sight. A young sheep-girl, her burgeoning belly flapping helplessly about in front of her, was tied to a chair, sandwiched stuffed in her mouth instead of a gag. Her arms and legs were covered with wobbling flab, and her breasts were bigger than her own head. They even slapped against her second chin as she struggled. An old woman was looming over her, a plate of sandwiches in one hand. She seemed to be yelling something.


"How do you like that? Eat more! More! More! Get big, fat and delicious for me!"

Aries tried to spit the sandwiches out, but it was no use; she would end up choking if she didn't keep eating. Her stomach was inflating faster and faster. The pounds were piling on within seconds. She didn't know what was happening. The food, even though it was supposed to be all greens and wheat, was making her swell like a balloon. Her face became so round and fat, her lips too. Her breasts, hidden underneath her soft, curly sheep fur, were bouncing and flapping about. Love-handles wrapped around her waist like a thick band, and her hips were growing too wide for the chair. She couldn't see it, but her butt-fat was starting to sag over the edges while developing cellulite. She was probably peaking the high 200s in terms of pounds. Salty tears trickled down Aries' puffy cheeks.

"The enchantments I placed on those ingredients are working perfectly! Soon, you'll be big enough to make a good meal for me!"

Aries' eyes bulged wide. She was...she was going to be EATEN?

Aquarius grabbed hold of her own face and ripped it off, revealing a younger, more beautiful visage underneath. Her robes dropped to reveal she possessed a tail instead of legs. She was a mermaid. However, that didn't explain how she was capable of walking earlier, but Aries wasn't exactly in the position to properly question it.

"You're not the first, either. I've tried and tried, but for some reason, I've never gotten immortality from eating a human's flesh like the legend of our people goes. Maybe fifth time's the charm with a lovely little...well, big thing like you! I need to make sure you have enough meat on your bones to make a suitable meal, after all!"

Aries screamed into her sandwich.

Suddenly, the door burst apart as Taurus and Loke threw themselves into the fray.

"Hold it right there, witch! You're under arrest for kidnapping, murder and cannibalism!" Taurus proclaimed, branding his massive axe.

"Ha! It's not cannibalism when we aren't even the same species!"

"Hmm...she's got a point...but you're still not supposed to kill people either! Loke, attack!"

"Don't order me around," Loke quipped, but he charged at Aquarius anyway. Taurus soon joined him. Dropping the sandwiches for a moment, Aquarius brandished a pair of razor-sharp kitchen knives, laughing insanely as she threw herself at the two men. However, the battle was a short-lived one. Aquarius was struck with the front side of Taurus' axe and Loke's claws at the same time; she was sent flying through the wall of her own house, eventually stopping when she crashed into a tree. She slumped over in a bloody heap, becoming motionless.

Taurus wiped his brow. "That was, uh, easier than expected."

"It usually is, isn't it?" Loke asked, shrugging.

They helped untie Aries, who had become very large at this point. Her flabby gut sagged far over her crotch, both hands would be needed just to hold one of her breasts, and her thighs were big enough to cause some expected trouble in walking through doors. Aries looked herself over; she was surprisingly indifferent to it. She was more preoccupied with being thankful that she wasn't going to be a mermaid's dinner than how fat she had become. She grabbed one of her juicy love-handles and squeezed it; it was too thick to push her fingers through. Her waistline was probably as dense as a pillow. She released the roll and began touching her thighs all over. She could feel the dimples, the creases, the looseness of her fleshy ass; there was a strange, sensual element to it all. Taurus and Loke watched her for a few moments, blushes forming across their faces. Even though she was so fat, this girl was cute. Really cute.

"What's your name, young lass?" Taurus demanded to know.

"Aries." replied the sheep-girl.

"Aries! What a lovely name...would you like to come home with me? I mean, would you like to come with me to the station as I bring in the criminal?"


"Hold on, why can't she go with me? You're already looking at her with that creepy face you always make when you're around hot girls! I'll watch over her!"

"Do you think I'd leave a sheep alone with a wolf?"

"Say what?"

Taurus and Loke began to argue; it seemed like any moment, their fight would escalate, going from words and into physical violence. Aries really didn't care. She didn't know any of these people, and she just wanted to get back home to her mother. Now that she was closer to the forest's exit, she wouldn't need any help finding her way home, even though she was an extra few hundred pounds heavier. She began waddling away to leave the two men by themselves.

Squeezing her luscious, undulating buttocks through the door-frame, Aries made her way home. She hoped her mother wouldn't be too shocked to see her. If anything, now she could give much nicer hugs.


"So...what do you think?" Lucy Heartfilia beamed.

Aries, Loke, Taurus and Aquarius raised their eyes up from the paper and stared at Lucy for a long moment.

"It's...nice?" Aries stumbled with her words, blushing a pretty shade of pink. The idea of being so fat, for some reason, didn't repel her as much as it should have.

"It's weird." Loke said bluntly.

"If anyone is going to be eaten by me, it's you, you little bitch!" Aquarius snarled.

"If more fat means bigger boobs, then I'll support it!" Taurus nodded, huffing and puffing.

Lucy didn't really see what the problem was, but she started running immediately, because a furious Aquarius was chasing after her with a tidal wave worth of water gushing from her urn.
Another drabble, this time for Fairy Tail, with a character I had intended to do some kind of WG for a while: Aries, the girl with horns and sheep fluff. She's pretty cute. This was just a silly little idea based off of some fairy tales, as a pun with the series' title too. It was suggested to me, and I thought it was good, so I went with it.

In any case, please let me know what you think!

Fairy Tail @ Hiro Mashima
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overlordofnobodies Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
It took me a moment to figure out who Aries was. I have not read the manga for some time and she was not that big in the manga.
Any way I do like how you use a really Fairy tale for the main idea plus I all so like how it was really a story Lucy write.
Borin23 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Or even sooner, if possible
overlordofnobodies Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
Take your time. I have no work today or tomorrow. As well as no plains to go any where. Just send a new note when done or if you need any thing.
Borin23 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Alright then!
Borin23 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
ha ha yeah she isn't a very prevalent character in the series, but a cute one worth fattening none the less! I'm glad you liked it! I am working on your commission and hopefully I can get it to you tomorrow or later!
overlordofnobodies Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
:giggle: I agree with you there. After I read this. I gone and look her up. She is cute and would look very lovely gain a few pounds. Ok a lot.:)
Borin23 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
ha ha she definitely would XD
Johan25 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
Nice use of the fairy tale with these characters! Hope to see more Erza/Mirajane stories from you too!
Borin23 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks! I'll see what I can do about that too.
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