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Note: A commissioned story based on a recent picture by Mistystuffer.


Samus Aran stared long and hard at the hastily-written note she held in her hands. It was clearly written by a child, by several children in fact. The words were written in what appeared to be crayon, scribbled down in creative loops and curves, going from cursive to plain text in between sentences, and a few doodles here and there. However, Samus was still trying to decipher the message when she suddenly felt a familiar hand come in contact with her bum.


"What're you reading, Samus?" Princess Zelda peered over her girlfriend's shoulder, pretending she hadn't just goosed the bounty hunter's well-rounded backside. Samus shook off her blush.

"It's some letter; I dunno how I got it, but I think it was caught in between the thrusters of my gunship or something."

"Wow. Amazing it didn't burn up into ashes...!"

"I know."

"So what does it say?"

"It's kinda hard to make out. I think kids wrote it. But it says something...about Santa Claus..."

Zelda's eyes sparkled excitedly. "Santa Claus? Oh, this letter must be from some other world where they know about him! And they're hoping that that jolly fat magic man named Saint Nicholas will bring them presents! How precious!"

"But...Santa Claus is just made-up."

"Yes, he isn't real."

"Then what do these kids expect?" Samus exclaimed, flinging her arms into the air.

Zelda brought a finger to her pursed lips and frowned. "I'm not sure, but...Samus, it clearly means something that this letter has come to fall into your hands. It was the will of the Gods of the Triforce!"


"You must go and be Santa Claus for them! You're the only one who can do it! That's why the letter chose you! Don't you get it?"

"What?" Samus's jaw dropped. " can't be serious, Zelda!"

"You wouldn't want to be the one responsible for shattering the dreams of a bunch of innocent little children, would you?"


"Then you need to do this! Look, I'll take care of preparing the presents requested on the note, but you'll have to look the part! You're going to need to really fatten up, my dear," Zelda said, planting a peck on Samus' cheek as she snatched the note from the blonde's hands.

"Fatten up? Hold on! How am I supposed to look like Santa Claus? I'm not a guy, I don't have a beard, and being fat isn't exactly good for my bounty hunting career! The kids will know I'm a fake!"

"Oh, I'm sure they won't be picky,"

"They're kids! Of course they'll be picky! Zelda, I really don't want to have to do this-"

Zelda gave her lover the harshest of glares; a look so powerful and so terrifyingly will-weakening that it would send both Ganon and Majora's Mask running for the hills. Samus knew that this wasn't a topic she could argue against anymore. "Samus...just start eating, okay? If you're going to be Santa Claus, you have a deadline to keep." Zelda said.


"Good." Zelda kissed her on the lips, "I'll repay you in my special way later."

"Well, that makes me feel a LITTLE better, at least,"


Four helpings of spaghetti, a batch of space-cupcakes, a plate of curry, a maxim tomato and a thick, creamy cheesecake made with Lon-Lon Ranch's special milk was far more than enough for the bounty hunter to handle. She leaned back in her chair, cradling a stomach bigger than ever, a tight, hard ball that seemed to be absorbing her lap. A dab of sauce and a few crumbs clung to Samus' plump lips. She could almost feel herself swelling like a balloon already from eating so much.

"BUUUUAUARRRRRPPP...oh geez, am I glad that the Zero Suit can stretch..." Samus groaned.

Zelda entered the kitchen carrying a folded Santa Claus-esque uniform, an old reminder of their passionate holiday nights in the past. A smile graced her lips when she saw how much food her girlfriend had eaten. Placing the uniform onto the counter table, Zelda gracefully moved herself to the blonde's side, rewarding Samus' hard work and diligence with a loving belly rub. Samus unleashed an even louder belch in her relief.

"You're coming along great!" Zelda exclaimed.

"Ugh...ouch...dammit..." Samus panted, trying to catch a breath, but even breathing made her abdomen feel like it was going to explode.

"Of course," Zelda's grin widened, "You're going to need to eat a lot more if you want to get big enough to act as Santa Claus for the kids!"

"Wha...wha...wha..." Samus didn't want to have to get even bigger.

"Shhh, don't say anything. I'll take care of it."

A golden light began shimmering from the top of Zelda's hand; the Triforce of Wisdom, the great power she had been gifted with since she was a child. Samus shivered, getting a little uneasy as she usually did when that magic stuff was pulled out in front of her. It seemed like the Triforce allowed Zelda to accomplish nearly anything, from creating explosives in mid-air to teleportation to transforming herself into a man. With a gentle smile, Zelda pressed her palm against Samus' bloated sphere. The Triforce on her hand flickered a moment before vanishing. When Zelda removed her hand, the Triforce symbol was now in the center of her girlfriend's stomach.

"What did you just do?" Samus asked.

"I gave you the power of my Triforce...temporarily. It'll let you eat as much as you want and grow as quickly as you need to without having to worry about getting full!"

"Huh. This sounds kinda familiar..."

"Does it?"

"Well, anyway, my stomach doesn't hurt so much anymore, so I guess it's working,"

"Good! So keep eating!" Zelda grabbed another maxim tomato off the table, thrusting it into Samus' mouth before the blonde could try to argue her way out of this again. Samus swallowed the entire thing and belched. Her stomach grew a little bigger, eclipsing her entire lap like a huge, fat moon clad in blue space-age fabric. Zelda giggled at this display. She pat Samus' belly; it was already getting softer, the Triforce's magic speeding up the digestive process. Samus resumed grabbing food off the table and feeding herself.



"Can I take off your Zero Suit? To see what you look like...underneath?" Zelda asked.

"Umm, it's a button on the back..." Samus responded, blushing heavily at how Zelda was so enamored with her growing form, but she didn't dare complain. She equally enjoyed Zelda's gentle touch on her sensitive, stretched skin. This was turning into something much more than appeasing a bunch of bratty kids asking about Santa Claus, although right now, neither girl was fully aware of what it was.

Zelda slipped a hand behind Samus' back. A second later, the bounty hunter's Zero Suit had removed itself from her body as if it were peeled off, reverting to the form of a small case. Even with all of her reality-warping magic, Zelda could never stop being impressed by the advanced technology her girlfriend owned. With her suit removed, Samus was left wearing a tank-top and sweatpants, clothes that did well in showing off her bloated curves to their fullest, and most luscious view.

"Ugh...stop staring like that, Zelda..." Samus groaned.

"Oh, but why should I? I think you're too adorable not to gush over," Zelda smiled.

"Y-You think so...?" Samus replied.

"Of course I do, love," Zelda nodded her head. She poked Samus' gut with her forefinger. Soft, flabby and capable of swallowing a whole finger, and it's only been a few hours since she started gaining! Samus' growth was coming along nicely. Almost too nicely. She would likely be large enough to act as a suitable Santa replacement by the end of the night, thanks to Zelda's magic. Samus continued eating faster and faster. Love-handles wrapped around her waist like a fleshy belt, and her butt was spreading over the chair. Her big, wide, wobbly thighs were slapping together with a mighty boom. She was getting so fat. Zelda didn't find it sexually stimulating as she did find it adorable; there was just something about watching Samus turn so plump and soft and generally nonthreatening looking that made her want to laugh. She knew it was wrong, she knew she was just taking advantage of Samus, but if things worked out well in the end, then she doubted there would be a need for guilt.

It was an obsession that went beyond mere physical attraction.

Zelda watched as Samus' shirt strained and pant buttons popped, sending them flying all around the room. The bounty hunter groaned, putting down her sandwich to clutch her midsections as she bloated up bigger and sagged lower. Her face bloated up quickly as well, the cheeks and chins blubbering up right before Zelda's eyes. Zelda gasped gleefully as she grew faster and faster, breasts sagging onto a belly that further sagged onto her legs. Arms and legs grew flabbier, losing much of their toned status second by second. Samus' butt tore through the back of her pants so fast that the echo of ripping filled the room.

"Hmm...maybe you're closer to the perfect size than I thought..." Zelda mused to herself.


By analyzing the minerals still clinging to the note's surface, Samus's Gunship was able to point the two women in the right direction. It was another planet, for sure. A planet that they had never been to before. It was quite a distance away, but thankfully, they had hyper-drive.

"So I really - urp - have to do this whole Santa thing?"

"Well, you've come this far, Samus, so I don't know why you're asking me now. Besides, nobody will see you except the kids and myself, so you shouldn't feel embarrassed."

"I just...don't want to do this..."

"Just do what you need to do, okay? For the kids? Please?"

"Okay...okay...I'll try my best..."

The ship traveled a couple of light years through space before eventually stopping over a particularly strange-looking planet; it was littered with color, as if a box of crayon shavings had been dumped all over it. They entered the planet's atmosphere, and saw that the vibrant colors were actually gigantic, skyscraper-sized pieces of candy. When they landed, the ship was approached by a group of children, whom Samus figured was the ones responsible for writing the letter that indirectly caused her fatness. Samus emerged from the ship in her tightly-fit Santa outfit with a heavy bag of gifts dragging along behind her.

After all of her gorging, Samus was certainly larger than the real Santa Claus would likely have been. She had a huge, wobbling, globe of a stomach that jutted far in front of her, blocking the view of her own two feet, and acting like a fleshy table all on its own, just as her equally wide butt was a shelf. She waddled at a slothful pace, but it was necessary, because any faster and she would get winded.

A young girl with hair filled of candy and wearing a blue sweater walked up to Samus. She took out the lollipop that was in her mouth and pointed it at her like it was an accusatory finger.

"You ain't Santa Claus. You know that, right?"

Samus rolled her eyes. She looked over her shoulder and glared at Zelda, who just shrugged.

"Yeah, I'm not, but I brought you kids presents, so be happy, okay?"

"Eh, good enough for me. Vanellope's the name, by the way."

The children, apparently racers in some sort of deadly kart derby, rushed over to receive their gifts from Samus.

Zelda looked around, viewing the sugary landscape as a plan began formulating in her mind. Surely the kids wouldn't mind if she took home a few dozen tons of candy with her.
The second WG commission, based on this picture [link] , which the commissioner also paid for. The addition of Samus and a romance between her and Samus was part of this commission as well. Let me know what you think.
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