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October 21, 2012
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Roxie was already back to her normal self in the week that followed since her first binge. The young woman had generally forgotten about the events of that night; she still had some control over her eating habits. But she was beginning to change gradually, both mentally and physically. Her stomach was a little softer, and she was helping herself to an extra snack now and then. She was becoming lazier in her manners. It was all playing out so inconspicuously that Roxie herself had yet to take notice. In fact, in spite of not knowing, she was enjoying herself more than ever. However, she still required a little push in the right direction to speed up the process.

Today, she was in a gym battle against a new, up-and-coming trainer. Billy Jo and Nicky had already been beaten. This was the lead guitarist's first Pokemon battle in a long time.

"Get ready! I'm gonna knock some sense outta ya!"

Roxie leaped off of the edge of the stage, landing firmly on her feet. A girl around her own age stood poised in front of her. Flanking her on both sides was a Servine, a Mareep and a Pansear. She exuded confidence; her posture, her expression, it all gave away her belief that she would be the victor of this upcoming battle. Roxie respected that in an opponent, and it made the battle a lot more fun when they were both trying their hardest. However, the first thing about her that really caught Roxie's attention had to be the girl's large, flabby belly. It was actually spilling out of her shirt and over her waistband, like a ball of soft dough. Not only that, her sleeves were stretched tight over her Pidgey-Wing arms, and her thighs were constantly grinding together. Her cheeks were puffy, her chin had a double, and her breasts were as big as Roxie's own head. Roxie had never met a girl this fat before. Of course, it would be rude to bring it up in conversation, so she decided to ignore it.

"What's your name?" she asked.

"I'm Rosa, but my friends sometimes call me 'Mei'!" the chubby girl introduced herself.

"Alright, then,'ve proven that you want to face me! Let's not waste any more time!"

It was a fierce battle. Roxie had brought along Grimer as her third Pokemon just for this fight. Pansear succeeded in taking out Roxie's Whirlipede, but Koffing survived against the monkey's flame breath with its sturdy body, eventually knocking Pansear unconscious with a well-aimed tackle attack. Servine went out next to defeat Koffing, which it succeeded at. Grimer was also a Pokemon with high defense, and it eventually overtook both Rosa's Servine and her Mareep; their attacks weren't strong enough to harm a Pokemon made out of living sludge. In the end, Roxie was the victor, and poor Rosa was left with three unconscious Pokemon. Unlike the last trainer, though, she didn't black out from stress. That would have just been pathetic.

"Aw, man," Rosa pouted, crossing her chunky arms over her massive bosom, "I really thought I was going to win! My Pokemon were doing so well up until now!"

"Ha ha, that's the difference between a regular trainer and a gym leader! You can come back and try again after you've trained harder!" Roxie boasted as she returned Grimer to its pokeball for a well-deserved rest.

"Wow, Roxie, it's been a while since I've seen you win so easily!" Billy Jo cheered, but that remark just resulted in her getting a rather nasty look from the white-haired teen. Nicky started laughing. Roxie turned around and began walking back over to the stage, allowing Rosa to show herself out. Rosa, however, held her ground.

The portly Pokemon trainer was still determined to get her hands on that second badge. "Um...please hold on a second!"

"What is it?" Roxie replied.

"Is there any other way I can win the Toxic badge? I need it to be able to properly continue my Pokemon journey!"

"Like I said, work on making your Pokemon stronger, and then challenge me again!"

Rosa still refused to let Roxie walk away without handing over the Toxic badge. She looked down at her own stomach. She lightly pressed her finger against it, watching the digit sink almost a whole inch into the blubbery flesh. She had accumulated it all over years of sloth and gluttony as a child. It wasn't until her father passed away that she couldn't get food whenever she wanted. Her mother had sent her on this journey to help her mature and to lose some weight. But it seemed like she would have to postpone the latter for now. This was much more important.

"How about we have a different kind of challenge? An eating challenge?" she suggested.

Roxie's interest was piqued. "An...eating challenge?" All of the sudden, she felt very hungry.

"But wouldn't that be really advantageous for you, though?" Nicky suddenly remarked, which earned him a bonk over the head by his fellow musician.

"I'll pay for everything myself!" Rosa explained, "I'm actually a pretty rich girl. Anyway, all I'm asking is for this one chance! This is the first thing I came up with, and I really need to win that badge! Please!"

Billy Jo was not convinced in the slightest. This girl was just trying to swindle her way into getting that badge, no doubt about it. She looked over at the gym leader and said to her, "C'mon, Rox, you're not really going to go through with this weirdo's plan, are you?"

"Why not? It's a free meal." Roxie shrugged.


Ignoring Billy Jo's shock, Roxie continued, "Okay, Rosa, I'll take ya up on this offer of yours. If ya beat me in this little 'eating challenge' of yours, then you can have the badge, fair and square. But if you lose, then you'll have to pay for my next few meals, and the meals of my band-mates too. Can you dig it?"

Rosa smirked. "Of course!"

"Then let's get this started! I barely ate anything for breakfast today anyway!"

The two girls ran/waddled up the lengthy staircase and out the door without much else to say. Billy Jo and Nicky were left behind as usual. Billy Jo still didn't understand. Roxie had eaten enough food this morning to fill up a horse. What was she talking about, needing even more food? And why was she accepting this challenge in the first place? Considering that trainer's size, she was clearly more capable of holding food in her stomach than Roxie was. How was their beloved gym leader and lead singer going to win?

"Uh...I'm gonna go check it out. You coming, Nick?"

"Sure, I guess so. It's not like we have anything else to do around here."

After dropping off their Pocket monsters at the Pokemon Center for healing, Rosa was the one who chose to take the lead, in spite of Roxie being the one who had lived in this town her whole life. Surprisingly, the place that the pudgy trainer had chosen for their 'fated duel' was the very same bakery that Roxie had stuffed herself with doughnuts from. Roxie blushed from recalling those memories; she had hoped she could avoid another mishap like that one, and keep it from becoming public. Rosa was walking with a skip in her step, causing her folds of blubber to violently flop up and down. Her skirt was too short to cover her rear, which was already turning her extra-extra-large panties into a thong. Roxie tried to avoid staring too much.

"I heard about this place on the way here," Rosa said as they approached the bakery, "It's supposed to be really, really good."

"You have no idea..." Roxie mumbled under her breath.

Roxie and Rosa entered the building while trying not to make a scene. Rosa, however, seemed much more concerned on what sort of food they should buy for this eating contest. Her next badge was on the line, but she would much rather fight for it eating something she liked.

"Roxie, what you would recommend?"

"Why are you talking to me like I'm your buddy? I'm a Gym Leader!"

"Okay, Miss Roxie!"

"Ugh, just 'Roxie' is fine. Look, I like the jam and custard ones best, but you just get whatever you want; you're paying, you said! Let's get a move on with this thing already!"

The two girls eventually settled on some various foods and Roxie's personal choices, which only made the white-haired girl more uneasy. They finally started to eat. Whoever stopped eating first was the loser. Roxie's pride as a gym leader and as a strong trainer kept her from wanting to give up, and honestly, she wanted to eat those wonderful doughnuts again. It had been on her mind for the past two weeks but now she had an excuse to eat without shame. Rosa just looked like she was about to have a normal lunch.

Roxie ate the first doughnut whole without waiting. She held back a moan, it was just as delicious as she remembered. Her stomach already felt satisfied with just that single pastry, but Roxie knew that she couldn't give up; Rosa already had the advantage with her stomach size, so showing any signs of weakness was unacceptable. Rosa ate so casually, it was almost an insult. She wasn't trying to rush herself as she took her time eating and chewing away. She did not appear overtaken by the marvelous taste like the gym leader. In fact, she looked completely uninterested, eating for the sake of eating.

"It's not bad, but...I thought it would be a little better..." the fat girl remarked in between mouthfuls.

Roxie smirked to herself; Rosa would be singing a different tune once she mixed the custard and jam together.

Three minutes passed. Roxie's stomach was beginning to ache. She had already eaten six pastries, and the skin of her belly felt like it was going to rip open. Roxie burped; holding a half-eaten croissant in one hand, she used the other to roll up her shirt, letting her full, full belly pooch outward. Rosa giggled when she saw it. It looked like she had swallowed a defense-curled Sandshrew. It was totally adorable.

"Hey, that's a nice starter-belly you have there!" she remarked.

"You - buuurp - you call this just a 'starter-belly'?" Roxie snapped back, patting her dome of a stomach, which she instantly regretted doing. It made her feel like she had to throw up. She quickly scarfed down another doughnut. It was just like that binge from before. Pain and pleasure were locked in an infinite struggle within her. She couldn't force herself to turn these sweets away anymore. She moaned again. Rosa held three cookies in her hand, and ate them all in a single gulp. Her cute tee had become a makeshift sports bra; not an ounce of her belly-flesh could hope to be covered now.

"Of course! You can get bigger, right?"

"W-What are you-?"

"Keep your mouth open. I'll help you."


Rosa, without warning, shoved a cream puff into Roxie's mouth. Roxie fell onto her back, and swallowed the puff. Her stomach creaked and churned even more. Rosa shifted her large, soft body on top of the much smaller rocker's, and continued to feed her. Roxie could feel every curve and indentation of Rosa's blubbery form flowing over her, encasing her, like a living mound of warm, liquid butter. It was surprisingly comfortable. Roxie was completely pinned as more and more food flowed down her throat. Rosa's heavy thighs easily eclipsed Roxie's own skinny legs. This wasn't even an eating contest anymore; it was a session of domination and submission, and she was the one being broken in. Powder and jam stained Roxie's cheeks, which puffed like balloons, and her eyes were glazing over. Her stomach was so full that it was actually burrowing into Rosa's own belly. Rosa paused just as she picked up another poffin. She smiled sweetly, but there was definitely no sweetness in her eyes.

"Do you give up now, Roxie? I've won the Toxic Badge, right?"

Roxie closed her eyes. Her stomach hurt...but it felt so good. "Mmmph..."

"What was that?"

Roxie swallowed, and groaned, "More..." she was stuck in a dreamlike state. A part of her mind was telling her to stop eating immediately, but the rest of her...her stomach...her taste-buds...they wanted to keep feeding. They didn't want this to end. "More..." She grabbed one of Rosa's belly folds. She squeezed it tightly.

"Oh," Rosa's smile widened, "Of course, if that's what you would like."

Suddenly, before anything else could be done, Rosa was lifted off the smaller girl by Billy Jo and Nicky.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, you psycho? Are you trying to kill her?" Billy Jo screamed at the trainer.

"N-No, I...she...she asked me to give her more..." Rosa quickly stammered out, frightened by the older woman. Nicky tried to help Roxie up, but the girl was unable to move, as her stomach was large enough to make a mother Snorlax proud. She couldn't move until some of the food had digested, lest she suffer major pain because of it. Roxie belched louder than she ever had in her entire life. That did some to relieve the stress. She immediately started to hiccup, beet-red and sweating. Nicky kept watch over her as Billy Jo yelled at Rosa for her recklessness.

"I thought you said this was going to be an eating contest!"

"It was, but then I just suddenly wanted to feed her. I'm not sure why, myself." Rosa lied.

"Ugh..." Billy Jo bent down and took out a Toxic Badge from Roxie's pocket, "Here, just take this, and go. You've already caused more than enough trouble for us as it is."

"What? But..." Rosa tried to say, but Billy Jo thrust the tiny medal into her hands.

"Just leave. We won't report you for assault or anything. Just take the medal and go."

Rosa looked at the badge in her hand, looked up at Billy Jo again, and then finally accepted her wishes. She waddled away, but as she did so, she turned on the Xtransceiver on her wrist. She needed to talk to Bianca again. She had just experienced another 'relapse', and it scared her. Rosa wished she could have at least apologized to Roxie or say that they should have another Pokemon battle again sometime in the future. But her desire to stuff was growing stronger and stronger. Bianca was the only one who seemed to really try to help her.

Eventually, Rosa disappeared from sight.

"Roxie...Roxie...are you alright?" Billy Jo asked her.

Roxie burped again. She was so full, so painfully full, and in such bliss at the same time. There was nothing adequate that she could think of to describe this feeling. It was just like her doughnut binge several weeks ago. It was a pleasure that could be compared to the rush of performing or the adrenaline of a good battle.

Food was really good, after all.

"I'll be...just fine."
Yeah this one is mostly story with a chubby version of the female MC (her story will be featured in another fic at some point) and some stuffing at the end. Please let me know what you think of this chapter though! Comment and/or fave!

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