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May 1, 2012
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When the trio finally arrived at the castle of Ansem the Wise, Even had hoped to see a shocked look on Aqua's chubby face. Instead, she simply regarded the immense palace with an affirmative nod. It was no big deal. She had seen much bigger castles back at the Land of Departure, for sure. However, the scientist still felt miffed about such a lackluster response. This castle would soon belong to him (once his secret plan came into fruition), so he expected all visitors to be in total awe seeing his future home. Nonetheless, he pushed these passionate feelings aside for now and ushered the girl inside.

"So, tell me, Ms. Aqua, just what kind of food do you enjoy most? I would hate to serve a special guest something that she could not fully appreciate."

"Oh, it doesn't matter much to me. You don't even have to cook for me; I'm trying to lose all of this weight actually. I'm hoping that your leader Ansem the Wise might know something on how I can rid myself of these pounds quickly."

"Hmm...not to be rude, but why did you eat all of that food earlier, though? You nearly sent an ice cream stand out of business because you bought out their whole stock."

"Oh, yes, that...err..." Aqua chuckled sheepishly, cheeks bright pink, "Whenever I see food lately, I just get so obsessed with eating it all. I don't know why, and it's just causing more and more trouble for me lately! I'm really hoping that Ansem the Wise can help me with that, as well."

'Ansem the Wise, Ansem the Wise, it's always Ansem the Wise...why doesn't this bitch ask ME for help with her weight problem?' Even thought to himself. Of course, he figured right afterward, it would only be useful to him if she did get fatter and fatter right now. He would make her become so large that she'd be pinned to the floor with her own flesh. It would save alot of money on restraining mechanisms and a cage too. Even cackled madly in the privacy of his own mind. It was almost frightening to think that one could possess such intellect; thankfully, he was the one who was just that smart, so there was nothing to fear.

"Well, please don't hold yourself back from indulging over something like that. We all deserve to treat ourselves every now and then, my dear. No need to be ashamed." Even explained once he had gotten hold of himself. Aqua cocked her head slightly, causing her double-chin to puff out further.

"...Are you sure? Ansem the Wise won't think badly of me because of my problem?"

"Of course not! He is our kind and beloved sage-king, after all! Just behave as he would expect you to behave, believe in his words, and all will be well!'

'He may as well be the son of some kind of almighty holy spirit...or whatever it is we pray to around here.' Ienzo thought, rolling his eyes.

Even and Ienzo led the portly Keyblade Master through several hallways, eventually coming to a stop inside a massive dinning room. with a table that stretched at nearly twenty feet across. Sitting atop this magnificent piece of woodwork was virtually an all-you-can-eat buffet of almost every food that Radiant Garden had to offer. There was an especially large platter of sea-salt ice cream bars. Aqua started to drool again.

" this?" she asked.

"Well, Ansem the Wise is quite busy in his lab most of the time," Even explained, "Of course, it would be rude to simply make you wait around with nothing to do, and I know how hungry you must be, so I ordered ahead of time during our walk back here for the cooks to prepare a grandiose meal for you!"

Aqua didn't know whether to thank or curse the man. This insatiable desire to eat was beginning to rise up from deep within her, and her stomach growled in response. She could feel her feet dragging her closer and closer to the table. Her flabby arms shot out in front of her, groping the air, hoping to soon grab hold of a pair of double-bacon cheeseburgers. Even's smile grew wider with each motion she took towards the food. He had seen it with his own eyes; she was powerless to food, and he was going to use that weakness of hers to his advantage, and milk it until it ran dry. Once she was fully sated and unable to move herself, he would force her to reveal her powers to him...even if it meant threatening with violence.

"Ienzo, won't you please do something to entertain our guest?"

"Like what?"

"Well, what can you do, anyway?"

"Not alot, teacher." Ienzo shrugged.

"Ugh...I don't know why I bother keeping you around..."

Aqua was too busy shoveling handfuls of delicious meat into her maw to pay attention, anyway. A chair was unnecessary; she simply stood where she was while she gorged. Her mind had completely given into the urges, and she loved it so at first, just like she did every other time. As she ate, her stomach grew larger, and heavier. Although the fairies of Enchanted Dominion had made Aqua's outfit unbreakable, it still creaked with the sounds of stretching and swelling. Every part of her body was expanding on sight...


"Halt! Who are you? Do you have business here?"

Aeleus and Dilan crossed their weapons together, blocking the only door leading into the castle. Braig let out a disgruntled sigh.

"I'm on official business, okay? I got a job to do, just like you guys, right?"

"Do you have business here?" Dilan repeated.

Braig really wasn't sure what to say; he had just followed Aqua and the two scientists to this place, and now his path was barred. He had to come up with some kind of elaborate string of lies and truths to get inside, and fast. "Well...a girl came through here, right? A blue-haired girl with a really big, squishy belly?"

Dilan's brow furrowed as he recalled everyone who had recently passed through the front gates. "Squishy...squishy...was it squishy, Aeleus? Do you remember?" he turned to his companion.

"I don't know. I didn't touch it. Did you?"

"Of course not. I wouldn't dare touch a lady so inappropriately without her consent!"

"And you think I would do that, then? Just what sort of friend do you make yourself out to be?"

Braig groaned; now he caused these two lug-heads to start arguing with each other somehow. However, he also saw this as the perfect window of opportunity to sneak in. He really was far smarter than he gave himself credit for. Braig tip-toed past the guards, and was about to lay his gloved hand upon the handle, when he felt something sharp poke him in the back. He looked over his shoulder to see both Aeleus and Dilan glaring at him with hate-filled eyes.

"You bastard! You aren't stepping a foot inside of this building as long as we're both here!"

Despite the situation, Braig couldn't help but grin a little. He was an assassin by trade, but it didn't mean he didn't enjoy some direct combat now and then. "Is that so? I guess that means," he raised his hands, and his arrow-guns materialized out of thin air, "I have to remove you guys first."

"Dammit! He has weapons on him!"

"Restrain him!"

Aeleus swung his broad-axe directly for Braig's head. Instead, it only hit thin air. Leaping high above the two men, Braig fired a barrage of needle-like projectiles down to them. Aeleus leaped out of the way, narrowly avoiding being turned into swiss cheese. Dilan, however, simply swung his spear in an arc overhead, and the projectiles shattered apart. Braig's smile widened; these guys wouldn't be so easy to take out, after all. Fortunately, though, he had the powers of darkness on his side. Braig vanished.

"He can teleport!" Dilan shouted.

"Where did he go?" Aeleus, however, soon learned the answer to his own question when he felt a burning pain in the top of his right arm. Sure enough, it had been pierced with one of Braig's projectiles. He placed his hand onto the wounded shoulder, only to have the crystal arrow puff away into smoke. There was no blood on his clothes, or even an open hole where he had been hit. Nonetheless, the pain was as real as anything else. A nice way to kill someone without leaving any traces. The perfect weapon for a sniper assassin.

"I think I should kill you first." Braig sneered. Aeleus raised his head to find the arrow-gun pointing at his face. He closed his eyes; he had always been prepared to die in the line of duty, after all.

Dilan instantly knew that he wouldn't have enough time to save his friend. "Aeleus!"

Braig prepared to pull the trigger, to take the guard's life in cold blood...when he suddenly realized that a huge shadow was looming over him. He looked toward the sky, and all of his concerns with hunting down Aqua immediately vanished. Now he had something else to worry about. Aeleus and Dilan also couldn't help but stare at it.

"What in the world is that thing?"



Aqua's mighty belch caused the towers of plates surrounding her to tremble violently. Even couldn't believe his eyes; the bluenette had eaten everything that he had to offer, and more. Her belly had surged outward by nearly a foot in the middle of her meal; it folded under into three deliciously thick rolls of flab. Aqua burped again as she caressed her rolls; they were so soft and fluffy in her hands,just like freshly-baked cinnamon buns, the thought of which made her hungry again. Her belly eclipsed both her lap and knees entirely. The rolls wrapped around her waist, giving her a hefty pair of love-handles to boot, and her back-fat completely devoured her outfit's straps from behind. Her legs were fleshier than ever, and they were now in a constant state of rubbing together. She must have gained at least twenty pounds from this feast.

"Oh, man...I'm so full!" Aqua cried.

"This woman...she's absolutely incredible..." Even was trembling all over. His genius had not prepared him for those scenes of how she viciously tore apart the innocent chicken pot pie, or how she sucked the sea-salt ice cream straight off the stick. It was all so morbidly fascinating.

The girl let out yet another belch, and even a small toot from her rear. Normally, she would have been mortified, but this time she was just too stuffed to care much about anything else. She ran her hands up and down her belly, desperate to soothe the aching pains. Her gloves had already ripped apart to give room to her sausage-like fingers. Aqua felt like she could pop at any moment, either that, or the chair would eventually give in to her enormous butt. Eyes glazed over, lips still coated with crumbs, Aqua was starting to slip into a food coma. However, a Keyblade Master's work was never done.

"Ah!" Ienzo's cry echoed throughout the dining hall, and Aqua and Even immediately turned to look at him. The silver-haired boy was staring out a nearby window that overlooked the castle entrance. He slowly backed away, shaking all over.

"What's wrong, Ienzo?"

"There's...there's a monster outside! It's huge!"'

"A monster?"

Even looked out the window as well, and sure enough, the castle guards and some other fellow were busy fighting a gigantic Unversed. Its body was made out of several Unversed combining into one; that way, its arms and legs moved freely from the head. While the hands and feet spun wildly without purpose, the head continued to fire barrage after barrage of lasers upon the three men. It did not look like they had any chance to strike back and it wouldn't be long before they were defeated.

"Dammit! Aeleus...Dilan...just what are those fools doing? Why don't they kill the thing already; what do they think we're paying them for?" Even cursed under his breath.

Suddenly, Aqua, despite her fullness, jumped to her feet. "Hold on, did you just say there's a monster out there?"

Even was even more surprised than Aqua was at seeing her being able to walk. " can still stand? After eating that much?"

"Some fairies from a previous world I visited helped me, they gave me the ability to walk and fight even when I've gotten this large..." Aqua replied.

'Magic?' Even thought, 'You have to be kidding me...something that totally goes against the rules of science has made her invulnerable to my plan? How can I possibly contain her when she's still capable of movement and, by that extent, fighting back? What am I supposed to do now?'

"If there's a monster out there, then I think I'm the only one capable of destroying it for good," With a wave of her hand, Aqua summoned her keyblade into existence. Aqua pushed herself past the agony of her bloated stomach, waddling towards the door. Even and Ienzo made no attempt to stop her. Her large, heavy butt shook back and forth with each step she took, the shorts digging deeper inside. Her legs were more like pillars of rolls than the slender thighs they once were. It was not long until she had disappeared down the hallway and out of sight.

"What should we do, teacher?" Ienzo finally asked, looking up at the older man.

Even rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "I hate to say this, but it looks like our experiments on our otherworldly visitor will have to be put on indefinite hold. I guess there's little choice right now. We're under attack! Ienzo, go and fetch me my prototype shield from the lab! I believe it's time for a test-run!"

"Yes, sir!"



Braig skidded backward on the heels of his shoes, clutching his face. Blood trickled out from the gaps of the fingers covering his right eye, and he also had a wide cut on his opposite cheek. He cursed himself for having let his guard down, and actually get injured so badly. This was the first time that anything like this had ever happened. Even worse that it had to happen on his oh-so-handsome face. He could only hold one of his arrow-guns now, but from the looks of it, his weapon wasn't doing much damage to the monster in the first place.

"This ain't good...not at all..." he grumbled, still letting a desperate grin tug at his lips nonetheless.

Dilan was struggling to remain standing, and Aeleus was already out of breath. The Unversed, however, seemed to be taking its time, as if it was simply toying with them. It was as if it knew from the start that these three men weren't a threat to its well-being. Seeing this was just another blow to Dilan's and Aeleus' pride as guards.

"Bastard..." Dilan swore under his breath. One of the Unversed's hands hovered over him, prepared to squash the defeated soldier like a worthless bug.

Fortunately, a certain fat girl knew a couple of long-range spells.


The Unversed's arm exploded in an eruption of flames, and it was gone. Dilan stared in disbelief at the spot where the arm had been floating, and then he looked over at his approaching savior. It was the squishy-bellied girl that Even had brought into the castle. She waved her key-shaped sword like a wand, and a green light enveloped all three of the downed men. Their strength was returned to maximum levels almost instantly.

"Are you two alright?" Aqua asked, waddling up to Dilan and Aeleus. Every part of her body was jiggling fiercely, and even though she appeared out-of-shape and weak, she was probably the strongest out of anyone there. The guards glanced at one another before looking to Aqua again.

"Yes, we're fine...thank you."

"It's no problem. This is a large Unversed! I'm going to need all of the help I can get with this one, if you don't mind?"

"Hmph." It was the closest Aeleus had come to laughing in a long time, "As if we'd leave here with a job unfinished."

"Thanks! And...what about your friend over there?" She motioned towards Braig, who was still holding onto his face. The Cure spell had given them back their energy, but it couldn't heal destroyed body parts, unfortunately.

"Him? He's no friend of ours. In fact, it was thanks to this Unversed here that we had to stop killing each other for a moment. Whether he lives or dies doesn't matter to us,"

"Oh..." Aqua was about to say something, no doubt one of many preachy speeches that she had written down while bored, but the conversation was cut short by the sudden reminder that a giant, murderous Unversed was standing right behind them. Its remaining arm and its large, twirling torso charged straight for them. With their power renewed, Dilan and Aeleus leaped into the fray, blocking their attacks with their weapons. Aqua took this moment to her advantage. Aqua unleashed a gust of wind underneath her feet to propel herself high into the air. If she took out the head, then the rest of the Unversed was sure to follow. However, it wasn't so simple; the Unversed had noticed her ascent. Before it could fire off another beam, it was struck in the face with several crystal arrows, courtesy of Braig. That gave Aqua the time she needed to strike. She swung her keyblade...but her stomach hit the enemy first, and she collided with the creature. They tumbled to the floor in a burst of smoke and dust.

Dilan sliced the other arm into pieces with his spear, shouting, "Is she okay?"

"I don't know!" Aeleus replied. His tomahawk made quick work of the Unversed's torso.

When the smoke cleared, Aqua was found to be quite intact, but the Unversed had been squashed flat by her colossal backside.

"Oops..." Aqua blushed, but for once she had a reason to be thankful to her fat.

Braig, still clutching his damaged eye, opened a small portal to darkness and vanished. He had no chance at assassinating the target right now, not with these injuries or with Dilan and Aeleus around to stop him. There was also the fact that she was much fatter and cuter-looking close up than he expected; it made things difficult. The darkness in his heart wavered a little when she healed him out of unconditional kindness.

Suddenly, the castle doors swung open, Even waltzing out with a large, blue shield. Ienzo was close behind him. "Have no fear, my friends! This new weapon I have designed, possessing both perfect offense and defense, will eliminate this threat post-haste! I...oh, it's already gone, eh?"

"It looks like it, Teacher."

"Feh! How disappointing...this day started off so well, and now all of this happened...can't I ever win? God...I need a drink...screw this..." Even continued to mutter scornfully to himself as he stormed back into the building, looking more dejected than normal.

Instead of following his mentor, Ienzo walked over to join the others. Dilan and Aeleus were struggling to get Aqua back onto her feet; she was incredibly heavy even for a pair of burly men like themselves. The bluenette blushed harder from such an embarrassing display of her fatness.

"Did everything go alright?" Ienzo asked.

"Yeah, thanks to this girl here. She took down that monster in a single hit!" Aeleus replied. Finally, with one more heave-ho, they succeeded in getting Aqua back onto her feet. Aqua brushed herself off, but she couldn't reach down very far as her blubbery gut kept getting in the way. It almost made her want to scream,.

Ienzo nodded to her. "Thank you for your help."

"Huh? Oh, it''s nothing! I'm always willing to help out those in need! It comes with the job, really," Aqua chuckled sheepishly, rubbing her stomach at the same time.

"I know it's not much, but...take this."

Ienzo reached into his coat pocket and took out a small ticket labeled 'Disney Town' with an image of a colorful, bright village. He placed it into Aqua's open palm.

"I got two tickets from some weird duck walking around town. I got an adult pass for my teacher, but I doubt he would ever go, so you can take it. If you're really capable of traveling across worlds, then you can probably find this place."

Aqua's grin widened, and she pulled the boy into a tight, squishy hug to thank him. Ienzo enjoyed it just as much as he thought he would.

It wasn't much later before Aqua decided to take leave from Radiant Garden. Ansem the Wise was refusing all visitors, and he didn't even so much as listen to Aqua's story. There was little else the girl could do but simply accept fate and continue her search for Ventus and fighting more of the Unversed. Her duties as a Keyblade Master were difficult, but even though her weight continued to climb, her drive to be fulfill Master Eraqus' orders never faltered. She pierced through the heavens of the planet, eventually entering the darkness of space. Drifting along, she wondered if she would ever see Even, Ienzo or the two guards again. They were exceptionally nice people, she thought.
The second part of chapter 4, and it's alot longer than the usual chapters, to make up for it being a two-parter! There's more action and stuff in this chapter compared to weight gain, but I tried my best to still make it good about a fat Aqua, and I wanted to use alot more of Dilan, Aeleus, Braig and the rest. This world's plot is definitely the most different from the game version, though. Anyway, I hope you like it, and please comment/fave!

Because finals are coming up very soon, it will take me a while longer to finish part 5! Sorry!

Kingdom Hearts @ S-E
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Presley-G Featured By Owner May 3, 2012
Entertaining progression; the fact that you've-for now, made her unable to find some magical or scientific cure to her weight problem OR locate the source is actually a nice touch. It leaves something-besides the ultimate fate of the ending, in the air...
Borin23 Featured By Owner May 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
COKE-ZER0 Featured By Owner May 1, 2012   Writer
You know, after re-reading this. I think I'll try my hand in an Aqua WG one-shot.
It'll be dark, but I'd be a fool to miss jumping on this bandwagon.
Borin23 Featured By Owner May 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
awesome! I should check out your stuff too
RippleInaPond Featured By Owner May 1, 2012
I am absolutely loving this story the more it goes on! All the characters were written wonderfully in this part and Aqua squishing the Unverse with her big butt was a nice touch. If I am adding things up right she is 320 or so pounds now correct? If you don't mind my asking how much bigger do you think she will be getting? (if you want to keep it a secret though I completely understand).
Borin23 Featured By Owner May 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it! She will probably be around the mid-400s to early-500s by the end I believe, but there might be a epilogue short where she'll be even bigger too
RippleInaPond Featured By Owner May 1, 2012
woowhee that's pretty big! xD I'll be honest when I say that's personally well out of my range but I will continue to read it regardless :) I'm enjoying that much :D
Borin23 Featured By Owner May 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Well I still try to keep it somewhat in a state of realistic proportions considering there are women that can be that large too, so I'm trying not to go too overboard, but still make sure she gains some every chapter, but alot of her upcoming gain is going to be on Disney Town considering there's the Fruit Toss with giant grapes and pineapples, and then the ice cream machines. But thanks for reading it still anyway
RippleInaPond Featured By Owner May 1, 2012
Nah man it's all good. You write what you want to write! I should clarify however that in works of fiction or with fictional character's like Aqua here I have a much higher weight threshold since it's just that: Fiction. Honestly when she hits 400 pounds I'll still dig her ;) I guess I was just saying 500 and higher is a little over my limits. Still though it's your story and you write what YOU want to write. I'll still be reading it even if she ends up an immobile blob simply because the story is highly entertaining and fun. Hopefully I didn't worry you with that earlier comment haha.
Borin23 Featured By Owner May 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
And thanks for enjoying it so much
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