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July 14, 2012
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The village of Konoha was basking underneath a clear blue sky that day, so Tsunade's former apprentice Haruno Sakura decided to go for a little walk. The pink-haired young woman had been working as a medical ninja full-time at the local hospital, taking a variety of lessons with Shizune as her employer. Having gotten past her feelings for Sasuke, Sakura was able to devote herself to both her work and to her friends much more. It felt like a great weight had been lifted from her long-broken heart. She felt more secure and confident in herself than ever before, a brand-new Sakura in a way. She had rekindled her childhood friendship with Ino, Hinata was her new co-writer for her latest yaoi doujinshi (featuring their male friends), and she was making quite alot of money at her current job. Everything was just perfect.

Sakura carefully weaved her way through the busy town streets, trying to reach the park. It would be much easier to walk without difficulty there. It was also one of her favorite places to walk; the scenery was very relaxing. It took almost thirty minutes, but she eventually arrived at her destination. However, the constant tight spaces, rising heat, and all of the maneuvering she had to perform had left her feeling winded. The pinkette sat down at the nearest bench she could find. Sakura sat alone for a short time, contemplating various things, when she suddenly picked up a familiar scent. The scent of fried chicken.

"Ha ha ha! We got it! We got it! I can't believe she actually fell for it!" proclaimed a young girl's voice.

Sakura watched with slight bemusement as three small children darted past her. The one in front was carrying a family-sized bucket of fried chicken, giggling maniacally to himself. Sakura blinked; she had no idea what that was even about. No one should be that excited over fried chicken, ever. However, just about a minute later, she received an answer whether she had wanted to know or not.

Anko Mitarashi came waddling through the park's entrance, huffing and puffing, her whole body drenched with sweat. It had been quite a while since Sakura had last seen the older woman, so what she witnessed before her was rather shocking. Sakura couldn't take her eyes off of her. Anko was massive. She was a blubbery ball of jiggling flesh all over. The fishnet sections of her outfit were ripping apart, with tiny bubbles of fat poking out of the holes. Her face was swollen like a peach's, her breasts were plump and floppy, and her multi-rolled gut hung far over her waistband. Her puffy legs looked like cylinders of flab. Sakura was both slightly intrigued and slightly disgusted by how the woman had gotten so large. She looked like she could pop from a simple prick on the hand. Anko halted her pathetic waddling for a moment, hands on her belly as she struggled for air.

"D-Damn kids...making me think there was someone looking for me, and even giving me the puppy-dog-eyes look...what kind of brats steal from well-meaning people like that in this day and age?" Anko snarled. Her voice was slightly deeper due to the fat surrounding her neck.

After a few moments of taxed breathing, Anko continued her slow, lumbering waddle after the little hooligans. It took even more moments to pass before Sakura could snap out of the shocked daze she had slipped into. She shook her head and rubbed her eyes.

'Wow...Anko really let herself go! And I mean, REALLY let herself go! Is she going to be alright?' the pinkette thought to herself.

Suddenly, Sakura heard a familiar voice call out to her. "Hey, Sakura, funny running into you here, huh?"

Before Sakura could even turn her head, she felt herself be lifted into the air as a heavy, pendulous weight came down onto the opposite end of the bench. She slid down the bench until she was suddenly stopped short; her face pressed into something that was soft, wobbling and a little sweaty. Sakura looked up; she was slowly sinking into Tsunade's blubber.

"Ha ha, I didn't know you missed me so much," Tsunade chuckled to herself.

"L-Lady Tsunade!"

Sakura didn't really care about Anko, but seeing her former mentor so obese was a bit too much.

The gigantic blonde woman was currently weighing in at 330 pounds; in the Hokage's eyes, it was a rather modest number but not the highest she wanted to reach yet. She was clearly an obese specimen of femininity, for sure, and there was no doubt in anyone's minds that she was getting even bigger as time went on. She wore a simple gray t-shirt, which looked more like an over-sized sports bra, and pants that showed off every single bump and curve of her meaty legs. Her overfed stomach sat heavily atop her lap. It was a single mass of pale flesh, jiggly and fleshy, and the hard-earned result of Tsunade's constant gorging. Tsunade placed her family-sized bucket of fried chicken on top of her belly; she had been using it as a makeshift table quite often lately. She plucked a drumstick from the bucket with swollen fingers and started gnawing on it. Her double-chin quivered with each bite. Sakura rubbed her eyes again in disbelief.

"Lady did...what the...who...why have you gotten so big?"

"Eh, I'm sick of having to explain it to everyone," grumbled Tsunade, "But if you really want to know, it was mainly my own decision to make a big change, excuse the pun. And Anko inspired me to do it, too."

Sakura looked over at Anko again. The poor flabby woman had collapsed in a heap. The kids from before were standing around her, eating her fried chicken.

"She was never going to catch up to them, anyway..."

Sakura returned her attention back to the older woman. "Lady Tsunade, you had the sort of body that many women your age would have killed for. Why would you get rid of it so casually? Forgive me for saying this, but I don't think you should have done that."



"Sakura, you were my student and I your master. And notice I said 'were'. You've already learned just about everything I am allowed to pass on, and you're a splendid medic ninja in your own right. So, I think you shouldn't talk so formally with me. We're friends, aren't we?" Tsunade explained as she practically sucked the meat off of another drumstick. In all honesty, she wanted to say this to Shizune too, but the other woman was determined to continue to refer to Tsunade with the 'Lady' moniker attached.


"Look, Sakura, don't be concerned for me, like everyone else is. I have medical jutsu that'll take care of any health problems that obesity could cause. It's totally safe!"

Sakura pouted. "Are you sure? Lady Tsunade, none of us want to see anything bad happen to you-"

"Save it. I heard that whole spiel from Shizune already."

"Oh...I see..."

Sakura sat back down on the bench, even though Tsunade's girth was practically snapping it in half. She thought about it for a few moments.

"So you're actually gaining weight on purpose? And it's really safe to do so with today's medical jutsu?"

"Of course! Would I lie to you?"

Sakura rolled her eyes.

"I'm not lying this time, Sakura. I promise! This isn't like the time I told you that the sake was actually juice!" Tsunade grinned. Her cheeks bulged and her double-chin briefly covered the whole front of her neck. Sakura started to imagine herself having that kind of face, that kind of fat, flabby body. She shivered. For some reason, the idea wasn't as unpleasant as it should have been. It wasn't like seeing Anko; Sakura was much more fit and capable of retaining her muscles. She didn't need to fight anymore, so it was okay to think of such things, to relax and be fulfilled. She had actually put on a few pounds after the war due to her depression over Sasuke's death. She had successfully burnt off the pounds, but now she was wondering if she should have kept them. Of course, she would never let herself get as big as Tsunade, but being plushier wasn't a bad thing. It worked well for Hinata with Naruto, at the very least. Maybe she could get more male attention if she had sexier curves.

"You're probably thinking about becoming a fatass, aren't you?" Tsunade guessed, somehow having been able to 'read' Sakura's mind.

"What? No, I wouldn't say a fatass, but...gaining some weight...that would give me breasts, wouldn't it?"

"Ha ha, I'm not even using jutsu to keep my breasts this big anymore! By the way, that means I'm saying 'yes' to your question."

"I don't think it would hurt to try, as long as there isn't anything to be afraid of. But I think I am only going to gain maybe twenty pounds, or around that! You'll help me, won't you, Tsunade? No offense, but you look like you probably know more than a few good eateries."

Tsunade grinned. "Of course I can help you, my dear apprentice Sakura."


More time passed. Haruno Sakura was once more Tsunade's apprentice. Only this time she learned in the ways of eating instead of the ways of ninjutsu. Although Sakura had said she only wanted to gain twenty pounds or so, Tsunade had far different plans for the pink-haired teen. At the start, Sakura ate large amounts of food almost constantly; she wanted to put the weight on as quickly as she could. Tsunade egged her on further by offering her more especially fattening treats. Sakura ate just about anything that was placed in front of her. It didn't take long before a small roll of pudge appeared on her flat abs. Then that roll began expanding, and many more like it sprouted all over her formerly slender body.

Although Sakura ate just about everything placed in front of her, there were certain foods she enjoyed most. She had a bigger sweet-tooth than Tsunade so it was mainly the sugary snacks she indulged in more often than not. Particularly soft-serve ice cream. She ate just as much, and just as rapidly, as Tsunade did, which was an impressive feat. As Sakura's stomach expanded, she was capable of eating more and more before feeling too stuffed.

However, Tsunade wasn't going to let Sakura simply put on twenty pounds or so and be done with it. No, Sakura was going to get much, much bigger than that. Tsunade wanted to have someone she could enjoy eating with. Even though they didn't have to be the same size, they would still have an equal love for the many pleasures that were derived from food. Sakura was an easy one to manipulate.

Using her status as the Hokage, Tsunade was able to excuse Sakura from being penalized for missing days at work. This way the two of them were able to spend more time together. At first, Tsunade would do little things like offer food she "couldn't finish" to the pinkette, or buy more food than Sakura needed at times. Eventually, as Sakura's appetite grew, that was no longer necessary. Sakura was doing all of the fattening up by herself after a month had passed.

"Hey, Sakura, put down that steak for a second! You got to try these chicken wings! And this fried shrimp too!"

"H-Hold on, Tsunade...I don't think I can handle eating all of this at once..."

"Nonsense! It's easy; just try to ignore the pain in your gut and keep pushing it in! You can do it!"

Sakura groaned as more fat-filling food slipped past her lips. She could hardly recall how long she had been doing things like this, over and over and over. So much food, so much eating, but she never disliked having to do these things. Tsunade was always encouraging her and pushing her to try harder; Sakura knew she could always depend on her mentor for things like this. Sakura swallowed the last bits of meat in her mouth, and looked down at her body. She was huge.

She hadn't gained just 20 pounds, but over 200. Her flat stomach had flowed outward into a large, soft, doughy belly, straining her shirt to the near-breaking point. It was still rock-taut from her previous binge, like she had swallowed two entire watermelons. Her arms, once strong enough to punch apart mighty boulders, were now soft and weak as blubbery bubbles of fat hung from them. Her legs were just as fleshy, so much so that they were caught in an eternal embrace, dimples rubbing against dimples. Alot of the weight she had gained was placed firmly inside her massive hips, forever existing. Her cheeks were puffy, red, accompanied by the expected double-chin. Even hands and feet looked fatter.

Another pitiful moan was followed with a slow, rumbling belch. Sakura hardly looked anything like she once did; her days as a thin and healthy young woman were gone. Sure, she may be able to avoid heart disease and clogged arteries with jutsu, but she wouldn't be able to handle walking up a few flights of stairs anymore. And forget anything like jogging. At the moment, her weight was peaking at 326 pounds.

"Tsunade...I'm full now..." Sakura grunted.

" too...and I'm usually never full!" replied Tsunade, unleashing her own belch that easily eclipsed Sakura's soon after.

As expected, Tsunade had also consistently grown fatter since this had all began. Her ravenous eating habits only increased to higher levels, and as such, her weight was rising faster than ever before. Tsunade was eating from dawn until dusk, rarely ever stopping to take a breath. She loved the way her body looked so much bigger every time she stared at herself in the bathroom mirror. So many rolls and bumps, so much blubbery fat everywhere; it was an incredible turn-on. With her new girth slowing her down, Tsunade decided to combine her office with her bedroom so she could always be at work. She was still able to retain some mobility to get food or go to the bathroom, but she only did those things unless she couldn't get anyone to help her up or bring her meals in the first place. Her laziness truly knew no bounds.

Tsunade belched a second time while rubbing her massive paunch. With her legs spread apart, her hefty, double-rolled gut was able to sink into the space between them. It was a paunch that could rival all paunches, including Anko's. Tsunade loved every inch of her overfed stomach, it reaching about two feet long and three feet across. It was covered in several stretch-marks along the middle; however, Shizune's medical jutsu was able to remove most of them, keeping Tsunade's belly relatively pure-looking. It was like a gigantic flesh-colored marshmallow. Many a time after a big meal, Tsunade would lay back and lovingly knead and rub her belly. Her gut was the largest part of her body, but that didn't mean anything else on her was small either. She still dwarfed most women in size alone.

Tsunade's fat arms weren't as mobile as they used to be, and her bulging rolls kept them from going down to her sides. Her melon-sized cheeks covered the majority of her face along with her triple-chin, so Tsunade looked like she was always squinting. Her breasts were only slightly larger than they had been previously, most of the new weight having been greedily absorbed into her abdomen and waist. Nonetheless, Tsunade showed off her cleavage like usual, mostly because her clothes barely fit her anymore. Tsunade's actual lovehandles were mainly hidden underneath the poundage of belly-fat. What was visible wrapped around her backside; her back-fat was also very prominent. Tsunade's legs were deliciously bloated, but that was to be expected. They weren't very strong legs, but they were still capable of supporting Tsunade's bulk, so that was something. Last time she checked, the Hokage of Konoha clocked in at 509 pounds.

"So, Sakura, what do you want to do today...after we digest, of course?" Tsunade asked. Her voice was deeper now.

"Ugh, I dunno...I don't...really want to think about it..." huffed the younger woman, wiping sweat from her brow. A minute later and she was quietly snoozing away in her seat. The binge had really worn out what little energy reserves she had left. Tsunade chuckled under her breath. She was really proud of Sakura; the pinkette was really talented in gaining weight, whether she wanted to be or not.

"Ha ha, she was an easy one," Tsunade muttered, "Now if maybe I can get some other girls to join in too...everyone should learn to enjoy this..." Her mind was set now; Tsunade loved being fat, lazy and generally a glutton. She was a kind woman, so she reasoned, it was only fair that all of Konoha's females got to experience this same pleasure. Even the men, if they wanted to.

Meanwhile, back at her own apartment room, Shizune was examining herself in the mirror. Her flat abs had been replaced with a small, pudgy bump. Her face went pale. She had been around Tsunade and Sakura far too much lately.
Part 3 of 3, a commission from anonymous of a Tsunade weight gain story that involves Sakura later on.

Sakura gets a quick gaining thanks to Tsunade; it's a bit rushed, that part I'll admit, but it had to be done to finish the story and it still covered the most important aspect: the result. Although of course it depends on what the commissioner says too. But anyway, I hope you all enjoy it! Please comment and/or fave it!

Naruto @ Kishi
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It's just part of the story; he lives up to the very end of the actual manga
bloodmaker Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013

Wow looking back on this you did a great job with showing the gain of non-major characters to the plot, I really loved anko in this what made you add her?


You ever think having doing a story featuring her?

Borin23 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks so much! I didn't think this fic would be given another look. I dunno, I guess I felt like I should for the fans of her, although I'm not particularly interested by her myself.
bloodmaker Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013

Yeah she was really one of my favorite characters in the past mostly because she didn't appear much, after the chunin exams, but recently she has grown on me. You shouldn't really do it if you don't feel it, don't want to half ass it. Whenever I write something, I know I can't post it or even really save it if it doesn't meet my own standard.

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what they killed her off?!!! dangit I wish they showed the uncut episodes of shippuden on television.

No problem it was especially interesting because you'd never done the character before and she is pretty much left out in general. :p

Borin23 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I dunno if she's really dead, just unconscious, but I doubt we'll even see what happens to her after this whole war is done with.
She should just become a cute fatty ha ha
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