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"Mikasa, open your mouth wide so I can feed you~"

Mikasa Ackerman's brow furrowed into a glare that would make even the biggest Titan turn tail. Sasha somehow fought to withstand its terrifying power as she dangled the bread loaf over her friend's head. Sasha winced, pulling back. Mikasa finished chewing and swallowed the bite of loaf she'd already taken, and there were little crumbs scattered all over her cheeks like dimples. Sasha thought it was cute, but evidently, Mikasa didn't think so, with that look that she would sooner take a chunk out of Sasha's face than eat another helping of bread.


"...Is bread all you have?" Mikasa asked.

"Whatever do you mean, light of my life, my bright shining star, queen of the castle?" Sasha asked, twitching a little, knowing full well that she could not hide anything from Mikasa for long.

Mikasa pudgy, pouty face quickly twisted into a nasty scowl. The former top soldier of humanity's Scouting Legion pressed her fat, soft girth into Sasha's less impressive but thinner abdomen, attempting (and succeeding) to intimidate the other girl by comparison of sheer size alone. Mikasa may have weighed over 700 pounds now, mostly thanks to Sasha's many edible gifts throughout the years, but she was taken no less seriously by her contemporaries, at least whenever she was present. Sasha was someone who both reveled and feared her friend, and she knew just how powerful an obese Mikasa could be as a thin one.

The young Asian-German woman's hefty gut lurched forward and slapped Sasha around, as if it were alive. Possessing a much smaller and less robust figure, Sasha was unable to withstand against the fatty assault. She fell to the floor. Mikasa's arms, bloated and heavy with chunky, cake-sized rolls encasing them, could not even hope to reach or grab the other girl, and so she used her stomach, which was wide enough to make simply passing through doorways seem like a battle of wits. The lowest roll of her gut skidded across the floor, and her pudgy little fingers and pudgy little toes wiggled in tandem. Mikasa grunted as she literally threw herself on top of helpless Sasha, and her belly flab spread like butter over Sasha's body, pinning her and only keeping her head free so she could talk. Sasha was trembling, terrified, and her knees knocked. The consequent rippling of Mikasa's adipose made things no better.

"I remember that meat you stole from the cooking quarters earlier. I want meat. Where is it?"

Sasha had been intending to save that delectable roll of salami for herself, as a special after-dinner snack. She had risked both life and limb to secure it; the chef at the soldier quarters was a bit of a nut-job. Now she had to give it up to satisfy Mikasa's endless greed and hunger. There was no chance to speak her part, there was no decision to be made. If Mikasa wanted something better than bread, then she got something better than bread. Sasha didn't want to end up getting squashed.

" can have it...the meat..." Sasha gasped, "It' my bag...over there..."

Mikasa looked over at Sasha's bag, which sat alone on a chair.

"Well? Go and bring it here. You should know that I am not as capable of walking as I once thanks to you."

Once Mikasa had removed her blubber from Sasha's lower limbs, which had gone numb since, the young woman scrambled for her bag to fetch the salami. Sasha reluctantly, begrudgingly, handed the meat over to Mikasa, who took it with a chubby fist. Sasha sat back and curled into fetal position, saying nothing.

Mikasa tugged her scarf a little tighter so it would hide her double-chin, and she brought the salami roll to her open mouth, ready to down it whole. But then she noticed Sasha, sulking as she usually did, looking like she was about to start weeping over the loss of meat. Even her bottom lip was trembling. Mikasa stared at her, and then at the meat in her hand, and she suddenly felt a little guilty. Not a usual feeling she got when looking at Sasha, but she couldn't shake it.


Sasha raised her head just in time for the salami to bonk her on the forehead.

"I don't need it. It tastes bad. I'm feeling full, so I'm just going to try and get some training in." Mikasa used the greatest extant of her stamina as she waddled for the door, her gigantic rear swaying back and forth inside the tightly-cut shorts that tried containing it. 'Training' for her likely would not get anywhere far off the ground, the 3D maneuver gear having long since given up trying to lift her obese body. In fact, most Titans couldn't even lift her, and their mouths weren't wide around to eat her up. There had even been talk of using her as a potential bait to lead attacking Titans into traps, but it was still a plan in progress, and nothing of note had been said to the girl herself yet. Mikasa would go and find her food elsewhere.

Sasha examined the salami to see that the larger girl hadn't even taken a bite out of it yet. Sniffling, she tore earnestly into the meat.

'Mikasa...I don't understand you sometimes...are we friends or not?'


Ymir may have swung for the other team, but she knew she'd never let her standards get low enough for fat chicks. She liked pretty, tiny girls, just like her Christa. But then Christa herself got fat, partly because of Ymir's constant pampering on her, and Ymir knew she only had herself to blame.

Yet Christa was always the exception for everything in Ymir's mind.

"Mmm! Hey, Ymir!"

"W-What?" Ymir stammered, realizing she had been staring at the lovely angel gorging herself in front of her.

"These chocolate cookies you made last night...who knew you were such a good cook! I should be taking lessons from you!" Christa giggled, her face, as sweet and round as a cherub's, was coated in a sheet of tiny crumbs.

"Oh come now, Christa baby, you're too kind." Ymir smirked. She had stolen the cookies from under Jean's nose last night; they had been a gift from his mother apparently, according to the note tied to the box. It was thanks to 'generous contributions' by her fellow soldiers that she was able to keep Christa so well-fed, even to the point of absurdity that it'd become.

Christa ate another cookie, and looked at the plate with consideration. "Ymir...don't you want one?"

"Nah, not a fan of chocolate." Ymir liked vanilla better.

"What? But then you should have made some vanilla cookies or something, it doesn't feel right for me to eat them all by myself."

"Don't be stupid. I made them all chocolate SO you could eat them."

Christa snacked on another cookie as she looked over her body for a moment. Now that she thought about it, Ymir had been feeding her a lot lately, and it definitely showed on her once-tiny body. Full breasts, a plump belly that stuck out from her shirt and splayed over her lap, a notable amount of chub clinging to her arms and thighs that touched when she sat down, and there was a high probability that her butt was caught in her chair right now. She was an absolute fatty, a chubby girl bordering into morbid obesity. She squeezed her belly-fat with a free hand, and mused on her situation, not horrified by her weight gain, but trying to make sense of what purpose Ymir would have for it. Christa had never been a heavy eater, at least not until Ymir started bringing her treats every time they met up. She had assumed the older girl was just being nice, but now...could it be she actually liked bigger girls?

Christa's cheeks flushed at the prospect. She ate several more cookies, chewing and swallowing without even waiting to savor the taste anymore.

"Whoa, hey there...don't go choking or anything. You can't go leaving me yet." Ymir remarked, only half-joking, but Christa heeded her words and put down the cookie.

"Sorry, but I was just wondering...umm..." Christa started to blush, and before she knew it, Ymir was blushing too. Christa rubbed her belly again.

"Yeah?" Ymir asked.

"Can you maybe get me some pudding too? If that's alright? I don't want to ask for more from you than you've already done for me, Ymir, but...I could go for some pudding right now, along with my cookies."

Ymir stood from the table, pushing herself off of her seat. "Alright, you just stay right there. I'll be right back!"

Christa resumed eating; if Ymir wanted her to be soft and plump, then the blonde girl would gladly put on the necessary weight to fulfill her lover's wishes.
Ymir took a quick glance over her shoulder, back at the adorably fat girl glutting herself. She wasn't normally into fat chicks at all...but Christa could, and would always be, the exception.
The first of hopefully a few different WG short fics I'd like to do, of smaller scenes for ideas and characters I wanted to use for these fetish fics but couldn't get enough in mind to make a longer story. This one is for the other girls of AoT I hadn't written about, and this time I've actually read the manga unlike with the first one, even if the story still has nothing to do with the actual plot. But hopefully a giant blobby Mikasa and a chubby Christa is good enough! Please let me know what you think!

Attack on Titan @ Ishiyama
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patrickthenobleman Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014
You'd think Sasha would be the one who would be the blob woman in this short.
Borin23 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Lol I wanted to defy expectations, plus mikasa just makes a more enjoyable fatty
spacetester22 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014
Liked it, but will the pokemon fics ever come back. Those were some of the best in my book!
Borin23 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm not too sure atm but I'm happy you liked them; I was sort of letting the wg put aside too much so I thought it might make people lose interest if I kept writing it
spacetester22 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014

Oh I understand.


Borin23 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm sorry; it would have ended up becoming sort of like an action story with pokemon ha ha
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RippleInaPond Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
Of course. And very much looking forward to it :)
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