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Sarah, A Very Zaftig Feline
Elila prepared her stomach and her jaws to scarf down what would be her second burger of the night. The hungry ex-princess was feeling particularly ravenous tonight for some reason, but instead of questioning it, Elila intended to let it drive her. Suddenly, she heard the bar door fling wide open, that familiar 'DING DING DING' of the bell echoing throughout the room.
Elila turned her head. Not often did she let her attention be pulled away from her meal, but somehow, by some unknown means, she felt like this was something that she needed to see. This new customer was worth taking a glance at least.
The person who entered the bar was actually a species from her home-world, and it was one that Elila had not seen in quite a long time. This woman had a pair of fluffy, twitchy ears that peeked out over the top of her scarlet-haired head. Her cherubic face bore a prominent grimace, but the overall cuteness of such chubby cheeks, complete with freckles on top, somewhat dam
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The Fat Wives Of Valla: The Roundest Retainers vA2
(Fire Emblem Fates/Commission)
Orochi's waistline was one that might have led one to guess that she had taken up a successful career as a belly dancer. She'd gone from fitness to fatness in the past few years, sacrificing her toned torso for a plump gut that she couldn't conceal with even the most padded of fabrics. The softness of her jowls, the wobbliness of her upper-arms, and the protruding curve of her backside gave away to any passerby just how out of shape she actually was. No belly dancer would have been able to compare to her. Yet in truth she was doing rather well for herself as a professional fortune-teller, her talents in being able to read the fates of others being far more accurate than one might initially expect. This was something she'd made very clear to those friends she was reuniting with. The event spurring their reunion was a week-long celebration being held at Castle Gyges in New Valla, to commemorate the end of the war.
She only bothered doing
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A Pair of Well-Fed Queens
(Persona 5/Commission)
Makoto Niijima was deeply intrigued when Ren Amamiya, the leader of their little band of Phantom Thieves, first invited her to go out to eat. There was no doubt some intrigue to be found there, especially given her own lack of experience with fast food eateries. Her older sister, Sae, had basically forbid her from eating fast food, as it did 'nothing good for her' and that while it might have been cheap 'it wasn't healthy in the slightest'. Makoto could understand why her sister felt that way and it was probably true, but Makoto didn't think that eating out even one time would end up hurting her in any serious way. After all, she had never done it before. In fact, there were many things, almost too many things, that Makoto had never gotten to do because she had been too afraid or uninformed. Becoming a Phantom Thief, gaining the power of 'Persona', changing the hearts of criminals, those were things that helped broaden her world-view like nothing else ever could.
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A Quarian Grows With Love
(Mass Effect/Commission)
Commander Shepard and Tali had decided to settle onto Rannoch a few years after dealing with the Reaper and geth crisis. The two of them were very much in love, in spite of their different species and in spite of their shared female gender. Of course, such romantic affiliations were not seen as unusual by the quarians, and they accepted Tali's choice in a mate wholeheartedly. Shepard had become quite the famous figure throughout the entire galaxy for her heroism, but she did not wish to bask in the limelight, as it seemed like it would be more trouble than it should have been. She appreciated the monetary rewards, of course, and she used them to purchase herself a nice plot of land on the planet. Commander Shepard's requests to live as a normal person were respected by the alien species. On Rannoch, what had once been considered a desolate, uninhabitable wasteland had basically become the equivalent of a utopia. The Geth and the quarians had agreed to work toge
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Pit The Angel Vs. A Very Wide Witch
(Super Smash Bros/Big Princess Bigger Queen/Commission)
Pit's heart pounded ever so furiously inside his chest as he wandered down the Smash Mansion's farthest-most corridor. At the end of the hall was a door that would lead directly into Wii Fit Trainer's personal gym. She had the place built there after putting in a personal request to Master Hand about it. The gym was a wide, open space, big enough for a woman of WFT's impeccable size. When she had been a thinner woman, she had used that place to help her hone her skills, practice her techniques, and sneak in a little yoga here and there. Now that she was much larger and more inclined to living a life of total fatness, WFT had a section of the gym redeveloped to act as a makeshift buffet too. She wanted Pit to come meet her there so that they could begin 'training'. She wanted to teach Pit to be able to better withstand the sort of dangerous abilities that 'women of size' could wield against him. Pit didn't feel like he understood i
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A Set Of Heavyset Monster Girl Tales
(Story set within 'Massive Modern Monster Girls' collection)
Tenyen had left. Hamuta had left. The only ones still remaining were those expected to clean up the kitchens and put away the dirty utensils and dishes for cleaning. That job fell squarely on the shoulders of one Nimimi Hearton. Naga, mother of two, and head chef of the bar. She didn't always enjoy the prospect of having to stay late, but she did it, not just for the pay but for the extra treats she sometimes sneaked too.
"So that's it for the day, eh?"
Nimimi brought a plump hand to her mouth so that she could let out the yawn that had been building up thus far. However, her yawn suddenly turned into a belch before she had a chance to catch it.
"BLOOORP! Ah, crap."
The bottom-heavy naga lethargically slithered her way through the cramped kitchen. Because of her position as the head chef, she was a woman of great importance. She was nearly as important as Tenyen and Hamuta themselves. In fact, one could even argue that she wa
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Chi-Ch's Hidden Power 2
(Dragonball / Commission)
Chi-Chi still didn't entirely understand how her own powers worked. For the majority of her life, she had been an ordinary human being that remained at ordinary human limits. Now she was something else entirely, with abilities that were capable of easily defeating monsters and aliens that once gave her significant other trouble. She wasn't about to say she was disappointed in this turn of events, however.
That weird angel had helped her unlock all of this power that had been hiding deep inside of her, but it had been accomplished at the price of sacrificing what was considered a 'healthy' body. Chi-Chi had learned to like her body for what it was, even if she weighed several hundred pounds more than she used to, and even if she would weigh several hundred MORE pounds every time she powered up. A woman of her age (she was a GRANDMOTHER, albeit one recently made) didn't need to spend much time worrying about their looks anyway, so this wasn't the biggest deal to
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The Rounding Out Of A Rebel
(Star Wars Rebels / Commission)
The Mandalorian Sabine Wren was a bounty hunter by trade, and thus she was expected to fulfill some pretty dirty jobs once in a while. She had stolen from and beaten the shit out of a good number of people, and she had also been paid to kill just as many too. However, the type of job she wasn't hired for often enough was acting as a bodyguard for the timid and wealthy. She needed to make money somehow, though, and the Rebel Alliance was already running low on it too. They had to spend a lot to keep their soldiers fed and cared for while also being able to supply them with weaponry and ships. It did not help matters that the Empire kept such close tabs on credit unions and loaning stations, which meant that obtaining the money necessary to buy these supplies was already a gambit in itself.
Recently, however, the leaders of the Rebel Alliance came up with a plan. That plan involved the bounty hunter herself. Sabine didn't entirely like what she was being a
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Mature content
Motherhood's Enormous Changes :iconborin23:Borin23 98 6
The Great Fairy's Personal Chef
(Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild)
Link wandered a little ways into the woods past the Kakariko Shrine. He did so entirely out of nondescript curiosity. What he found waiting for him in a small forest clearing after a short path was, frankly, rather strange.
"Boy...sweet boy...please...listen to my story..."
A massive plant of some kind, covered in spiky protrusions, sat before him. It looked rather dangerous and unsightly. If Link hadn't heard that woman's voice coming from inside of it, he would have suspected this plant was the making of Calamity Ganon. It certainly resembled something one might expect from the Dark Lord's vile machinations. Link took out his blade. He didn't cut anything yet, though. He wanted to listen to what the woman had to say.
"This place was once a beautiful spring, but as time passed, fewer and fewer travelers arrived to offer me rupees. As a result, my power has abandoned me. I'm nearly powerless now, so I beg your help. I need rupees to become whole ag
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The Hefty Daughters Of The New Wide Wives
(Fire Emblem Fates/Commission)
Soleil was a young woman with an obsession for cute girls and fun dates, but even someone seemingly so carefree still had a lot to deal with on her plate. Literally, she had a lot on her plate. Soleil stared down at said plate feeling rather anxious, as she was not quite so confident in herself that she could handle eating it all. The slab of gravy-coated beef looked intimidating enough, but then there was a huge heap of mashed potatoes next to it, as well as a variety of different boiled vegetables. There was also a smaller plate with several biscuits for her to consume as well. She looked back up at her mother, the former retainer Peri, who seemed to be ever so patiently waiting to watch her daughter dig in. Soleil offered a sheepish grin. Peri's own smirk showed no sign of fading. A very large woman with hips wide enough to brush against doorways, Peri had the appetite of a dozen wyverns at nearly all times. It seemed that she expected her own kin to s
:iconborin23:Borin23 92 21
The Fat Wives Of Valla: The Roundest Retainers v.A
(Fire Emblem Fates/Commission)
Oboro stared down at the display of patterns in front of her, gently nibbling on her lower lip as she struggled to make a decision.
The newfound peace between Hoshido, Nohr, and New Valla had touched numerous aspects of daily life, and fashion was no exception. Lately, the traditional kimono had seen such foreign touches as the lower necklines and hip to ankle slits from Nohr and the Vallite shawl and decorative sandals. It made Oboro's familiar craft more complicated, but also more challenging.
The variety of choices were numerous, literally stretching from one end of the table to the other. The right combination could lead to a bold an innovative step in the world of fashion, but even a few wrong choices could create a monstrosity much like the color-clashing abominations reportedly found in Lady Lucina's luggage during her last visit from Ylisse. She needed to pick a pattern that would look best for the latest dress she was tailoring. It had to be some
:iconborin23:Borin23 78 19
Chi-Chi's Hidden Power
Poor Chi-Chi had been feeling extremely disheartened these days, and it was for good reason indeed. Her husband, bless him and his beautifully pure heart, had gone off to train with some kid again. It was almost as if training, the act of becoming strong, was the only thing that genuinely mattered to him.
Chi-Chi had been married to Son Goku for over twenty years, yet to this day she still struggled to wrap her mind around him and the way his brain operated in contrast to her own. In one way, she could understand his intent to keep training. Earth seemed to have a bad habit of being threatened by intergalatic super-powers again and again and again. There needed to be SOMEONE who was strong enough to protect this big, blue sphere, after all. Yet it stung like nothing else to know that he had gone off and made this choice without consulting her, his own WIFE, first and foremost.
After the fateful day the Saiyans first appeared, that man had spent the majority of h
:iconborin23:Borin23 130 38
Biggest Princess of Them All 2
(Super Smash Bros/BPBQ/Commission)
Even with his opponent lying unconscious outside of the battlefield's boundaries, it was still altogether next to impossible for Pit to really wrap his mind around his own victory. He had actually managed to defeat Ganondorf in a one-on-one confrontation. The apparent 'King of Evil' had all of the raw strength and dark magic in the world at his disposal, but Pit had managed to overcome it and defeat him. Pit doubted he would have been just as lucky if the limitations enacted by Master Hand hadn't been in place to prevent Ganondorf's FULL power from coming out, but regardless, the unlikely angel ward who couldn't fly had finished the first part of his duty. With Ganondorf out of the way, his team had a much better shot at winning. Or so he thought.
"Pit? You seem kind of scared? Or is there something on my face? Oh, you might have seen what I did to Bowser a moment ago! He's always trouble, so he deserved what he got. But he's also hardy, so a little h
:iconborin23:Borin23 47 23
Biggest Princess Of Them All 1
(Super Smash Bros/BPBQ/Commission)
It was time for another battle at the Super Smash Tournament, hosted by the mysterious but almighty being known as Master Hand. Although many of the fighters had done well so far performing in one on one battles, but soon it would be time to take things 'up a notch', as it were. Master Hand had been planning it out for a little while now. He wanted to allow the fighters to really show off their skills in the best ways possible. Of course, 1-v-1 was fine and dandy, but there were many fighters in this tournament, more than any of the previous ones, and it would take a long time for everyone to get a chance on the battlefield. That was why it had to be done that several fighters would be allowed to battle at once. In fact, things would be taken to their logical extreme, because of course, and Master Hand concluded that he would allow the concept of 8-fighter brawls to take place. They wouldn't happen often, but the first one would be coming up very, ver
:iconborin23:Borin23 56 0
Makoto Niijima Vs. The Big Bang Challenge
(Persona 5)
Haru Okumura hadn't had any sort of dark intentions when she first invited her friend Makoto Niijima to eat at Big Bang Burger with her. She simply wanted to spend some time with someone she had come to know thanks to their similar status as a 'Phantom Thief'. However, Haru's darker urges started to surface rather quickly. She had been having a lot of them lately, especially when the group was traveling through Mementos and fighting Shadows in between their bigger heists. She loved watching things struggle and ultimately collapse by her very hand. Now, Haru had never once thought about turning these urges towards her own teammates in the past, but she became darkly curious after she had witnessed Makoto eagerly digging into her first burger that afternoon. Haru's family owned the Big Bang Burger chain of restaurants, which meant she could effectively order anything on the menu and as much of it as she so desired without hesitation. It was a mighty power indeed. She was abou
:iconborin23:Borin23 124 26
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For other things I've been up to in the past month, I've gotten a lot done game-wise, even experiencing the entire Mass Effect trilogy (including Andromeda, which wasn't THAT bad) and numerous other games like Yakuza and Legend of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel. It's definitely all been pretty enjoyable. I'll be aiming to write more original stories too, though I'm obviously not against posting fanfic comms, depending on what I decide to do with them.
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The Yakuza game series?
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Elila prepared her stomach and her jaws to scarf down what would be her second burger of the night. The hungry ex-princess was feeling particularly ravenous tonight for some reason, but instead of questioning it, Elila intended to let it drive her. Suddenly, she heard the bar door fling wide open, that familiar 'DING DING DING' of the bell echoing throughout the room.


Elila turned her head. Not often did she let her attention be pulled away from her meal, but somehow, by some unknown means, she felt like this was something that she needed to see. This new customer was worth taking a glance at least.

The person who entered the bar was actually a species from her home-world, and it was one that Elila had not seen in quite a long time. This woman had a pair of fluffy, twitchy ears that peeked out over the top of her scarlet-haired head. Her cherubic face bore a prominent grimace, but the overall cuteness of such chubby cheeks, complete with freckles on top, somewhat dampened the intensity she was probably going for. A bushy red tail with a white tip dangled down her backside and towards the floor. This feline femme was as hefty in appearance as Elila was, wielding a big ball of a belly set between two globular breasts and carried on a pair of meaty legs. Just like so many others who had immigrated here, this lass had been eating very well.

Elila blinked. The ears and the tail gave it away, plain as day. This girl was a Feraten, one of the Catfolk. Another give-away was by how incredibly massive she was in number of feet when compared to the other patrons. Feraten were well-known for their great heights and lanky figures. This one stood over 8 feet tall, if Elila guessed correctly. For her to be so round, she must weighed a great, great, GREAT deal. That white dress she wore was creaking noisily over the stomach it was trying to cover up. If she made one too many sudden moves, there was an actual chance that the Feraten could burst right out of her clothes in front of everyone.

Elila didn't know any Feraten back home but she'd read plenty about them. Nowadays they were only referred to as 'Catfolk', particularly by the humans. Even though the harpies weren't very populous in the human world, the Catfolk were even less so. The incident that caused the Catfolk to disregard humankind had been an unfortunate one. The adult daughter of a highly-regarded official within their tribe had almost been molested after being tricked by a human with dubious intentions. The assailant had taken advantage of the Feraten's lack of understanding about human culture so that he could try to use her for 'projects'. She'd been saved only because a few good Samaritans saw her previously and reported it to the authorities.

The uproar that followed had been serious one. So serious that it almost sparked a violent retaliation. Not even the arrest of the harasser helped mitigate the tensions. Needless to say, it was a great loss when the Catfolk retracted making further negotiations with humankind, but it wasn't something that could be changed. The Catfolk did not forget. Ever.

Most of those who still wished to mingle with humans anyway chose to live abroad. Not that they were unwelcome in America, of course, but it still wasn't so easy to find a cat woman on the streets of Brooklyn as it was to find an elf, harpy or lamia. Catfolk were a rarity and that made them something that drew the attention of a crowd. They weren't any more special than an elf with pointed ears or an orc with green skin, but many humans still didn't know Catfolk and what they were all about. This red-head had probably made many heads turn when she waddled past them on the streets.

'Wow. So that's a Feraten. I wonder why she's here?' Elila pondered to herself, absentmindedly taking a bite from her burger.

Hamuta Laruta offered a wry smile at the fat cat approaching her bar counter. She wanted to behave without bias, for the sake of keeping up her professional stance as a bartender. The Dark Elf made sure to keep her biggest possible grin plastered on her face, the kind that made her cheeks hurt otherwise. She stared deeply into the cat woman's emerald eyes. Then she looked down. The Feraten had some very sharp claws on those plump fingers of hers. They could probably tear through flesh with ease. Hamuta didn't let her smile waver. She had never met a Feraten face to face, but she had heard stories, different ones than what Elila had been told. A long, long time ago, during some sort of war between the Dark Elves and the Feraten, a single squad of the Catfolk had wiped out a battalion of Dark Elves. In some ways, their two species were old enemies.

"Is there anything that I could get for you today, ma'am?" Hamuta asked her.

The red cat woman's tail impatiently flicked back and forth behind her giant rump. Said giant rump flowed over the tops of the stool she sat on. It almost looked like she was sitting right on top of the pole itself, or maybe floating in mid-air. She didn't seem very interested in responding to Hamuta's question. She mumbled something under her breath.

"What was that?"

"I...I don't want to order ANYTHING..." the Feraten made her statement, clearly and loudly. She flashed a glare back at Hamuta to cap it off. The Dark Elf instinctively took a step back. She didn't want to be on the receiving end of a Feraten's claws. They could tear someone as soft and supple as herself into shreds. Tenyen had given her a small device that could call in for outside help if any of the customers started to get rowdy. Hamuta kept it hidden inside her chest, like most important objects of hers. However, she didn't want to use it if she could avoid doing so. Clearly there was something upsetting the Feraten. Showing politeness and expressing understanding would be far better for her to do.

"You aren't going to order? Or are you just not sure yet? Do you want a menu?"

"I..." The cat started, only to release a frustrated sigh. She placed a cheek on her fist and glanced up towards the ceiling. "I don't have any money on me."


"I said I don't have any money! Did you not hear me?" The cat hissed.

Her big stomach was raised and then dropped down hard onto the counter. The whole thing shuddered, and Hamuta was worried that the counter itself could end up breaking apart. It wasn't likely to happen, but the threat was still there. The stool that the Feraten was sitting on would likely have to be replaced by tomorrow morning, though. That thing was going to get snapped in half underneath her bubble bum.

"I'm sorry! I am sorry to hear that you don't have any money! Then what brought you here? Are you waiting for someone?"

"...I'm not..." The cat sighed again.

Hamuta shook her head. "I'm failing to understand what it is you want. Ma'am, if you could please explain-"

"Gosh, must you ask me so many questions? I am not here to tell you my personal life, woman! Please, leave me be! I only wish to brood!" The cat woman flashed those sharpened fangs of hers. They were as deadly as her claws, most likely. She probably wasn't trying to be threatening, but being a Feraten by itself was a pretty big threat.

Hamuta took a few deep breaths. It was no longer a time to cower. She had to stand her ground as a bartender, but do so in a manner that could be still seen as polite enough. "If you are not going to order or have an intention to order, and there is no one you are waiting for, then I need you to tell me why it is that you are here. I'm very sorry, ma'am, but we don't have the available space to allow people to simply stand around and wait. This isn't just an establishment, it's a business."

"You're seriously not going to let up, are you?"

Suddenly, interjecting herself into the conversation was the ex-princess herself, Elila. Normally she liked to take her time with her meals, but for the sake of helping out this cat woman, she had scarfed down her gigantic burger in a few quick bites. It was disappointing that she had to miss out on getting to savor the flavor properly. She hoped that this would be all worth it. She waddled up behind the cat and teasingly knocked her belly into her back. She thought it would be a funny way of acquiring her attention. It only seemed to incite ire, however.

"What is it you could possibly want?" The Feraten whined.

"Um, I'm sorry, but I noticed that you were having trouble so I thought I could step in! If you don't have any money, I'd be happy to buy a meal for you! After all, I think it's very important we all focus on helping out one another more than anything else while we're all living in this world! Y-You know, if that's alright with you."

"Elila..." Hamuta had to admit, Elila was far too good for this world, or their old world, or any world for that matter. She was a princess through and through. 

As it so happened, even this particularly overfed member of the Catfolk seemed to be offended by this for some reason. "I-I appreciate the concern, I really do, but I do not desire YOU to help ME! I can easily take care of myself! I did not introduce myself before, but now I will! My name is Sarah! I am not simply another member of my kind! My father father's..." Sarah took a heavy pause, lowering her head slightly into her double-chin. "He's...a very wealthy man...and he has a prominent status within my peoples' community...and so that means that I'm not someone you can get to show so much pity like any commoner! So, so, so stop it already!"

"Huh? Sarah? There's no last name? Not exactly anything to go by." Hamuta rubbed the back of her head. 

Elila shook her head. Sarah's name did not mean anything here. Catfolk tended to have only one name and no last name. It was in complete contrast to the Dark Elves, who put names in such high regard that they would give their people seven of them when born. Sarah's name might have meant something among the other Feraten, but it was totally useless to any other species she spoke with. Of course, she was so flustered and so stubborn that she probably did not realize that.

"Sorry, I didn't know, um, Sarah." Elila tried her best to be civil in response.

The fat cat grabbed hold of the creaking counter as a means to support herself while she stood up. She was so tall that her stomach alone could cast a thick shadow over Elila's entire body. She was stupendously large for someone of her height, which really meant a lot for how much she must have weighed. Hamuta stiffened in place, freezing up on the spot. Elila, however, did her best to remain as calm as she had ever been. Sarah opened her mouth to protest once again, but she was soon shot down. Not by the elf but by her own stomach's rumbling.

Sarah could spend all night denying it, but her hunger was something that her belly wasn't afraid to admit. Her stomach and her brain were operating on different wavelengths.

"V-Very well. Since you are offering, I suppose I have no choice but to concede. It would be rather rude of me to turn down such a generous gift, would it not?"

"Huh...well, I guess, if you were really so starving, I could have probably spared you some bread and soup or something..." Hamuta admitted with a sheepish grin.

"What? Are you serious?" Sarah balked. 

Elila was actually rather happy to get to help out this young woman, because she was very interested in getting to know her better. It gave her something of an excuse to order an extra meal for herself too. The sandwich that was thrown together for the Feraten was a hot fish filet sandwich with a great helping of fries on the side. Sarah looked down at the meal with raised eyebrows. She wanted to take a bite, of course, but she found herself taking a great hesitation, if only because she didn't know if it was truly okay for her to eat it or not. Eventually, she took to eating it, and what she discovered was a level of flavor unlike anything she had eaten from her family's personal chef before. The flavor was really THERE this time around. The food she ate back home had been exceptionally filling, but this had something extra to it, something that was small yet also very profound, that made the recipe that much better. She downed the whole sandwich within seconds. 

"Heh, how was that one? Did you like the meal?" Elila smiled back at her.

Sarah smacked her lips a few times, her tail swaying back and forth behind her. She ran her tongue all over the place to try and catch any crumbs that still clung on her cheeks or the outside of her mouth. A few happy mewls escaped. Elila thought it was quite cute, but the dark elf didn't have the necessary patience. Certainly not after that scare that Sarah had unintentionally given her.

"You can thank her, you know." Hamuta pointed out as she moved the plates away.

"...The gesture you made was very adequate." Sarah tilted her head slightly, just before she started to blink very slowly. Words were fine enough but Catfolk were able to express gratitude through action too, a slow blink being a simple sign of affection. It was another trait they unexpectedly shared in common with human world felines.

"Aw, you're welcome!" Elila recognized that slow blink from her own pet cats. It made her heart get all aflutter to know that she was still able to help someone, even if she was no longer in a position of power like before. "So tell me about yourself, Sarah!"

"Eh? About me?" Sarah's big butt twitched, or maybe it was just her furry tail that did it. 

"Yeah, you seem to be in a spot of trouble. Most people don't go walking around here without some cash on them! You look like you've been walking out in the rain recently too. Your dress is soaked!"

"Ugh! D-Don't make such assumptions like that! But, yes, you are right." Sarah shook her head. She was getting more and more agreeable with every second, or so it seemed. Yet her hesitation was what made the other two women all the more curious. There was a lot that Sarah could have said about her situation and the circumstances that had led up to it. Her father was really the one at fault behind everything. That man was the bane of her existence. It didn't matter if he'd been responsible FOR her existence. That was then, and this is now. She didn't want to have to see that man again for as long as she lived. She didn't even want to talk about him. She remained quiet on the matter for a few more moments before her tummy suddenly gurgled again. Yes, a perfect distraction to avoid the topic.

"Do you have anything else I can eat? What about desserts? I want something sweet!"

Hamuta sighed again. She looked over to Elila, the one who would be expected to continue footing the bill. "What do you think, Princess?"

"Princess? Why are you not addressing ME that way?" Sarah whined, but the Dark Elf chose to ignore her.

Elila laughed it off. There was nothing to think over at all. Dessert was pretty much essential after dinner, she had come to learn that much thanks to human beings. She took out her wallet, which was flattened down inside of her stretched pocket. It made Sarah actually wince to see that thing in the elf's pudgy hands. Just because she was her father's daughter didn't mean that she was looking for free handouts or for everything to be given to her on a silver platter. The guilt settled in knowing that this person was trying to pay for her when she was under no expectation to do so. Seriously, generosity can only go so far.

"Honestly, you don't need to keep spending money on me! I am not a child!" Sarah made sure that she sounded insistent.

"But you don't have anything on you, right?"

"E-Even so! I don't need to be babied like this! I can..." Sarah's stomach grumbled. "I can...!" Her stomach grumbled again. "I want to say that I can get by without it, but my stomach refuses to agree with me..."

"You just said you wanted something sweet! And so do I! So let's do this!"


"What's wrong?"

"I simply don't understand you. You're too nice. Do you expect something from me?"

Elila's head shake was her form of affirmation that, no, she did not expect anything in return for these good deeds. Sarah was still unconvinced anyway.

"You're so very strange, you know that? And you're large! You're as large as I am!"

"Funny how so many of us ended up big when we began living here, don't you agree?" Elila found it rather amusing indeed.

Hamuta returned to the counter. At some point she had walked away while the two of them had been chatting. She dropped a pair of banana split sundaes in front of them. 

"I owe Princess Elila a whole lot, we all do, and I think I can afford to give her a free meal or two now and then. I talked to the boss and she said it was okay, that this one can be on the house."

Sarah couldn't do anything but be eternally grateful. She bowed her head before both of the elves at the same time. "Er...thanks a lot, I suppose..."

Elila smiled warmly at the dark elf. "Thanks, Hamuta."

"I'm really glad you turned out to be the grateful sort, Sarah! I was afraid you'd be a pretty spoiled brat!" saying such a thing to Sarah's face might not have seemed wise, but Hamuta was really beginning to enjoy herself here with the two of them.

Elila and Sarah dug into their sundaes. They were the kind that had all of the fixings imaginable, along with more sprinkles than anyone could be bothered to count. Elila started off at one end of the first banana and began to steadily make her way to the other side. It seemed like she was eating fast, but she wasn't able to come close to meeting Sarah's speed. Elila had barely gotten through half of her meal before it turned out that Sarah was already done. The big cat dropped her spoon onto the table and belched long and hard. Some ice cream managed to splatter onto her cheeks, but it didn't perturb her none. Just like the taut fatty that she was, Sarah started to rub her stomach all over. Her claws dug at the fabric of her white dress, but it never managed to tear anything. Sarah burped again. Then she frowned to herself.

"Why do you still look so unhappy? You're still thinking about something, aren't you?" Elila slurped up some of the melted ice cream on her spoon.

Sarah opened her mouth, then shut it, and then opened it again. She was gaping like a fish that had been yanked right out of the water. Obviously, though, she couldn't stay silent for very much longer. She had to either explain what was going on or she had to come up with some sort of passable excuse. But an excuse would get her nowhere. It would basically be the very same as running around in circles. She didn't want to run in circles, not anymore. She had done more than enough of that.

Sarah reached out and took her cup off of the counter. She downed its contents in one, two, three gulps. Both Hamuta and Elila watched her. They kept silent, as they did not want to pressure her any further into speaking. The Feraten sure did what she could to drag it out, though. She kept tugging on her hair and her dress, rubbing her stomach and burping, until she settled down on what she would do. Getting this off of her chest would surely do her more good than bad, she reasoned with herself, now that she was able to think more clearly.

Sarah took a deep breath.

"Okay...fine...I didn't want to say this, but, um, I ran away from home! I didn't take any money with me. I was pissed off with my father and I didn't want to stay there for a second longer! It was...erm...a rather intense disagreement that we shared."

"An intense disagreement, huh?" Hamuta crossed her arms over the counter. Her breasts, large as they were, spilled forward on top of them and covered them completely. Sarah tried not to let her eyes wander over to them. Elila attempted to do the same. It wasn't very easy.

"I had fallen in love with a man. That was why he was upset with me. I fell in love with someone who wasn't on the same level of status as the rest of my family. He was basically what you might call a 'commoner'. My father didn't want me to marry any 'normal' person, he wanted me to marry the son of his wealthy friend! Think of that! He wanted to decide who I should be married to! That's such an old custom in our culture that all of the other Feraten laugh at it nowadays! Ugh! I was so angry, I really wanted to try to slash his face off!"

Sarah produced one of the claws she had concealed inside of her fingertips. Seeing it reminded Elila of a movie about dinosaurs she had watched a few days ago. It was very 'velociraptor-esque', as one way to describe it.

"Geez...Catfolk really are something else..."

"Anyway, I thought I would be able to convince him to settle down and accept me and my lover. He's my dad, so I thought he'd care about me enough to want to make me happy. But he didn't! He didn't listen at all! And it probably didn't help that my man was a human being, because, you know, most Feraten still hate humans after what happened. He actually told me he would disown me if I continued to defy him. Of course, I wasn't going to give up! I mean, you can't just give up on love, you know? So I came over here to come and live with my man. Except, well, I didn't have a phone to use because my father cut off the service. I couldn't get into contact with him. I tried to do what I could to find his place, but no one I spoke to knew who I was talking about. I haven't found a single lead this entire time."

"You poor thing," Hamuta shook her head and sighed.

"How long has it been since you came into town?" inquired Elila.

Sarah coughed into her fist, looking away as she recounted, "It's been about, um, about three days or so? I've been wandering from place to place. Last night I slept at a shelter meant for the homeless. It was really scary. I've been starving for a while now. Damn it, I'm so sorry for having acted rude to you two before! I seriously need all of the help I can get!"

"Hold on, three days? You couldn't find anything about him for three days? You've been wandering the streets without a proper place to stay for THREE DAYS?" Hamuta was incredulous and she refused to not be over such information.

"I was able to take care of myself!" Sarah insisted. "W-Well, except when it came to food. I only got to eat a few times since I've come here! None of it was even a real meal until the one I had tonight!"

"You're really tenacious, you know that?"

Elila took Sarah's hands into her own. "If you want, we can help you find that boyfriend of yours! You two deserve to be together!"

"I tried to find him! I really did! Without a phone, though, what am I supposed to do? I can't call him or text him! I can't even look him up on the Internet! Ugh! This is so awful! If I had to go back to my dad and beg for him to take me back, he probably would, but he'd never let me do a single thing on my own ever again! I have no idea what to do! I...I...argh!" Sarah swung her hand down onto the counter and struck it hard. She forgot to retract her claw, so it left a deep gash into the wound. Sarah gasped, as did Elila. Hamuta quietly slipped a coaster over the hole. Tenyen would find out about it eventually, but not tonight.

"I'm sure you'll figure out something. He must be looking for you too! I bet he's worried sick!" 

"Yes. You're right. He must be worried sick about me. Oh God, my poor baby!"

"It doesn't seem like you had this planned out very well," Hamuta pointed out. "You rebelled against your father's attempts to control you, and that's all well and good, but now you don't have any way to take care of yourself or even find the lover you ran away from your family for in the first place!"

"I should have given him some kind of plan on how to meet me!" 

"What about his number? Do you know it? You can try and call him right now." Hamuta slipped a hand in between her beasts and retrieved her cellphone.

"But I..." Sarah started to sniffle, and before long her eyes were already so wide and wet with tears. "I don't even remember the number! I can't remember it at all!"

"...I suppose that's what happens when you're accustomed to always having it available right away..." Elila frowned.

Suddenly, before any further conversation could be made between the three, the bar's door swung wide open. The male orc who swaggered in was already drunk. That much could be determined from the way in which he walked with such an unsteady gait. He scanned the entire room. Slowly but surely, he was in search of a target. He stopped when he saw the three chubby young women at the counter.

Hamuta knew that she had to dispose of him from the premises immediately. She opened her mouth to begin to tell him to turn his green butt around, but the man spontaneously moved quicker than anyone expected. Instead of reacting to Hamuta, however, he thrust out a finger directly into the pudgy face of Elila of all elves. He glared at her through the drunken glaze that coated his eyeballs. Elila was quite famous after her tenure as the president's wife, so she was more recognizable than most on the street. But this man didn't seem happy about her presence in the slightest. When he opened his mouth, the stench of beer was so prevalent on his breath that it made Elila's eyes start to water.

"You! Hey, you! I know you! I've seen you before! You know who you are?"

"W-What?" Elila didn't know what to do. She was not the confrontational type, not by any means. 

"I'll tell you exactly what you are! You're the one who brought this whole country down, you know that? You and that stupid asshole of a president! It's because of you that we don't got enough jobs these days! You made humans hate us! They can't even stand to look at us because of you two! Don't you get what that means? dummy! You stupid, ugly, dummy bitch!"

"What do you mean? I had nothing to do with his decisions! And my ex-husband is no longer in office!" Elila tried to explain herself, but for someone as angry and inebriated as this, it was all just wasted time.

"Who gives a shit about that? The decisions he made, the decisions you let him make, will loom over this country for ages! It's all because of you! Don't you get it, you goddamn piece of elf shit-"

Sarah had already lost most of her earlier patience, and now she had none left to spare. They had been in the middle of discussing how to help her find her lover when this whiny drunkard decided to show up out of the blue. Sarah stood up straight. Orcs were naturally bulky and tall because of it, but the Feraten were even taller. She was careful to put her claws away before striking him with a single good punch to the face. She didn't intend to kill the man, only to shut him up. The orc flew backwards. He tumbled over a table, over a chair, and landed with his back on the floor. He didn't get up again. Some of the people in the bar burst out with cheers.

"Th-Thank you so much for doing that!" Elila held a hand to her breast, breathing heavily. A little part of her was worried that the orc might have suffered some kind of serious damage. Only a LITTLE part of her.

"I was about ready to strangle him, honestly!" Hamuta took a deep breath. She wasn't lying about that.

Sarah lowered her backside back down onto her stool. "We were busy talking about how to help me! I'm not going to let some asshole get in the way of that! know..." Sarah blushed, and it was the cutest thing the elves had seen all night, "And I won't let him badmouth someone that I've come to appreciate the company of, such as you, Elila."

Hamuta chuckled and shook her head. Elila felt herself grow bashful. She didn't think she deserved to be showered with so much gratitude to begin with. In any case, out of the pure goodness of her heart, Elila wanted to do something to help the Feraten. Sarah was clearly in a bad spot of trouble, so sending her out into the city after all of this wouldn't do her any good.

Hamuta had not liked Sarah much at first, even being afraid of her. However, her willingness to stand up for Elila certainly put her in a much better light overall. Perhaps asking Tenyen could help them yield some results to begin their search for the boyfriend.

There was no telling what might happen or what would have to be done to help Sarah unite with her lover. Yet Elila couldn't deny she was happy to have something new to do. Ever since her divorce, she had been living on her own and aimlessly doing so. Now she had a new goal, even if it was helping a single couple unite. The former elf princess could not help but want to keep aiding others. It was essentially second nature to her, and she wished to see Sarah truly smile. She had a feeling it would be worth the effort.

Sarah, A Very Zaftig Feline
A story that is both a commission and a new story featuring my elf OC characters from this series…

Elila and Hamuta are my characters, but Sarah, the cat girl, actually belongs to the commissioner Monster Profile: Sarah

The plot was devised by the commissioner. I tried my best to represent their character interacting with my own. Please let me know what you think of this little story! Comments and faves are both super appreciated.

EDIT: I changed the title to make it a bit more interesting.
I've never made a Status Update before, but I've seen many from other people, so hopefully I do this right! I didn't want to have to make a new big journal every time to say something, so this is more handy.

I will hopefully open up for commissions again near the end of the month, but things have been a lot busier off the net than on the net lately, so I can't work on as much as I used to. Still, I do have some more stories to come, including eventually a new Breath Of The Wild story sequel, a new story involving the elf/monster girl OCs of mine, and now that I've finally finished watching Fate/Zero it wasn't hard to come up with something for that either. Hopefully you will all look forward to that and more!
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(Fire Emblem Fates/Commission)

Orochi's waistline was one that might have led one to guess that she had taken up a successful career as a belly dancer. She'd gone from fitness to fatness in the past few years, sacrificing her toned torso for a plump gut that she couldn't conceal with even the most padded of fabrics. The softness of her jowls, the wobbliness of her upper-arms, and the protruding curve of her backside gave away to any passerby just how out of shape she actually was. No belly dancer would have been able to compare to her. Yet in truth she was doing rather well for herself as a professional fortune-teller, her talents in being able to read the fates of others being far more accurate than one might initially expect. This was something she'd made very clear to those friends she was reuniting with. The event spurring their reunion was a week-long celebration being held at Castle Gyges in New Valla, to commemorate the end of the war.

She only bothered doing that for the sake of saving some face, as little as it might have mattered to people who already liked her as she was. Orochi would have been more humiliated by how badly she'd let herself go in the past few years. She WOULD have...if it weren't for the odd turn of events that nearly every other woman she'd come to befriend during the war had plumpened up around the same time. Maybe it was some sort of unknown epidemic that had caused it. Who could really say?

"Geez, Kagero...why...why did you have to make me climb all of these gods-forsaken stairs..." Orochi wheezed, her poor, aching tummy quivering violently with every hollow gasp that she took. She had been asked by her best friend, the woman she had grown up alongside with, to meet her in the room in which the former kunoichi was busy constructing her latest masterpiece. Orochi paused after reaching the top of the second flight of stairs so that she would be able to catch her breath. She leaned against the wall, one hand falling down to her stomach so she could massage it. The skin of her belly was rather malleable and stretchy, like touching the surface of uncooked dough. If she got any fatter, her stomach would start to sag its way down towards the ground. For now, it was barely even holding back from succumbing to the effects of gravity. Orochi reached in between her breasts, which were also much bigger than they used to be, and retrieved a small cloth in which to help wipe away the dampness forming on her brow. Of course, the cloth was already drenched. It got pretty moist down there inside of her cleavage after all.

"Ugh...fine...whatever..." Orochi threw the cloth into the nearest trash reciprocal and moved onward. She would regain her stamina in time. As long as she wasn't sweating too much in front of Kagero, it would not have to be a big deal. Orochi looked down at her own tits and saw that they were looking pretty shiny underneath the lights of the building and with a film of sweat over them. It was kind of...erotic, in a way. Maybe she could pick up a belly dancer gig on the side, after all. A lot of men would pay good, good money to watch this curves wiggle, after all. It wasn't like she had a husband back home waiting for her. There would be no one getting upset if she was showing a lot of skin for some old dudes. As long as they didn't try to get too touchy-feely without her consent, such a thing should be fine.

"Hmm, maybe I should give this a little more thought...and damn it, Kagero, why did you make me go all this way? You know my thighs chafe when I walk too much! I thought I told you that already!"

Orochi entered the room in which Kagero said she would be staying. There she was, her plump behind turned to her friend, and humming a cheerful tune as she carved away at the smooth, white block in front of her. It appeared that she was nearly done with the sculpture, but what exactly the sculpture was supposed to be was something that Orochi couldn't exactly wrap her mind around. Kagero had informed her earlier that the sculpture was meant to be a singing mermaid rising out of a sea of foam, representing the wondrous lady Azura and her incredible singing prowess. Orochi raised an eyebrow as she stared it over. It didn't necessarily look bad, didn't quite look like Azura, or even something meant to resemble her in any way. In fact, the fortune-telling fatty could go as far to say that it looked more like a howling banshee, one who was cursing her foes as she sank into a raging sea, rather than a beautiful mermaid. Orochi moaned a little. She suddenly found herself losing her second wind. She collapsed into the nearest chair and sighed. Undoing her sash let her belly surge forward. It felt so good to do that.

"Ah, Orochi! You should have announced you were here!"

"Oh...y-yeah...sorry about that...heh...oof, my stomach feels like it's going to pop..."

"Did you eat something poor? You should have some of my tofu left over there!" Kagero thrust a chubby finger over towards a nearby table. "It's really smooth when you eat it with chocolate!"

" thanks...I'm just tired...walking up all those stairs did a number on me..."

"It was only two flights, Orochi!"

"I know, but...h-hey, I don't have a ninja's prowess like you have a lot more stamina than me..." Orochi continued to huff and puff.

"I'm not a ninja anymore, Orochi. You know that." Kagero shook her head. It was true. She had retired from her position as a kunoichi a few years ago. It had been approved by Corrin, Ryoma and the other royal princes and princesses of Hoshido. Now, she had managed to make a new niche for herself as a painter and sculptor. Some might consider that a step down from being a king's retainer, but she was happy all the same. She didn't quite miss the ninja life as much as one would expect. Her husband, Arthur, helped a great deal in that regard. Like a lot of the happy couples these days, they looked like an odd pair on the outside, but they meshed far better together than anyone, even the foresighted Orochi, could have given them credit for.

How the two of them came to get to know one another and eventually marry was a bit of a mystery. Kagero didn't talk about it much, and as her friend Orochi did not wish to try and pry for information she might not have been meant to know. All she was aware of was that it had something to do with Arthur 'helping' in the creation of one of Kagero's personal art projects. Nonetheless, they made a better couple than expected. Arthur did his best to stay out of his wife's way when she worked, but apparently some of his innate clumsiness had rubbed off on her. Who knew that such a quirk could be contagious? Kagero managed to get herself hurt a few times during her more 'extreme' projects, and she spent a great deal of time doing bed-rest to recover. Never anything that would put her in mortal danger, but she had since become experienced with both breaking a hand and even breaking a leg after their marriage. Kagero managed to put on some weight because she was sitting around so much, spending more time sketching out designs and ideas rather than performing missions for the kingdom of Hoshido. She had gotten bigger chest-wise, like Orochi, but she had ended up with a pretty meaty, double-rolled belly for herself too. As it so happened to be, her husband didn't mind it too much. In fact, he seemed to get a great deal of satisfaction out of picking her up and basically carrying her everywhere. He did that a lot for her when she had been recovering, and now he did it almost like it was expected rather than a temporary obligation. The fact that his wife might have weighed almost 300 pounds didn't deter him in the slightest. Luckily, Kagero's bouts of bad luck weren't nearly as bad as Arthur's, as she'd not yet been struck by lightning suddenly in the midst of an otherwise clear and sunny day. That had happened to Arthur while he'd been shopping with Selena. Twice. And, that was on top of him footing the bill.

Another good thing she adopted from him was his perseverance and positivism. She was able to retain her smile even in the toughest of situations thanks to his support.

"You know, Arthur just went out with Hayato, Hinata and Benny. I saw them speeding by. The party isn't starting anytime soon, but apparently those guys just couldn't wait around."

"What's going on?" Kagero bent over to pick up a can of paint sitting on the floor. Her rounded rump stuck up high behind her. Orochi tried not to let her eyes linger on it. Orochi stared at the unfinished sculpture instead. It was still just as creepy as it had appeared before.

"Apparently they thought that Benny needed to be given some of that strong, cheap liquor to help him be more 'open'. I dunno why. Not everyone's as big a talker as me or Charlotte, for example." Orochi snorted, thinking about that stout scammer and how she's been running around helping Saizo's missions as of late, "Anyway, Benny was acting pretty apprehensive about the whole thing. It looked like your husband was the one who dragged him off along with the other guys. I hope they don't get into any trouble, but making a man of Benny's stature sounds sort of risky."

"Oh, please! You think he's a risk to anybody? Come on! He's honestly a softy at heart! I should have been the one to go with them! Thinking they can have some kind of 'guy's night out' without me? I'm a woman and I've got more manliness in one fat pinky than they do in their whole bodies! I got the heft to throw around and crush the competition! They should have brought me along!"

The doors of the art room swung wide open. Rinkah was the first one to march inside. She scarfed down the last haunch of juice-drenched meat she had on her plate before tossing it aside. Along with that, she yanked a jug of alcohol out from her cleavage and downed the entire thing in a single gulp. She belched with great fervor, right before she proudly landed a hearty slap on her dome of a gut. She glared at Orochi and Kagero over the hills of her puffy jowls. She was probably a little tipsy herself, but the two other women weren't about to point that out. Orochi stepped away. Rinkah was almost too intimidating to even be within the local vicinity of. She had gone from an oni warrior to one of Hoshido's most prominent sumo wrestlers. She was bringing back the old tradition in a BIG way, and nothing was bigger about her now than that tremendous sack of flesh and fat she called her stomach. She had one of the largest bellies of the current wives and mothers, and she was undeniably proud of that fact. With the help of this stomach, not to mention Queen Camilla acting as a buxom and bountiful figurehead, she had managed to completely overhaul the old rules and expectations of the sport. This, in turn, aided sumo wrestling in becoming more 'modern', gaining more mainstream popularity. Without Rinkah, the sport would have died out completely, becoming just another forgotten footnote in Hoshido's lengthy history. Rinkah was also one of the strongest women alive. A single thrust of her bloated forearm could smash a tree truck into splinters. Her buttocks had felled more than a few opponents who dared to challenge her. She was a big, round butterball, but the strength that let her carry herself was on par with a bodybuilder. Though Camilla still held the title of yokozuma, it was clear that Rinkah would soon give the corpulent queen a run for her money...figuratively speaking, of course.

Rinkah burped again and started caressing as much of her stomach as her fat arms could reach.

"I'm so hungry! Ugh, when is Peri going to be finished with making me fourths?"

Orochi couldn't help but make a retort then, spouting out, "The first feast Queen Azura and Lady Chancellor Kamui's planned for us is only a few hours away, and it's just the first of seven! Why do you need to eat so much before it's started?"

"I'm a growing woman, and a damn voracious growing woman! Besides, that girl loves to cook, so why not let her do it for me?" Rinkah shrugged her shoulders. She was an opportunistic eater. She would take any potential advantage to get herself a meal. Rinkah grunted as she turned and waddled herself over towards the nearest chair to sit down. Her massive thunder-thighs were rubbing together something fierce, and she needed to get off of her feet. Her huge bubble butt was about ready to turn her baggy pants to shreds. Orochi stared harder than she meant to. Kagero as well. There was potential for inspiration of her next art piece to be found here...somehow.

"BWOOOORRRRUUUULLLRRRRP! Ugh, excuse me...I think I've been pretty gassy lately..." Rinkah squeezed her love-handles and rubbed them tenderly. Gods, her whole body was so soft and comfortable, so squishy and pulpy, it was hard to NOT touch herself on a near-constant basis.

"Maybe it's because you're eating so much?" Orochi remarked, only SOMEWHAT teasingly. She was hardly within her rights to be criticizing anyone about their eating habits, given that she had almost willingly let herself enlarge like she had, but Rinkah was a whole different case from either her or Kagero. She was almost twice as big as they were.

"A sumo like me needs to keep her weight up! The bigger I get, the stronger I get! That's just how it works!"

"...I don't think that's how it works..."

"In the world of sumo wrestling, THAT is how it works." Rinkah said. There was to be no further arguing on the issue.

Suddenly, the doors flew wide open all over again. This time, it was Peri, the resident chef and formerly skinny wife of Hoshidan retainer Hinata. She had numerous steaming hot dishes clutched in her chubby arms, all of it food meant to serve to the plump women present. She smiled through her jowls, her eyes as wide and wild-looking as her blue and pink hair. Her thighs might have since grown thunderous and her belly was as spherical as the pots she cooked from, but not much else had really changed about the young woman personality-wise. She was a little older, a little wiser because of that, but she was probably the last person anyone wished to cross as long as she had something sharp within arm's reach.

"Come and get it! Oof, you don't know how hard it was carrying all of this stuff up those stairs!"

"We could have gone downstairs to meet with you, Peri." Kagero said.

Rinkah glared at the artist as though she'd just suggested they attempt some impossible feat. Dieting, for instance. She was NOT going to walk down those stairs again until she absolutely had to do so. Not with these cankles of hers. Peri giggled to herself.

"Oh, it's no problem at all! As long as you guys get to eat my dishes, then I'm happy to go through the effort! Please, dig in! On Rinkah's request, it's mostly meat...pork and venison, to be exact...but I'm sure you two wouldn't mind THAT, now would you? You better not complain, is what I'm saying."

"N-No, we won't complain. Thanks a lot, Peri." A few beads of sweat trickled down Orochi's pale face.

"Good!" Peri beamed back at her. She was still scary, no doubt about it. The young woman was softer now, by about a hundred pounds or so to be exact. Yet it didn't make King Xander's, slightly deranged, former retainer any less unhinged, especially when it came to taking criticism.

Hinata was someone who helped keep her in check with his love, and her new career as a chef was also very much beneficial for her too. With the power of the dragonveins helping revitalize the land, there was now a much greater surplus of food than ever before for the people to be able to eat and enjoy. The variety of different crops and livestock allowed for a better emphasis on creating new types of dishes, which was something that could keep Peri busy for months on end. She was very happy with her life, even if she didn't get to cut people up as much as she used to.

Kagero put down her chisel for the time being and waddled over to take what she could get. The sandwiches looked like something to die for, they were dripping profusely with delicious meat juice and grease. She grabbed a sandwich with one hand and another sandwich with her other hand. She ate them both at the exact same time. Just like a ninja, she was able to down the things in seconds, making it seem like they had never been there at all. She licked her lips clean of any remaining crumbs as well.

"Delicious! That was delicious!" Kagero exclaimed, right before going for her third helping.

"Hold on! Let me get some too!" Orochi interjected. She didn't need her fortune-telling prowess to tell her that if she didn't do something now, she would be left without even a single bite to eat.

Rinkah was already on her fifth sandwich. She had her plate sitting on top of the curve of her gut, a suitable replacement for a table. She belched so deeply that her entire body started vibrating in place.

"Thanks, Peri...these are...URP...these are fantastic, as always..."

Peri let out a happy little squeal, pressing her chubby hands to her equally chubby cheeks. She swayed her massive, pear-shaped hips back and forth, back and forth. "Oh, thank you so much! I was only able to get the recipe down right thanks to Hinata! My precious little schoompy-whoopykins always knows exactly what I'm going for when he tries out my recipes! I could never have gotten this far without his help!"

"Ugh..." Orochi wasn't going to stop eating, but that pet name alone was enough to sour the flavor of the venison sandwich just a tad.

"The fact that you two can get along so well is a wonderful sign, Peri." Kagero tried to put a more positive spin on things, even while feeling disturbed herself.

"Oh, of course we get along well! If Hinata didn't love me the same way that I loved him...well...I'm afraid he might be in a SPOT of trouble! Hee hee hee!"

"Is that so?"

"Oh yes," Peri kept smiling, though it was much more unnerving now than it initially was, "And you know, as an aside, did you ever notice how pig and deer flesh is kind of a lot like human flesh, the way it looks and feels...and tastes?"

Orochi and Kagero looked at one another. "I...don't think we've ever noticed that."

"I was just kidding about the tasting part!" Peri laughed. It was not lost on the other ladies that that was the only part Peri claimed to be kidding about. They tried, very hard, not to think about it too much. The young chef's peach-plump rump wiggled behind her as she started to turn and leave, most likely to go back to the kitchens downstairs. She didn't get very far before another occupant came to fill the room with her corpulence. A 'young' witch by the name of Nyx.

"Oh, Nyx, you finally decided to join the rest of us, hmm?" Peri giggled into the back of her hand.

"Mmmph...hfff...ooh...d-don't...try and crack any jokes...ahh...I almost ran out of magic...trying to get myself over here..." Nyx was more winded than even Rinkah or Orochi had been after climbing that flight of stairs. The poor woman looked as if she were ready to pass out, sweat rolling down her chins and her hair looking disheveled.

"Don't you worry an itty bitty bit!" Peri reached over and took a handful of Nyx's tremendous sack of belly, giving it a shake. "I'll go and whip up some milkshakes for all of you right away! That'll help quench those parched, pudgy lips of yours!"

"Bring me one too!" Rinkah called out.

"Oh, you know I'm bringing you TWO!" Peri cackled as she waddled her way into the hall again.

"Make it three! And put whipped cream on them! And those little sprinkles I like! The chocolate ones!" Rinkah continued to utter demands, even after Peri had already started descending the stairs.

"A milkshake would be a pretty good way to wash down those sandwiches, huh?" Orochi paused momentarily to think over what she had just said. "By the Gods, we've truly become a bunch of porkers, haven't we?"

Nyx tried to move as quickly as she could, fighting against the mass of corpulence hanging off of her. Though she was the shortest of the group due to unfortunate circumstances, she was probably the second widest. Her girth was trumped only by the sumo wrestler Rinkah herself.

Nyx had gotten so large not because she was a big eater (though that had happened anyway, due to the gluttonous company she kept), but because the spell which had affected her growth for so many years had been turned on its head. This led her to BECOME a big eater, likely ensuring an endless cycle of weight gain for many years to come. After she'd helped her husband, Hayato, to conquer his fears and his own preconceived inadequacies, he had sworn to find a way to break the spell that had kept the ancient witch trapped in a child's eternally young body. After several years of work, the two of them had discovered a potential spell that would allow Nyx to age again, though in sync with Hayato. What they discovered seemed to do the trick, although it was not without some drawbacks. For one thing, Nyx was still not going to be very tall, as it seemed she was hereditarily inclined to be shorter than most women from the start. Another thing, her growth spurts were mostly horizontal more than vertical. Her growth was stupendous in both size and speed. She had basically become as big as a bed after the first year. There were times when Nyx had to use her magic to get herself around because she was so fat. However, it didn't immediately concern the two as it might have otherwise done.

Thankfully, the couple was getting along just fine with Nyx's added bigness. Hayato could not name a softer bed he had ever slept on in his entire life than atop his own wife's gargantuan tummy. Nyx didn't complain about it; she found it to be fairly adorable.

"Are there...not any chairs...for me to sit on?" Nyx continued to wheeze. Small lights flickered around her dumpy fingertips, her magic continuously at work to prevent her from flopping to the floor like the blob she was.

"Why not sit on the floor? You should know by this point that there isn't going to be a single chair that can hold you." stated the former oni.

"You are really not one to talk, Rinkah. You require two to support your own behind." Kagero didn't hesitate to point that out.

"Hmph!" Rinkah liked to throw out the punches, but she was never too keen on receiving them.

Nyx eventually settled on sitting down on the floor. She used her magic to call over some pillows to cushion her posterior. As she sat down, the witch's fattened cheeks managed to spill over the pillows until they had completely disappeared underneath her. No one said anything about it, but Orochi once again found it hard not to gawk.

"So what are we waiting for now? For the men to return?"

"I suppose so. Ugh. Why did they think it was such a good idea to go and run off NOW of all times?"

"I think I should get back to work on finishing my sculpture."

Peri eventually returned to the group with those aforementioned milkshakes of hers. The girls were quick to scoop them up. They did not hesitate to slurp them down speedily, not even at the risk of procuring a painful brain freeze. Rinkah and Nyx were the first ones to finish theirs, and they rightfully demanded to be given even more. Peri was too busy downing her vanilla milkshake, mixed with strawberries and an extra dosage of rich cream, to listen to their orders. Kagero drank while she cut away at her latest masterpiece. Orochi, not wanting to look TOO much like a glutton, tried to be discreet with her sips, keeping her back turned to the others and clutching her cup close to her pudgy face. There was not much talking, just the sounds of straws being steadily slurped.

When the men returned, there was a collective sigh of relief, though it was soon followed with a few shocked gasps. They were looking much worse for wear. Even poor Hayato had a bruise on his cheek, which made Nyx want to waddle over and immediately smother him with comfort. However, it was Peri who was the first to take the chance to speak up. She even dropped her now-empty glass straight onto the floor as she marched herself straight up to Hinata. She bumped him with her gut, which made him wince in pain. Peri didn't stop from cradling him as if he were her precious child.

"What happened to you, schnookie wookie cookie? Why do you look messed up?"

"Heh, sorry, my pretty Peri-Weri, I think I might have gotten in a little over my head out there."

"Tell me who did it! I want names!" Peri started to grip Hinata's shoulders, so hard that she actually dug her fingers into them. "I swear, I'll find them, pull out their brachial arteries, and make them into pretty bows!"

"Just forget about it. It's over and done with already." Benny sighed out loud.

Once the other men were looked over, it was rather evident that they must have upset some pretty powerful people. They looked as if they had been used for target practice by a gang of fire mages, Hinata and Arthur especially. Their explanation for what exactly had happened during their night on the town was...intentionally vague, if anything. Sensing that Benny was as shy and self-conscious as ever, they decided that the best way to help him start making friends was to get him drunk first. And, of course, they'd never let a friend drink alone. However, that proved to be a mistake as they'd drunk too much and began causing trouble for people.

Benny had attempted to reel them in, but his attempts had ultimately proved futile in the end. The people they thought were worth talking to proved to be quite the opposite of that. Tensions arose, tempers flared, and some unkind words were hurled. Then those words were replaced with fists and sharp objects, resulting in an all-out brawl. The bar that they had been forced to leave behind was probably going to require a great deal of money to repair all of the damages. Starting tomorrow, Hinata, Arthur and the others would have to start working there part-time to pay it back.

Peri laughed. Rinkah snorted. Kagero shook her head. Nyx rolled her eyes. Still, they all had but one thing to say among them.

"I'm married to a child!"

Orochi was the only one of the group still single, though she had been eyeing a few potential suitors as of late. Still, she was happy to see so many of her friends already married and so content because of it. Even in spite of everything, she could tell with her visionary insight that these were bonds that would not crumble apart anytime soon. No, just the opposite, they would continue to love and support one another for many, many years to come. In fact, she didn't have to use her fortune telling powers to tell that was true. A single glance at these couples was all that it took. Orochi looked down at her own plump gut and gave it a slight jiggle with her hand. Maybe she could find someone who would like her belly as much as these men appreciated their wives' tummies. Hopefully one day soon.

The Fat Wives Of Valla: The Roundest Retainers vA2


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